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Planet originally under the domain of the Goa'uld Heru'ur, home to a pre-industrialized human population. SG-1 arrived and informed the people they no longer had to worship Heru'ur (possibly following his death) and instructed them to bury the Stargate.

Unfortunately, after Apophis destroyed Heru'ur, Cronus stepping in and laid claim to Juna, unearthed the Stargate and forced the locals to worship him, or face annihilation.

Juna is deciduous in plant life, but much of it is dead or dying. The landscape is of dark browns and many grays, barely appearing to be an adequate environment for the human population, who smear themselves in the planet's ample supplies of mud and other filth in disguise from invaders.


HOME TO - People of Juna
FIRST APPEARED - Double Jeopardy


Double Jeopardy - SG-1 returns to Juna to locate their Altairan duplicates but discover Cronus has taken over as the resident Goa'uld.