Orbanian naquadah reactor

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An advanced power generation device developed by the Orbanians, who are several years more advanced than Earth in part due to their use of nanites to advance their learning and pass it on from one generation to the next. The reactor is a clean energy generator, with a power output far superior to anything of similar scale developed on Earth.

The device is rectangular in shape, approximately 12 inches in length, and compact and light-weight. Inside the reactor holds a small quantity of the mineral naquadah, which provides fuel for the reaction.

From this device, and with the help of the Orbanian Merrin, Samantha Carter reverse engineered a version of the technology for Earth use. The original naquadah reactor design roughly emulated the internals of the Orbanian device (but on a larger scale), and was subsequently refined to the naquadah generator – which in turn saw widespread use by Stargate Command and the Atlantis expedition.


Learning Curve - When the Orbanians loan the S.G.C. a naquadah reactor as part of an exchange of knowledge, Merrin agrees to teach Major Carter about the technology.