Ancient brain interlink device

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A small, multi-pronged orb able to connect a subject's brain directly with a computer system. The device is implanted directly into the head, which can result in severe trauma and even death -- thought the device can also be removed without long-term damage. The technology is likely Ancient in design and was discovered by Anubis when he encountered the Ancients long ago. It is compatible with human brain tissue, as well as Asgard.

In humans, the device accesses the hypothalamus (the region where memories are stored) and then translates target data into a compatible format for the user of the device to access and analyze.


Revelations - Thor is implanted with a brain interlink device, where Anubis gains much, if not all, of his knowledge, including the ability to duplicate Asgard holographic technology.
Fallen - Jonas Quinn is threatened with implantation by the interlink device by Anubis.
Homecoming - Quinn, recovering from the interlink device, realizes he unwittingly gave Anubis the gate coordinates to Kelowna (and later the Alpha Site), allowing the Goa'uld to plot a course.