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Member of the Lucian Alliance and an aid to their leader, Netan. In Netan's absence Vashin was often left in charge of the flagship's pel'tac. When he captured Teal'c in the name of the Lucian Alliance Vashin was allowed to personally interrogate him. But Vashin soon had a run-in with Cameron Mitchell, posing as the bloodthirsty Alliance leader Kefflin, who assaulted him with a Goa'uld pain stick.

Vashin was permitted to sit with Netan during his high-profile dinner with the other Firsts, but he was the first to lose a seat when room needed to be made for someone of higher stature.


PLAYED BY - Timothy Paul Perez
FIRST APPEARED - Company of Thieves


Company of Thieves - Vashin stands at Netan's side during his dealings with his friend, "Kefflan," as well as Teal'c.
Bounty - Vashin reports to Netan that another cargo shipment of kassa has been destroyed.