Blue Squadron

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Radio call sign for the F-302 fighter squadron stationed aboard Prometheus. Once led by Colonel Cameron Mitchell, the squadron participated in the battle over Antarctica with its mothership, protecting SG-1 from Anubis's Goa'uld armada. In this conflict several planes were lost. Officers Redmond and Adam Banks were among the casualties.

Two years later Mitchell returned to lead the squadron in the assault of an Ori satellite weapon in Tegalus orbit, after the weapon had already fired a damning shot on the Prometheus. Blue Squadron was unable to penetrate the shields of the satellite, and after the fourth weapon burst, Prometheus was destroyed. Blue Squadron was forced to divert to Caledonia below.


Lost City, Part 2 - Blue Squadron flies into battle with Anubis's gliders and Al'kesh, protecting SG-1 while they activate an Ancient super-weapon.
Ethon - Mitchell leads Blue Squadron into an attack on an Ori satellite weapon, but instead watches as the squadron's mothership, Prometheus, is obliterated.