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Member of the people of K'Tau and advisor to Elrad. Malchus believed he was serving his gods (in reality, the Asgard) when he took a negative turn toward the "elves" (SG-1) who had entered K'Tau's village. His negativity only mounted when the light of K'tau's sun shifted to infrared, spelling doom on the world within a number of months.

Weeks into constructing an Earth rocket on K'Tau to launch into their sun, Malchus and two people of his brotherhood planted weapons of destruction which destroyed the rocket, enveloping Malchus's men and two S.G. members. Jack O'Neill, in a fuming rage, almost killed Malchus with a handgun at point-blank range, but Elrad pleaded for no more blood to be shed and insured the man would be punished.

Malchus and his people's lives were spared when their prayers to Freyr were answered. The sun shifted back to its normal spectrum, insuring that the people of K'Tau would live.


PLAYED BY - John Prosky


Red Sky - Malchus of the K'Tau believes the elves have arrived to spell doom and does all he can, even killing two elves, to prevent them from doing worse.