Shamda's people

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A group of nomadic travelers who lay claim to uninhabited worlds, trading amongst themselves for whatever they come across and make use of. It is likely these people were once a colony on a world of their own until it was ravaged, likely by the Goa'uld, and a decision was made to leave their place of origin for an existence of freedom. The nomads of today are perhaps so far from their descendants that they simply do not recall the tale of how they came to be where they are now.

The nomads came upon the Ancient outpost of Vis Uban and laid claim. For an unknown period of time these people settled in tents within the shelter of crumbled stone columns. A small group led by Shamda were making way to a nearby waterhole when a bright light flashed before them, only to reveal a naked man they would later discover was the unascended Daniel Jackson, whom they named Arrom for "naked one."

Daniel remained with these people until the arrival of SG-1 a time later, who eventually discovered the Goa'uld Anubis was on his way to search through the city of Vis Uban. The S.G.C. evacuated the people to, again, seek out a quiet world for themselves.




Fallen - A group of nomads, while taking up residence on planet Vis Uban, come across the fallen Daniel Jackson and soon claim him as one of their own.