People of Juna

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A primitive people who have survived under the oppression of the Goa'uld Heru'ur for countless generations. SG-1 visited Juna following Heru'ur's destruction by Apophis and told the people they had nothing to fear, not realizing another Goa'uld would move in and lay claim to Heru'ur's territory so rapidly. The Goa'uld Cronus arrived and declared himself lord over all of Juna, forcing them to unearth their Stargate and worship him as their god.

The people of Juna are almost tribal in appearance, though their skills with language and the art of crafting homes, camouflage clothing and primitive weaponry indicate otherwise. The entire colony lives in an enormous range near the base of the pyramidal Ha'tak landing platform.

Juna's people were naturally faithless in anyone who appeared to come from the Tau'ri, and when Harlan's SG-1 duplicates arrived on the scene, the people had no problem turning their would-be saviors over to Cronus.

When the "real" SG-1 discovered the planet's predicament via Harlan, they went to render aid. After gaining assistance from several locals, SG-1 and their counterparts effectively removed Cronus's presence from the world, boarding his Ha'tak and destroying him. They encouraged the people to come and see for themselves that Cronus was dead, and cleaned house with the rest of his Jaffa forces who were trapped throughout the ship, before taking the vessel on to Vorash. Once more, the people of Juna were free.


FIRST APPEARED - Double Jeopardy


Double Jeopardy - Harlan of Altair travels to Earth to tell SG-1 that their copies went to Juna on a mission of exploration, forcing the team to rescue their mechanical counterparts.