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Goa'uld lieutenant of the System Lord Baal, and his right hand in the Trust. Known by humans as Charlotte Mayfield, Athena has been involved with the Trust since Baal began cloning himself for his own purposes.

During the golden age of the Goa'uld, Athena was a minor player who rose to mid-tier status by pursuing alliances with more powerful rivals, including Cronus, Camulus, Svarog, and Anubis -- when he was first alienated by the System Lords. She was once allied with Qetesh in the hopes of obtaining the Key to Infinite Treasure.

To subvert Athena, Qetesh took the code from her and never revealed it, making Athena falsely believe Qetesh had determined the location of the treasure on her own. In reality, Qetesh was never able to decipher it. Athena, who still wished to have the opportunity, now possessed substantial status within the Trust to accomplish her goals. Athena, who still believed Qetesh held the answer, used Baal's resources to obtain Vala Mal Doran -- Qetesh's host -- and search for the truth inside her mind with a memory device.

Athena's initial efforts to probe Vala's mind failed. She left Vala in the care of her underlings, who were either killed or captured when Stargate Command raided all known Trust facilities in search of Mal Doran. Vala, her memory corrupted by the memory device, went on the run. Athena continued to use her influence to recapture Vala, even going to the extent to have her lieutenants masquerade as Air Force officers, but ultimately she failed to retrieve her.


PLAYED BY - Sonya Salomaa
FIRST APPEARED - Ex Deus Machina


Memento Mori - Realizing Vala has come to Earth, Athena puts plans in motion to capture Qetesh's former host and mine her memory for the Key to Infinite Treasure.