Planet of Camelot

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Past and future home of King Arthur and his Round Table, and the location of the Ancient Merlin's library. The planet is believed to be a great distance from the three locations where Arthur and his knights left in search of the Sangraal: Castiana, Sahal and Vagonbrei.

Under the leadership of Meurik the inhabitants of Camelot prepare themselves for battle, whether or not Arthur returns in their generation.

Earth's designation for Camelot is PX1-767.


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Camelot - SG-1 travels to the planet where Camelot is located in search of an anti-Ori weapon.
Morpheus - Daniel states Camelot's designation as PX1-767.
Insiders - General Landry reports that Dr. Jackson has returned to Camelot to try and find more information on the Sangraal from Merlin's library.