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The planet in the Pegasus Galaxy that Atlantis is moved to, following the attack on the city by the Asurans. It was chosen to be their new home mainly because it had not been on either the primary or back up lists of suitable planets. In this way even if the Asurans probed the mind of Elizabeth Weir they would not find any mention of it.

The planet has five moons, although at times only two are visible to the naked eye.


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Lifeline - After an event filled journey through space, Atlantis splashes down onto the waters of the planet.
The Last Man - A solar flare sends John Sheppard 48,000 years into the future, where the ocean has dried up and Atlantis is surrounded by desert.
Remnants - An ancient alien device is found on the seabed near to Atlantis.
Enemy at the Gate - Atlantis leaves M35-117 on a desperate mission to defend Earth from a Wraith super-hive.