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Human recruited by Apophis to train in the ways of the Tau'ri -- and one day invade Earth. His real name is Novar. Nelson was second in command of the training battalions under Quadrant A Captain Kyle Rogers. He was more than skeptical when SG-1 arrived "to evaluate his people's training." As far as he was concerned The Rules of Engagement were absolute and no one, not even his Jaffa master, could manipulate them to suit the moment.

Nelson was forced to eat his own beliefs when SG-1 returned to the training planet with a vocuum programmed with the final moments of Apophis -- and Apophis's very death. For the first few moments he did not believe his eyes, but soon he realized the truth. When asking what would become of himself and his forces, Captain Rogers suggested that he return home.


PLAYED BY - Dion Johnstone
FIRST APPEARED - Rules of Engagement


Rules of Engagement - Nelson finds it hard to believe that O'Neill is a Jaffa master, but he does not question the ways of his superiors and continues the battles according to the Rules of Engagement.