Tok'ra memory device

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A device used by the Tok'ra to analyze the thoughts of individuals. This can be useful for recalling oppressed or forgotten memories, and for extracting strategic information from captured enemies. A separate, hand-held device can be used for configuration and adjustments, and an optional wire connection appears to allow recalled images to be displayed for others to view on a display screen.

Two memory recall devices can be used in tandem to allow two people to share the same thoughts and dreams, even interacting with one another on an unconscious level.


Out of Mind - O'Neill, Carter and Jackson get their first experience with the memory device when Hathor's servants use it to probe their memories to learn about the state of the Goa'uld empire.
Jolinar's Memories - Martouf uses the memory device to draw Sam Carter's suppressed memories of Jolinar to the surface, in the hopes of escaping the prison moon of Ne'tu.
The Devil You Know - Apophis uses the memory device in conjunction with a hallucinogen to probe the minds of O'Neill, Carter, Jackson and Martouf.
Divide and Conquer - The Tok'ra use the device in conjunction with the za'tarc detector.
Allegiance - The Tok'ra use the device in conjunction with the za'tarc detector.
Evolution, Part 1 - The Tok'ra supply a memory recall device to analyze the memories of one of Anubis's super-soldiers, uncovering the location of his homeworld -- Tartarus.
Chimera - Osiris uses a memory device on herself and a sleeping Daniel Jackson, in conjunction with a hand device, to infiltrate his dreams and gain access to his knowledge of the Ancients.
Stronghold - Baal uses a Tok'ra memory device in conjunction with his brainwashing device to persuade Teal'c to convert to his forces.