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Originally home to humans (most likely transplanted from Earth), the Volians descended from the ancient Celts, who had progressed to an industrial society not unlike Earth in the early 1900s. According to ancient texts from the period the arrival of the Aschen spawned an incredible uprising within their society. The Aschen were originally welcomed, and the aliens introduced medicines and vaccines into their society. It was not long before the Volians learned the Aschen were exterminating their civilization.

Following the uprising of the people the Aschen terraformed the surface of Volia, turning the urban cities into massive underground caverns and support structures for farmland above. The Volian descendants were never taught the atrocities of the early society, as many were raised by the Aschen themselves.

Volia is now used for agricultural purposes by Aschen harvesters which collect the fruits of the land for transport through the Stargate back to the Aschen homeworld.

On a galactic scale, Volia is relatively in close proximity to the Aschen homeworld. The planet is designated P3A-194 by Stargate Command.


HOME TO - Volians


2001 - SG-1 returns to Volia with Ambassador Faxon to commence negotiations between Earth and the Aschen Confederation.