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The "People of the Steppe" are believed to have descended from Mongols who settled in Persian China, specifically the Chagatai. They are a living exhibit of a lifestyle that has not been on Earth for 900 years.

The old laws of the Shavadai declared women to be little more than property, and were forced to not speak unless spoken to, among other regulations, to prevent the evil of demons from reaching down upon them. Since the demons (most likely the Goa'uld) no longer reside amongst the people, leaders are beginning to see no further need in the practices.

A primary leader among the non-Shavadai clans is Turghan who, during SG-1's time on the world, commanded twenty-two tribes through fear. Captain Samantha Carter defeated him in a fight to the death. After sparing his life, Turghan set Carter and his daughter Nya free from persecution.

Before Carter and the rest of SG-1 left, she saw the results of her brief time on the world. The Shavadai clan, led by the enlightened Moughal, wiped away the stipulations for women in their culture, and became more like equals alongside their men.

SG-1 took home a sample of a potential anesthesia given by the Shavadai for Earth scientists to study.


HOMEWORLD - Shavadai homeworld
FIRST APPEARED - Emancipation


Emancipation - One of SG-1's first visits is to the people of the Shavadai, where they discover potential medicines, as well as a fair amount of hostility toward the female sex.