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A very old Goa'uld fighter, geometrically designed for traveling through the Stargate. Bra'tac hid the "needle-threader" on Chulak for over a century, until he and Teal'c realized it was necessary to reveal it and send it into battle against Hathor's army.

The craft is armed with Goa'uld plasma-based weapons. Two people can occupy it at once. Weaponry is controlled by the passenger at the stern, while the occupant at the bow navigates the ship. Few people can fly this type of ship; flying through a Stargate is euphemistically called "threading the needle," and takes great piloting skills.


USED BY - Goa'uld
FIRST APPEARED - Into the Fire


Into the Fire - Teal'c and General Hammond pilot the "needle-threader" against Hathor's two Goa'uld towers, destroying them both.