Wraith homeworld

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Planet that was home to at least one Wraith hive ship, buried in a mountain side during a Wraith hibernation cycle. It is believed to be the original home of the Wraith. The planet is encircled by gaseous rings which cast a bluish hue on the surface. It is orbited by a Stargate located in space, which can only be accessed by small ships.

On the surface, the Wraith hive ship was buried partway, resided there for so long that trees grew on its dorsal side. After the Wraith were awakened by John Sheppard and the Atlantis expedition from Earth, the ship left the surface and headed into space, leaving behind a massive crater.

Lightning storms are a common site on the planet, and tall, dead trees mark the scorched surface. The planet is also home to a species of the iratus bug, a large insect that attacesh to a victim's neck and slowly drains its life -- much like a Wraith themselves. In fact the creatures seem to have played a role in the evolution of the Wraith, mixing their own DNA with their human victims eons ago.


HOME TO - Wraith, Iratus bug
FIRST APPEARED - Rising, Part 2


Rising, Part 2 - Sheppard pilots a Puddle Jumper to the Wraith homeworld to recover his comrades and several Athosians taken prisoner by the Wraith.
Thirty Eight Minutes - The team returns to the Wraith planet, only to find that the Wraith base -- actually a hive ship -- is gone, a massive crater left in its place.