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Major, commander of SG-12. Hadden accompanied Teal'c to the Sodan Homeworld of P9G-844 to respond to their distress call.

Upon arrival in the village they discovered almost all of the inhabitants had been completely wiped out. Only Lord Haikon remained. SG-12 and Teal'c soon discovered they were cut off from the Stargate, as the Eye of the Gods had been disabled on their end by Volnek, who was also responsible for slaughtering the Sodan.

Hadden's team and Teal'c were eventually joined by SG-3, SG-22 and an out-of-phase Cameron Mitchell. The team was successful in disabling Volnek and retrieving the missing crystal to the obelisk.


PLAYED BY - Doug Wert
FIRST APPEARED - Arthur's Mantle


Arthur's Mantle - Hadden and his unit respond to the Sodan distress call with Teal'c at their side.