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Pangaran commander, under the authority of Dollen, responsible for security. He was distrustful of SG-1 when the team arrived on Pangar, curious about the tretonin compound that his people had developed. Tagar hoped to keep information about its distribution concealed. And in negotiations he insisted upon obtaining Stargate addresses to Goa'uld-occupied worlds, where he could lead his units to capture more queens for the manufacture of tretonin.

When Tagar learned that the queen they had been using for decades was the Tok'ra founder Egeria, he was not prepared to give up their only source for the valuable drug. Eventually he and the rest of the tretonin-addicted Pangarans were cured of the requirement to intake the drug when Egeria altered it so that it would not be a requirement for their physiology.


PLAYED BY - Daryl Shuttleworth


Cure - Dollen welcomes SG-1 to Pangara while Tagar monitors their every move, intent on preventing the discovery of their secret operation.