Modified death glider

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Modified version of a standard death glider, likely custom-built to Apophis's own specifications. The craft had a generous cargo hold for ferrying Apophis, his inner circle of Goa'uld, and several Jaffa elite.

Unlike other death gliders (which appear to require forward momentum to remain airborne) this advanced craft appeared to use ventral repulser jets to keep it hovering in-place, as an on-board ring platform transported the cargo to the ground.

Once its contents had been expelled, the wings would modify into the standard forward configuration. Aft jets would then take over and shoot the glider away from the scene.

This craft was perhaps one-of-a-kind. After Major Charles Kawalsky and SG-2 shot down the vessel on Chulak, the model has not been seen again.

Retcon Note: In Children of the Gods: Final Cut the modified death glider was replaced by a Tel'tak cargo ship.


USED BY - Apophis
FIRST APPEARED - Children of the Gods


Children of the Gods - To ensure the safe arrival of he and his new bride, Apophis takes his modified death glider directly to the Chulak Stargate.