Ares (Goa'uld)

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Goa'uld System Lord who controlled a relatively small amount of territory. His First Prime was Trelak. When the Replicators began to conquer Goa'uld domains in the Milky Way Galaxy the System Lords were forced to retreat into territory that they had previously abandoned. Arkhan's planet fell under Ares's jurisdiction.

Ares sent Trelak and a legion of Jaffa through the Stargate to the planet -- now lead by Harold Maybourne -- to prepare the people for their god's arrival. Instead, just as an Ancient had once witnessed, SG-1 arrived to assist. While disabling Trelak and his men on the ground, Jack O'Neill piloted a Puddle Jumper into orbit, destroying Ares's mothership (presumably with Ares aboard) with a single round of Ancient drones.


It's Good To Be King - Eager to take refuge in his older domain, Ares returns to safer regions of his territory, only to be destroyed by an Ancient craft when he encroaches on a world rightfully belonging to him.