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The team tries to relax during a mandatory day off, until an explosion leaves three people dead – and reveals that one scientist is a walking time bomb.

DVD DISC: Season 3, Disc 5
WRITTEN BY: Martin Gero
DIRECTED BY: William Waring
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Transcript by Callie Sullivan

ATLANTIS. Teyla Emmagan and a young female scientist, Doctor Hewston, are strolling through the city. They are wearing sweatpants and tops and both have a small backpack.

TEYLA: I could never just say that to him!

HEWSTON: Why not? You like him, don't you?

TEYLA: That is not the point.

HEWSTON: I think that's exactly the point, actually.

TEYLA: The ways of my people are different. I would never ...

HEWSTON (interrupting): He's not gonna make the first move.

TEYLA: We shall see.

HEWSTON: Look -- you know him better than I do.

TEYLA: I would hope so!

HEWSTON: But I wouldn't be surprised if he was oblivious to the whole situation.

TEYLA: It bears no further discussion.

HEWSTON: Alright! I'm just saying, if you want me to have somebody drop some hints ...

TEYLA (interrupting): Do you remember the last time so many people had the day off?

HEWSTON: Yeah, it's all Heightmeyer's doing. She insisted that the brass order some sort of mandatory rest day. I guess downtime here doesn't really happen organically. Hey, and don't think I haven't realised you've changed the subject.

TEYLA: My people have a day of rest every four nights.

HEWSTON: Ooh, now that is civilised!


HEWSTON: Hey, wanna grab a late lunch?

TEYLA: I would like that. (She stops and hesitates.) I forgot my bantos rods at the gym.


TEYLA: Can I meet you there?


(She grins as Teyla turns and heads back in the direction they just came from. Teyla walks away smiling. A couple of seconds later, a massive explosion goes off just behind her. The blast wave throws her forward as a fireball engulfs the corridor. People scream. Alarms start to go off. Teyla, dazed by her fall, raises her head groggily. As secondary explosions go off, a man enveloped in fire runs towards her screaming. As he stumbles around the corridor burning, Teyla tries to get up to help him but gasps in pain and looks down her body. A large sharp chunk of metal has hit her and is buried deep in her side. She lays back down in shock, then passes out.)


ELIZABETH'S OFFICE. Doctor Elizabeth Weir is sitting at her desk working on her laptop. A good looking casually-dressed young man with dark hair and a beard comes to the door.



BRANTON (walking into the office): What are you, uh, what are you doing here?

WEIR: I work here. (She smiles at him.)

BRANTON: But it's our day off.

WEIR: Well, shouldn't you be enjoying your leisure time, then?

BRANTON: I got a little behind on my research this week. (He jerks his head towards the Control Room to indicate where he has just been.) Just wanted to drop off some results for the next Earth transmission.

WEIR: Great. Good. (Smiling, she starts to type again.)

BRANTON: I was thinking about grabbing some food. Care to join?

WEIR: I can't. I've ... (She gestures at her laptop.)

BRANTON: You're not capable of having lunch?

(Elizabeth laughs.)

WEIR: Yes, I'm capable.

BRANTON: Are you planning on eating today?

WEIR: Of course.

BRANTON: Great. Eat with me. (He smiles down at her.)

WEIR: Look, it's nothing personal, but I make it a point to not have relationships with people who work for me.

BRANTON: I don't work for you.

WEIR: I'm your boss.

BRANTON: Well, you're my boss' boss, actually.

WEIR: Still, however indirectly ...

BRANTON: Yeah, but with that thinking, everyone on this entire planet works for you. You're not gonna be friends with any of them?

WEIR: Friends is one thing. (Nervously, she starts typing again.)

BRANTON: Oh, you think ... Oh, wait a second, I see what's happening here. You think I'm asking you out on a date. No-no-no-no, this isn't a date. This is ... (he sits down opposite her) ... this is lunch. This is the mandatory refuelling of our bodies. This is putting food in your mouth and chewing it and having something more engaging than a wall sitting across from you. That's all it is.

(Elizabeth can't help but smile.)

BRANTON: I mean, come on, you've gotta admit, I am much more appealing than a wall, no?

(Elizabeth looks at him.)

BRANTON: Well, you don't have to admit it, but it'd be a massive blow to my ego if you thought otherwise.

WEIR: You are more appealing than a wall.

BRANTON: Great. Now what say we go grab some grub? (He stands up.)

WEIR: Oh, I still have an hour of work to do, and then ...

BRANTON: An hour, then. I'll see you in the Mess Hall.

(He turns and leaves the office. Elizabeth looks confused.)

TEYLA'S QUARTERS. Teyla's doorbell beeps. She goes to the door, passes her hand over the wall panel and the door opens. Elizabeth is standing on the other side.

TEYLA: Elizabeth! You're early. Just give me a moment. (She turns to go back into the room.)

WEIR (coming in): Um, how set on lunch were you today?


WEIR: Well, something's come up.

TEYLA: Elizabeth, surely whatever work it is you feel you must get done can wait.

WEIR: I was invited to lunch by Mike Branton.

(Teyla grins.)

TEYLA: Oh, really?

WEIR: You and I, we had plans.

TEYLA: My friend, Doctor Hewston, just radioed me. She wants me to teach her some bantos fighting this afternoon. So do not worry -- I will have something to occupy my time.

(Elizabeth smiles a little nervously.)

WEIR: OK. (She starts to walk towards the door, then turns back again.) Are you sure?

TEYLA (firmly): Yes!

(She smiles encouragingly at Elizabeth, who smiles back, still looking a little nervous.)


(She passes her hand over the wall panel. As the door opens she smiles nervously back at Teyla. Teyla waves to her, then giggles.)

LATER. Elizabeth has changed into casual clothes -- slacks and a pale green top which is lower cut than her usual tops -- and is walking along the corridor. Doctor Carson Beckett, also dressed casually, comes along the corridor from another direction.

BECKETT (to someone passing by): Hullo.

(He spots Elizabeth and stops her.)

BECKETT: Oh! Don't you look lovely!

WEIR: Thank you, Carson.

(She looks a little embarrassed as she starts to walk again. Carson walks with her.)

BECKETT: That's the first time I've seen you out of your base uniform in quite some time now.

WEIR (awkwardly): No, I don't know about that.

BECKETT: Off somewhere special?

WEIR: No, just getting some lunch.

BECKETT: Ah. Rodney and I are going fishing on the mainland this afternoon.

WEIR: I know -- I cleared the use for the Jumper.

BECKETT: Care to join us? Who knows what kind of wonderful fish we'll find.

WEIR: That's very kind, but some other time, maybe.

(Carson takes her arm and stops her.)

BECKETT: Oh! What, do you have a hot date?!

WEIR: What?! Who told you that?

BECKETT: No-one. I was joking. I was right! Who is it?

(Elizabeth hesitates. Carson smiles.)

BECKETT: None of my business. (He gestures for her to continue on.) Have a lovely afternoon, Elizabeth.

WEIR: Thank you!

(She starts to hurry away.)

BECKETT (to her departing back): You smell good, too.

WEIR (over her shoulder): Shut up!

(Carson chuckles.)

MESS HALL. Elizabeth and Mike are sitting opposite each other at a table eating a sandwich lunch.

BRANTON: And you believe that?

WEIR: Yes.

BRANTON: Truly and in your heart you believe that?

WEIR: I do.

(Mike shakes his head in disbelief.)

WEIR: What?

BRANTON: I just don't know that I can ever respect you again.

WEIR: Come on.

BRANTON: You think "When Harry Met Sally" is better than "Annie Hall"? You're a crazy person.

WEIR: It is.

BRANTON: "When Harry Met Sally" is essentially a re-make, a cheap imitation, a bad cover song version of "Annie Hall." You realise that, right?

WEIR: I disagree.

BRANTON: I know you do, but that's what makes you crazy.

WEIR: Well, I guess this'll never work out, then.


WEIR (covering quickly): Lunch.

BRANTON: Ah. Does that mean you don't believe that men and women can be friends?

WEIR: I never said that.

BRANTON: Hmm. You didn't have to say it. Any lady that likes "When Harry Met Sally" that much thinks men and women can't be friends.

WEIR: Fine. Maybe I do.

BRANTON: So where's that leave me?

WEIR: I guess that leaves you at lunch!

(Mike smiles, then gestures to her.)

BRANTON: Come on. (He stands up.)

WEIR: Where?

BRANTON: If lunch is all I get, I'm gonna get as much bang for my buck as possible.

(He grins at her and jerks his head for her to come with him.)

LATER. Mike has brought Elizabeth to a small area open to the ocean. They're sitting on a bench gazing out at the sea -- although Mike is looking more at her than at the water.

WEIR: It really is beautiful here, isn't it?


(Elizabeth has brought a bottle of water with her and now opens it and drinks. Mike watches her as she finishes the last of the water.)

BRANTON: All done?

WEIR: All done.

BRANTON: I guess lunch is over.

WEIR: I guess it is. (She puts the lid back on the bottle and puts it down.)

BRANTON: Should have brought dessert -- would've lasted longer.

(Elizabeth looks at him for a moment, then turns away.)

WEIR: I should really get back anyway.

BRANTON: What are you doing tomorrow?

WEIR (turning to look at him): Mike ...

BRANTON: Look, I like you, and I'm extremely charming. (They both laugh.) I'd like to see you spin those into negatives.

WEIR: I just don't think ...

BRANTON (interrupting): It's probably best you don't think.

WEIR: Would you stop interrupting me? You have a tendency to do that.

BRANTON: I do not!

WEIR: Yes, you do. I hate it when people interrupt me.

BRANTON: Well, if I hadn't interrupted you, we would never have had lunch. Life needs a little interrupting every now and again.

WEIR: Alright, I don't completely disagree.

(Mike leans towards her and kisses her softly. Elizabeth responds, then pulls back a little.)

BRANTON: Was that way out of line?

(Elizabeth gazes at him for a moment, then stands up and looks down at him sadly.)

WEIR: I can't do this.

BRANTON: Just because we work together?

WEIR: This would split my focus.

BRANTON: Give it a chance -- see if it ...

WEIR: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done this in the first place. I thought maybe I ...

(The Canadian technician's voice comes over the comms.)

TECHNICIAN: Doctor Weir. Please report to the Control Room immediately.

(Elizabeth shrugs at Mike. He nods, and she leaves.)

CONTROL ROOM. Elizabeth comes in.

WEIR: What's going on?

TECHNICIAN: There's been an explosion at the base of the tower near the gym. Early reports have at least three dead and there's about a dozen or so that are severely injured.

WEIR: An explosion? Was there some sort of equipment malfunction?

TECHNICIAN: We're still going over the data logs. We're pretty sure it wasn't a malfunction.

WEIR: So it could have been a bomb.

(The technician nods.)


Teyla is walking along a corridor when Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard and Ronon Dex meet her. John is holding a golf club.

SHEPPARD: Oh, hey, there y'are. Been lookin' all over for you.

(Behind him, Ronon waves to her in a sort of "Look out, here comes trouble" kind of way.)


SHEPPARD: What, did you forget?

TEYLA: Uh, no.

SHEPPARD: You forgot!

(Ronon smiles at her ruefully. Teyla, finally remembering, looks at John.)

TEYLA: You were going to teach Ronon and myself how to play golf.

SHEPPARD: That's the plan.

TEYLA: I am afraid I have made other plans.

SHEPPARD: What other plans?

TEYLA: Having lunch with Elizabeth.

SHEPPARD: Well, you've still got time.

TEYLA: ... Yes, true. However, I am afraid I have been quite delinquent in filing my mission reports. I had hoped to get caught up before I met with Elizabeth.

(John smiles cynically at her, obviously not believing a word.)


TEYLA: If you would like, I could cancel ...

SHEPPARD: No, no, no, no. She could use a little time out of the office. Some other time.

TEYLA: Some other time.

(She smiles at him, then turns to Ronon, whereupon her smile becomes a little triumphant. Ronon smiles bitterly back at her, obviously peeved that she has found a way to get out of this. Teyla pats his arm sympathetically as she walks away.)

DEX: You know, uh, John, I've got mission reports too.

SHEPPARD: Nice try. It's gonna be fun.

(He turns and leads Ronon away.)

DEX: Fun(!) Uh-huh.

(Resigned to his fate, he trudges after John.)

GOLF DRIVING RANGE. In the area where John has set up a driving range on the edge of the city (last seen in "McKay and Mrs Miller"), a golf ball soars out and splashes into the ocean. Two small pieces of Astroturf have now been laid out on the floor of the range. John is standing on one and Doctor James Watson is on the other. Both have a bucket of balls nearby and their golf bags are behind them. Ronon is leaning on John's bag, looking bored. John has just struck his ball out into the ocean.

WATSON: Nice shot.

SHEPPARD: Thank you, Jim. It was pretty nice, though, huh?

(Jim tees up his shot and hits his ball out into the ocean.)

DEX: So that's the sport? You just hit a little ball as far as you can?

SHEPPARD: First, it's a game; and no, it's a little more complicated than that.

(As Jim hands his golf club to Ronon, John belts another ball out into the ocean.)

SHEPPARD: See, there are eighteen holes all made of varying lengths and dimensions. The first goal is to hit the ball through a series of water and sand hazards ‘til you land on the green. Then you putt the ball into the hole.

(Ronon looks out at the ocean.)

DEX: So this is a water hazard.

SHEPPARD: Well, we don't have a course yet. All we have for now is a driving range where you ...

DEX: ... just hit a little ball.

(John hesitates for a moment.)

SHEPPARD: Pretty much, yeah.

DEX: What's so hard about that?

(John hits another ball out into the ocean as Ronon takes a ball out of his bucket and puts it onto his tee.)

SHEPPARD: Well, I make it look easy but I've been playing since I was six.

DEX: Uh-huh.

SHEPPARD: So, although it seems simple, developing a sweet swing like mine takes years ...

(Ronon flexes his golf club and then, single-handed, casually swings at the ball and hammers it out into the ocean. John gazes in shock as the ball disappears into the distance. They wait for the splash but the ball goes so far that they can't tell when it finally drops into the sea. Behind them, Jim stares in amazement.)


(Ronon smiles smugly at John.)

DEX: Like that?

SHEPPARD (trying to sound casual): That was OK.

WATSON: OK?! You can't even see where it landed!

SHEPPARD: Well, it's not a distance game -- it's an accuracy one.

DEX: Well, pick a spot. I'll hit it there.

SHEPPARD: First off, your grip -- it's all wrong.

(Carson comes in.)

BECKETT: Oh, yes, of course. There y'are.

WATSON: Hey, Doc. I want to come see you. (He gestures to his midriff.) I've been having this weird pain right ...

BECKETT: Hold on, sorry. Let me stop you right there. This is the first day I've had off in over a month. (He puts his hand on Jim's shoulder.) Doctor Cole is in the Infirmary and will be more than glad to help you out.

WATSON: OK, fair enough.


(He pats his shoulder as Jim leaves. John does a practice swing with his club.)

SHEPPARD: What's up, Carson?

BECKETT: Fishing.

DEX: What?

BECKETT: Rodney and I are heading to the mainland to catch a fish that seems to be just like a trout. Care to join us? Sport of kings.

SHEPPARD: I thought horse racing was the sport of kings?

BECKETT: For the boring kings, maybe.

SHEPPARD: Carson, you're Scottish. This is your game -- wouldn't you rather be on the driving range?

BECKETT: Ach, it was never my thing. Come on -- last chance.

(John and Ronon exchange a glance.)

SHEPPARD: I think we're gonna pass.

BECKETT: Alright -- but don't be jealous when I return with a record-breaking space trout.

(He holds his hands out in front of him to indicate the size of the fish he's going to catch, then widens the gap between his hands before clicking his fingers and looking triumphant.)

BECKETT: Thank you!

SHEPPARD (teeing up another shot): We'll try to contain ourselves.

BECKETT: Oh, aye!

(He grins and leaves. Ronon nonchalantly hammers another ball out into the ocean single-handedly, then drops the club to the ground.)

DEX: Time for a real sport. Come on.

(He turns and leaves. John frowns and tries to hit his ball single-handed. He does make contact but the ball splashes into the water just a few yards away. Looking grumpy, he turns and follows Ronon.)

GYM. John is standing holding something similar to an Athosian fighting stick except that it's a little shorter and has a hand guard partway up it. Maybe this is a bantos rod that Teyla referred to earlier. He frowns as Ronon, holding a similar rod, brings him a blue piece of rag.

SHEPPARD: Grab the other guy's flag, huh, that's it?

DEX: That's it.

(He tucks the end of his own ‘flag' into the back of his trousers as John does likewise.)

SHEPPARD: No penalties and stuff?

DEX: What?

SHEPPARD: Well, if the other guy pulls your hair or tries to bite you ...

DEX: Bite back.


DEX: You ready?

SHEPPARD (unenthusiastically): Ready as I'll ever be.

(Ronon attacks him. They exchange three or four blows with their sticks, then Ronon spins around John and pushes him forward, grabbing his flag as he goes.)

DEX: That's one for me.

(John sighs.)

SHEPPARD: Two out of three.

(He snatches his flag from Ronon and walks back into position, tucking his flag back into his trousers.)

DEX: Round two -- one-handed. (He puts his left hand behind his back.)


DEX: After every round, the level of difficulty's increased. It's to simulate battle. After every encounter there's the possibility of injury. Round two -- one-handed.

SHEPPARD: Why don't you let me get better at round one before we move onto the harder part?

(Ronon just looks at him.)

SHEPPARD (resigned): OK -- round two.

(He puts his left hand behind his back. The two men square up to each other for a moment, then start to fight. John holds his own for a few seconds, then Ronon brings his knee up into John's midriff. As John doubles up, Ronon reaches over the top of him and grabs his flag. John stumbles forward, groaning.)

DEX: Oh. That's two for me.

SHEPPARD (still doubled up and winded): Three out of five.

DEX: You know, I could do this all day. Haven't even broken a sweat yet.

SHEPPARD (straightening up and snatching his flag off Ronon in irritation): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

DEX: Round three.

(Putting his left arm behind his back again, he lifts his right leg and puts his foot against the side of his left knee.)

SHEPPARD: Oh, come on! Oh, you are making this stuff up! This is not a traditional Satedan sport -- this is an excuse to make me look dumb and kick my ass.

DEX (shrugging): If you wanna quit ...

(John sighs, puts his left arm behind his back, then bends his left leg behind him. They hop towards each other and exchange a few blows with their sticks. Ronon aims a blow at John's head. John ducks underneath it and Ronon hops in, spins around and rams his shoulder into John's face as John is still trying to straighten up. The blow sends John crashing backwards to the floor.)

DEX: Um, sorry.

(John lies on his back on the floor and glares up at him.)

SHEPPARD: This game sucks!

DEX: Well, you need to focus.

SHEPPARD: I don't know if that's gonna be possible yet.

(He looks up at Ronon a little cross-eyed.)

SHEPPARD: Here, help me up. I've got an idea.

(Ronon reaches down and hauls John to his feet. Once up, John whacks Ronon's arm with his stick.)

DEX: Ow!

SHEPPARD: Hurts, doesn't it?

LATER. JOHN'S QUARTERS. Groaning partly with effort and partly with pain, Ronon slams the end of an empty beer can into his forehead to flatten the can. He looks at John with tears in his eyes.

DEX: That?

(John is sitting on his sofa with his feet up while Ronon is sitting on the end of the bed. He has a half-drunk glass of beer beside him and is holding a magazine. Music is playing quietly in the background.)

SHEPPARD: Yeah, you've gotta hit it, ungh ... (he demonstrates with his empty hand how it should be done) ... straight on, hard as you can.


(He puts the flattened can down. John reaches forward to a plate of nibbles and takes one. Ronon also takes and eats one.)

SHEPPARD: You know, this is what I'm talkin' about. This is how you spend a day off. Kick back, eat some junk food, listen to some tunes.

DEX: You like this music?

SHEPPARD: What, you don't?

(He picks up an ice pack and puts it on his cheek to soothe the spot where Ronon clunked him earlier.)

DEX: It's fine.

SHEPPARD: I'm gonna stick to golf. Your game's a little too much like my day job.

(He eats another snack while Ronon takes a drink from his beer.)

SHEPPARD: So how long have you been here now? A year?

DEX: Year and a half.

SHEPPARD: Year and a half? You ever hang out with anyone else besides me and Teyla? I'm not saying we're sick of you or anything. I dunno -- are you datin' anyone?

DEX: You mean like a woman?

SHEPPARD: Or a man. (He shrugs.)

DEX: No. I'm not ready yet.

(John looks up from his magazine.)

SHEPPARD: Not ready yet? Did you leave somebody behind on Sateda?

(Ronon nods.)


DEX: Close enough.


(Ronon takes another drink from his beer, grimacing slightly at the taste.)

DEX: What about you?

SHEPPARD: What about me?

DEX: When are you getting married? (He grins.)

SHEPPARD (laughing ruefully): Already done that. Not very good at it. Besides, there really isn't anyone here that ... you know.

DEX: I always thought you and Teyla would, uh ... you know.


DEX (grinning): Yeah. Why not?


(A distant explosion can be heard and the room shakes slightly. The men jump to their feet and hurry out as alarms start to sound.)

EXPLOSION SITE. Carson is supervising the removal of injured people. He goes over to two men carrying someone on a stretcher.

BECKETT: Right, lads, go, go. Move it.

MAN: Alright, let's get these two to the O.R. right away.

(John and Ronon hurry in.)

DEX: What happened here?

BECKETT: Some sort of explosion. At least three dead; maybe a dozen or so severely injured.

MAN 2: Doc?

(Carson turns, and he and the other two hurry over to another stretcher being brought out of the damaged area. Teyla is lying on the stretcher, her midriff bandaged.)


SHEPPARD: She gonna be OK, Doc?

BECKETT: She's lost a great deal of blood. We're gonna need to get her to the Infirmary stat.

SHEPPARD: Is she gonna be alright?

(Carson looks at him but doesn't answer.)

BECKETT: Let's go. Let's move!

(He and the stretcher bearers hurry away. John stares after them for a moment, then turns to see Doctor Radek Zelenka nearby, removing a breathing mask from his face. He is standing in front of the area where the explosion happened. John and Ronon stare in shock at the state of the wall which, being metal, is warped, twisted and ripped open.)

SHEPPARD: What the hell happened here, Radek?

ZELENKA: There was an explosion.

SHEPPARD: I get that, but why?

ZELENKA: Well, I'm not sure yet. I wasn't allowed on the scene until the emergency crews cleared the floor. What took you so long?

SHEPPARD: The transporters are down and there's a lot of stairs.

ZELENKA: McKay is in his lab. He thinks he might have a lead.

SHEPPARD: What kind of lead?

ZELENKA: He didn't say. The good news is, though, the structure is intact, so there's no danger of the tower falling down. There is, however, something very odd.

DEX: What?

ZELENKA: Well, the few eye witness reports that we have say that Doctor Hewston just ... blew up.

SHEPPARD: What the hell does that mean?

DEX: It's not even possible.

ZELENKA: Yeah, normally I would agree with you but from what we can tell, she was standing right in the middle of the hall here and just exploded.

SHEPPARD: So, what, a suicide bomb?

ZELENKA: Well, see, no. That's what I thought too originally, but I've scanned the area with my equipment and there isn't even the slightest trace of explosive residue. We have no idea what we're dealing with here.

FOURTEEN HOURS EARLIER. NIGHTTIME. In the Infirmary, Carson is checking monitors. Doctor Rodney McKay, wearing a bathrobe, is pacing up and down in front of Doctors Hewston and Watson, both of whom are looking guilty.

McKAY: You know, I think I am a pretty easy guy to work for.

(Behind him, Carson turns and throws him a disbelieving glance.)

McKAY (to Watson and Hewston): I am usually too busy doing all the really important stuff to micro-manage all the little things I need you people to be doing. Now, because of that, you have a fair amount of freedom. That does not, however, mean you can do whatever the hell you please. There are rules; there are protocols in place not only to protect this city but your sorry little existences.

HEWSTON: Look, if I could just say ...

McKAY (interrupting): Oh, no you cannot. You cannot interrupt me, OK? I was having a perfectly wonderful dream before I got this call, so you can just stand there and listen. You were sent on a routine cataloguing of one of the abandoned Ancient labs, and you activate some alien device without having the first clue what it was?!

WATSON: We thought it was ...

McKAY (interrupting): Yes, well you thought wrong.

HEWSTON: Yeah, but just the other week you did the exact same thing, so I don't ...

McKAY (interrupting): Well I am me. If I make a mistake, I can fix it. You are you, and when you make mistakes, you don't have to fix them. I do.

HEWSTON: The second we realised it was emitting radiation, we turned it off.

McKAY: So what?! What, you want a medal? Look, my four year old niece could figure out to turn something off if it was emitting radiation. That does not make you smart -- that just makes you a little less stupid.

BECKETT: Rodney, be nice.

McKAY: So, are they gonna live? More importantly, can I go back to bed?

BECKETT: Well, according to their body scan and blood tests, they'll be alright, yes ... (he looks at them) ... although you should check back in the next twenty-four hours and we'll run some more tests, just to be certain.

McKAY (wagging his finger at the two of them sternly): Well, you were lucky, because we are in a place where something as simple as flipping a switch can domino out into thousands of people dying. You need to be more careful.

(Hewston and Jim look at each other in a guilty way.)

McKAY (relenting a little): OK, just ... take tomorrow off, alright?

HEWSTON: We already have tomorrow off. It's the mandatory rest day.

McKAY: It is?

(Jim nods.)

McKAY: Already?

(Carson backs behind a column so that the other two can't see him. Clearing his throat to attract Rodney's attention, he mimes casting out a fishing line and then reeling it in. Smiling, he points at Rodney, then walks away. Rodney turns away, obviously not happy.)

McKAY: Oh, great(!)

DAYTIME. Rodney, dressed in casual clothes, is standing outside a closed door. He holds his hand to his mouth and breathes out to check his breath, then passes his hand over the door panel and goes inside. The room is full of plants, so it's presumably a botany lab.

McKAY: Katie? Hello, Katie?

(Katie Brown calls out from deeper in the lab.)

BROWN: Rodney!

(Rodney follows the sound of her voice.)

McKAY: There you are.

BROWN: What are you doing here?

McKAY: Hey, it's your day off. What are you doing here?

BROWN: Well, I'm nursing these little baby ferns we found on M4L-279. At this nascent stage they're very fragile and if I leave them for too long, they'll die.

McKAY: Ah, so what? They're ferns. (Katie looks at him.) Oh, which is to say, you know, you need time off just like everyone else does.

BROWN: I know. It's just, they produce this special enzyme that we think might cure leukaemia.

McKAY (pointing at the ferns): What, these guys? Really?

BROWN: Yeah. So what are you doing with your day off? I thought you had plans.

McKAY: Oh, I do, with Beckett. That's, um ... that's kind of why I'm here.


McKAY: Yeah. I need an excuse to break those plans.

BROWN: Why's that?

McKAY: Well, because we're going fishing. And to be honest, I cannot think of a more torturous way of spending a day than, you know, up to my ... hips in water trying to get worms on hooks and having all the time in the world to listen to Carson's many views on what I'm sure are a vast number of impossibly boring subjects. I mean, it is unappealing in every way.

BROWN: Then why did you say yes in the first place?

McKAY: Oh, because he said, "D'you wanna go fishing next month?" It sounded so far away, I figured something'd come up, I'd be able to get out of it, but here we are a month later and ...

BROWN: ... nothing's come up! (She laughs.)

McKAY: Exactly! So I figured if I told him we finally had an afternoon where I could take you out to lunch or something, then he'd have no choice but to let me out of it.

BROWN: I can't. I need to babysit the ferns.

McKAY: Right. Well. If I had a nickel for every time a girl used that line!

(Katie giggles. Rodney gets inspired and clicks his fingers several times.)

McKAY: You know what? Let me bring lunch to you. We can eat here.

BROWN: Rodney, you wanna babysit ferns with me?

McKAY: Hey, in the battle between ferns versus fish, ferns continuously win a decisive victory.

BROWN: That would be lovely.

McKAY: Great! OK, I'll be right back.


(Rodney hurries out. Katie watches him go, smiling fondly.)

MESS HALL. Rodney, carrying a couple of trays of sandwiches, sees Elizabeth and Mike sitting at a table talking. He looks thoughtful.

McKAY: Hmm!

(He puts the trays down on the food table to collect a few more items just as Carson walks in.)

BECKETT (smiling): Would you look at that! Great minds think alike. I thought I'd pick us up some snacks as well.

McKAY: Yes. Umm, about that.

(Carson's smile fades.)

BECKETT: Rodney.

McKAY: Look, here's the thing. You know I would love to go with you.

BECKETT: No, I don't.

McKAY: Ah, I would, I do. I just, um ... I ran into Katie Brown ... (Carson rolls his eyes and sighs) ... and she started to lay the guilt on, you know, how I never get to see her and how the one day I get off, I'm jetsetting off to the coast to sport fish with my best buddy. I mean, she and I see so little of each other, I'm not sure we even count as a couple. Anyways, look, long story short ...

BECKETT: Too late.

McKAY: ... I told Katie I would spend the day with her.

(Carson laughs ruefully.)

BECKETT: Alright.

McKAY: You know, if it was anybody else ...

BECKETT: No, no. I understand.

McKAY: Yeah, next week, I'm one hundred percent there.

BECKETT: You promise?

McKAY (unable to look him in the eyes): Absolutely.


McKAY: Yeah, and it's still early, so I'm sure you'll find someone else to go with you.

BECKETT: Oh, you can bet on that. (He takes a few items of food and a bottle of water from the table.) Well, tell Katie I said hullo.

McKAY: Mmm, will do.

BECKETT: Enjoy. I will.

(He leaves. Rodney clenches his fists triumphantly.)

McKAY: Yes!

(He looks across to Elizabeth and Mike again, then turns back to the food table with his eyebrows raised and a quirky smile on his face.)

McKAY: Hmm!

LATER. BOTANY LAB. Rodney and Katie are sitting at a table eating lunch.

BROWN: Oh, this is lovely.

McKAY: It is, yes.

BROWN: I've gotta say, after all the Cadman craziness last year, I figured there was no chance for us.

McKAY (awkwardly): Oh, why's that?

BROWN: Well, you had another consciousness in your body -- one that took over during our first date and made you kiss me. It was ... awkward. And so you ignored me for a few months.

McKAY: I did not!

BROWN: Yes, you did. I mean, it's OK, I guess. I can't imagine going through something like that, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't wanna be reminded of it either.

McKAY: Yes, well, it was a little weird there for a bit.

BROWN: For the last little while, you've really made an effort to make time for me, and it has been lovely.

(She smiles at him.)

McKAY: It's funny, you know? I mean, much as I hate to admit it, seeing my little sister so happy with her family, I just ... Well, it kind of made me realise that, uh ... well, I'd like to get married.

BROWN: You would?!

(Rodney's eyes widen in horror as he realises what he just said.)

McKAY: Oh, no, not to you.


McKAY: Oh, no-no-no-no-no-no. No-no-no, not not to you ...

BROWN: No, I ...

McKAY: Look, I was just ...

(They both stutter at the same time for a few seconds.)

McKAY: No, that was not a proposal -- I was just ... I was just talking, you know?

BROWN: Right.

McKAY: I just don't want you to get the wrong ... It's not that I wouldn't be interested in-in-in getting married to someone, I mean, someone like you, I mean someone just like you -- you even, maybe one day -- I just, uh ...

BROWN: I know, I know. It's OK.

McKAY: I like you a lot. I mean, I do.

BROWN: I know you do, and I like you a lot too.

McKAY: I know. And to be honest, I find that just baffling.

BROWN: Come on, now ...

McKAY: No-no-no-no-no, it's other people too -- they find it baffling too.

BROWN: I guess they just don't know you like I know you.

McKAY: Yeah, but, you see, that's what scares me. I mean, at some point, you're gonna know me the way they know me and then ...

BROWN: Rodney, I think I know you pretty well. There's not a lot of subtext with you.

(Rodney looks at her for a moment, then stands up and walks close to her.)

McKAY: I am really sorry that I ignored you all that time.

(Katie smiles up at him.)

BROWN (softly): I bet you are.

(Rodney smiles down at her. Just then a huge explosion goes off in the distance and the lab shakes.)

BROWN: What was that?

McKAY: I don't know. Look, I've gotta go.

(He hurries away as alarms begin to sound.)


SHEPPARD: So, what, a suicide bomb?

ZELENKA: Well, see, no. I thought so too originally, but I've scanned the area with my equipment now -- there isn't even the slightest trace of explosive residue. We have no idea what we're dealing with here.

McKAY (over radio): Zelenka, do you read?

ZELENKA: Yes, McKay, I'm here with Sheppard and Ronon. What have you got?

McKAY (over radio): You're all gonna wanna see this.

(The three of them hurry off.)


McKAY: Alright, I am digesting this as I go, so forgive the rough edges.

SHEPPARD: What've you got?

McKAY: Last night, Doctor Hewston and her partner Doctor Watson were cataloguing a new Ancient lab we uncovered. They inadvertently activated this machine.

(He pulls up an image of the machine on his computer screen.)

McKAY: It started to emit a very odd type of radiation, but they were able to turn it off right away. Now, Doctor Beckett examined them that night and gave them a clean bill of health, so with no immediate apparent danger, we decided to figure out what the device was, well, whenever we had time. That was a mistake.

SHEPPARD: What is it?

McKAY: Well, the science of it is ... well, it's spectacularly complicated, but it appears to be a weapon -- one created by the Ancients to battle the Wraith and one that was abandoned fairly early on as it affected everyone in proximity, including Ancients and humans.

ZELENKA: Affected them how?

McKAY: Ah. Well, long story short, it creates explosive tumours.

DEX: Explosive tumours?


DEX: Are you kidding me?

McKAY: Yeah, I wish. Look, it's actually quite ingenious. The device emits millions of irradiated particles that have been genetically programmed to enter into our systems and gather behind the lungs. Now, as they go, they collect trace elements from our body that they need to complete an explosive compound which, once in place, the tumour reaches critical mass and explodes.

SHEPPARD: So, wait, this guy Watson ...

McKAY: ... has almost definitely been exposed, yes. Look, we need to find him before that tumour ignites, which could be any minute now.

OPERATING ROOM. Carson and a medical team are wheeling a patient into surgery. Carson is examining the man's leg which was apparently injured in the explosion.

BECKETT: Well, it's not good but it's not awful. We need to start right away. What's his name?

(A nurse looks at her computer pad.)

NURSE: Um, James. James Watson.

(The camera pans up to show that it is indeed Doctor Watson lying unconscious on the gurney.)


MESS HALL. As Elizabeth and Mike eat their lunch, Rodney and Carson are talking at the food table.

McKAY: Next week, I am one hundred percent there.

BECKETT: You promise?

McKAY: Absolutely.


McKAY: And besides, it's still early. I'm sure you'll find someone else to go with you.

BECKETT: Oh, you can bet on that. (He takes a few items of food and a bottle of water from the table.) Well, tell Katie I said hullo.

McKAY: Yeah, will do.

BECKETT: Enjoy. I will.

(He leaves the room.)

SHORTLY AFTERWARDS. Carson walks into a room in which a chess club has been set up. Several pairs of people are playing games of chess. Carson walks along the row of tables until he reaches Radek playing against a man.

MAN: Son of a bitch! Stop that!

ZELENKA: Stop what? Winning?

MAN: You haven't won yet.

(Radek jumps up to greet Carson.)

ZELENKA: Carson! You've come to join the chess club.

BECKETT: Uh, not quite.

ZELENKA: You've come to watch?

BECKETT: Well, uh, no. Actually, Radek, I'm looking for someone to come fishing with me. Rodney bailed at the last minute.

ZELENKA: Surprise, surprise.

BECKETT: I know. Any interest?

ZELENKA: I would, but we're playing for trades today, you know? And no-one can really beat me so ... I've already won a desk fan, Doctor Mallozzi's animé D.V.D. collection ... (he lowers his voice and looks at Carson suggestively) ... and I got a coupon for a free Swedish massage from Doctor Ambrose.

BECKETT (admiringly): Ouch!

(Radek nods and clicks his tongue.)

ZELENKA: Perhaps we can go fishing next week?

BECKETT: OK, alright. Well, uh, best of luck to you. (He turns and walks away.)

ZELENKA: Oh, I don't need luck.

(He looks down at the board and makes his move.)

ZELENKA: Checkmate.

MAN: Son of a bitch!

(Angrily, he lays his king down in defeat.)

PIER. On a pier some distance away from the central area of Atlantis, Major Lorne is painting a picture of the central towers. Carson comes over to him.

BECKETT: You paint!

LORNE: Hey, Doc. Yeah, I paint.

BECKETT (looking at the painting): And you're good, too.

LORNE: My mom was an art teacher. It's what we did on weekends. Stopped for a while -- didn't really have time for it during basic training, first couple of years on duty -- but I'm picking it up again. Hard not to with views like that, huh?

BECKETT: Aye. Um, I don't suppose there's any chance you'd like to come fishing with me on the mainland, is there?

LORNE: If you'd got to me earlier, maybe, but I kinda wanna finish this up.

BECKETT: Och, it looks done to me.

LORNE: That is why I am the painter and you a doctor.

BECKETT: Very good point. Enjoy the rest of your day, Major.

LORNE: You can count on it.

(Carson leaves.)

DOCTOR BIRO'S QUARTERS. Doctor Biro is sitting on her bed reading something. Carson comes to the open door and coughs. She looks up.

BIRO: Oh, hey there, sir.

BECKETT: Hullo, I was just ...

BIRO: You know what's crazy? I was just thinking about you. (She giggles and stands up.) Has that ever happened to you? You know, you're thinking about something and then, boom! There it is!

(She giggles again. Carson laughs falsely, already realising that this is someone he does not want to take fishing with him.)

BIRO: It's not like I'm psychic or anything but, who knows?

BECKETT: Well, actually, I ...

BIRO: You know what? I am sorry. You were trying to say something and I interrupted you.

BECKETT: Enjoy your day off, Doctor Biro.

BIRO: Absolutely.

BECKETT: Bye-bye.

(He turns and leaves, sighing.)

INFIRMARY. Carson walks in and finds Doctor Cole sitting at her desk.

BECKETT: Slow day?

COLE: Carson. What the hell are you doing here? It's supposed to be your day off.

BECKETT: Well, my fishing trip is officially a bust, so I figured I'd come in here and actually catch up on some paperwork for the first time in over a year.

COLE: That's a shame.

BECKETT: Aye, it is.

(Cole shakes her head as if in pain and gets back to her computer.)

BECKETT: You alright?

COLE: A migraine. It's a bad one, actually. I took some stuff, but I can't take any more, with me being on call and everything.

BECKETT: You should have radioed me.

COLE: Are you kidding? There's no way in hell I was gonna let you miss that fishing trip. It's all you've been talking about for two weeks!

BECKETT: Well, I'm not going now, so off you go. I'll cover your shift.

COLE: You sure?

BECKETT: Aye. There's nothing happening here anyway. You go -- take a horse pill and rest.

COLE: Oh, you're a life saver.

BECKETT (smiling): I know.

COLE: Thanks, Carson. (She stands up and hugs him.) Thanks.

BECKETT (hugging her): You're welcome.

LATER. Carson is bandaging the ankle of a female marine.

BECKETT: If you're going to play volleyball, you're going to need proper gym shoes.

MARINE: I know. I've put an order in for a pair but it takes forever to get things from Earth that aren't vital to the success of the missions.

BECKETT: Well, you, young lady, are vital to the success of the missions, so don't play sports in sandals, OK?

MARINE (smiling): OK, Doc.

BECKETT: Alright. We're all done here. We'll fix you up some crutches and ...

(A distant explosion can be heard and the Infirmary shakes. Carson jumps to his feet and turns to one of his staff.)

BECKETT: Myers, call in every available nurse and doctor immediately. (He turns to two other staff members.) You and you, grab two field kits and a couple of stretchers and follow me.

(He runs to a desk, picks up his headset radio and puts it on.)

BECKETT: This is Beckett. What happened and where are we needed?

(Without waiting for the reply, he grabs a field kit and starts to run out of the Infirmary.)

EXPLOSION SITE. John and Ronon run in and go over to Carson.

DEX: What happened here?

BECKETT: Some sort of explosion. At least three dead; maybe a dozen or so severely injured.

MAN 2: Doc?

(Carson turns, and he and the other two hurry over to another stretcher being brought out of the damaged area. Teyla is lying on the stretcher, her midriff bandaged.)


(Teyla looks up at him weakly and lifts her hand towards him.)

TEYLA: Carson.

BECKETT (taking her hand): I'm here. You've been in an explosion, Teyla, and a piece of debris has impacted your side. We're headed to the Infirmary to take it out and patch you up. Easy-peasy -- I can do this one in my sleep.

(Teyla closes her eyes.)

LATER. OPERATING ROOM. Carson is just finishing surgery on Teyla. He holds a suture taut for a nurse.

BECKETT: Alright? All set? (The nurse cuts the suture.) Thank you.

NURSE: Can't believe you got the artery cleaned up.

BECKETT: Well, they typically don't make you head surgeon if you're all thumbs. (He smiles.)

NURSE: You have another patient waiting for you. He got his leg cut up pretty bad in the blast.

BECKETT: Alright. We're all done here. Let's get her down to the recovery level and we'll get him in here.



McKAY: Long story short, it creates explosive tumours.

DEX: Explosive tumours? Are you kidding me?

McKAY: I wish I was.

SHEPPARD: So, wait, this guy Watson ...

McKAY: ... has almost definitely been exposed, yes. Look, we need to find him before that tumour ignites, which could be any minute now.

OPERATING ROOM. Jim is just being wheeled in while Carson looks at his leg.

BECKETT: Well, it's not good but it's not awful. We need to start right away. What's his name?

(The nurse looks at her computer pad.)

NURSE: Uh, James. James Watson.

BECKETT: Watson? Poor lad was in here last night. Looks like he's had a run of bad luck.

McKAY (over comms): Doctor Watson. Doctor James Watson. Report your whereabouts immediately.

BECKETT: Well, aren't you popular?! (To the nurse) Go see what that's about, please.

(The nurse heads off.)

RODNEY'S LAB. Rodney is talking with the nurse over the radio.

McKAY: He's in the O.R. right now? I need you to get Beckett back on his radio.

OPERATING ROOM. Carson has already started surgery on Jim's leg. The nurse attaches Carson's radio headset to his ear.

NURSE: It's Doctor McKay.

BECKETT: What is it, Rodney? I'm a little busy right now.

McKAY: Carson, the man you are working on right now has been infected with an explosive tumour. We think it's what killed Hewston and caused the explosion.

BECKETT: What are you talkin' about? That's not ...

McKAY (interrupting): It is possible, Carson. Look, you need to get you and your team out of there. Sheppard has an ordnance disposal crew on the way.

BECKETT: Well, he's too fragile to move right now.

McKAY: He doesn't have to move. You do.

(Carson sighs and thinks for a moment, then addresses his team.)

BECKETT: Alright, listen up. I need everyone to clear the floor right now. I'm enacting a Protocol Seven for this entire level.

(The team stares at him in surprise.)

BECKETT: Move it, people!

(As the team starts to leave, he takes hold of the nurse's arms and starts to steer her away from the bed.)

BECKETT: Right, he stays, you go.

NURSE: What about you?

BECKETT: I'm staying put.

NURSE: Then so am I.

BECKETT: Look, I don't have time to fight about it right now.

NURSE: Then don't. You can't do this on your own.

(Carson looks at her for a brief moment, wishing he could persuade her to go but knowing that he doesn't have the time to argue with her. He hurries over to a computer and types on it. The screen shows "ACTIVE LOCKDOWN. PROTOCOL SEVEN." He types in his password and the computer shows a demarcation line about two thirds of the way up the central tower of the city. He turns and goes back to the operating table, takes the nurse by the shoulders and turns her to face him.)

BECKETT: Thank you.

(The lockdown alarms start to sound.)

BECKETT: Alright, let's get the scanner in place. We have a tumour to remove.

RODNEY'S LAB. John is looking at a computer screen which shows what Carson has done.

SHEPPARD: He's used his authorisation code to seal off the whole level. We can't get to him.

McKAY (into radio): Carson, you cannot seriously be considering operating on this guy.

BECKETT: Exactly how much time do we think I have?

McKAY: There is no way to know for sure. Look, Hewston was infected at the same time that Watson was and her tumour's already exploded.

(In the Operating Room, Carson nods to the nurse, who hands him a scalpel.)

BECKETT: No time to waste, then. Making first incision.

McKAY: OK, look, this is all very brave and all, but ...

SHEPPARD: ... what if the explosion causes structural damage? What if the tower comes down with everyone in it?

McKAY: Exactly.

BECKETT: Sending him to the other side of the city and just leaving him there is tantamount to murder, Colonel.

McKAY (frantically): The man is already dead!

BECKETT: Like hell he is.

SHEPPARD: Carson, I can't order you to stand down, but ...

BECKETT: That's right, you can't. Have your men standing by. I'll open access to the floor once I've extracted the tumour. Beckett out.

(He and the nurse exchange a glance as he continues surgery.)

ELIZABETH'S OFFICE. John and Rodney have joined Elizabeth in there.

WEIR: How long has he been at it?

SHEPPARD: About ten minutes. I've got an emergency crew standing by. Either way, we're cut off.

WEIR (to Rodney): Can't you bypass his access code?

McKAY: Yeah, but it'll take half an hour. Look, if he's not done removing it by then, then ...

WEIR: This is crazy!

OPERATING ROOM. Carson gently extracts the tumour with a pair of forceps and slowly turns around to take it to an organ transplant transportation box. He very slowly lowers the tumour into the box, sighing softly as he gently pulls the forceps out again. Putting the forceps down, he lightly takes hold of the lid of the box and begins to slide it shut.

BECKETT (quietly into radio): Colonel Sheppard. I've extracted the tumour ...

(Once the lid is shut, he takes off the protective plastic shield that was covering his face and removes his surgical hat.)

BECKETT: ... and I'm opening up the O.R. level.

(Stripping off his medical gloves, he goes over to the computer, selects "OPEN O.R. LEVEL" and types in his password. Some distance away, a door slides open in front of the waiting ordnance disposal crew. A marine dressed in heavy protective gear and helmet wheels in a large container on a trolley. He starts to run towards the O.R., pulling the trolley behind him.)

SHEPPARD: He's on his way. Sit tight.

(In the O.R., Carson has sat down on a stool. He thinks for a few seconds, then makes a decision. He stands up, taking off his medical gown.)

BECKETT: Dammit. Tell him I'll meet him halfway.

SHEPPARD: Just stay put, Doc.

BECKETT: The sooner I get this thing out of my sight, the better.

(He walks over to the organ transportation box and puts his fingers gently on either side.)

BECKETT (to the nurse): If you'll finish in closing him up, please.

(He looks across to see her confirmatory nod.)

BECKETT: I'll be right back.

(Swallowing nervously, he gently lifts the box and carries it slowly out of the room. He walks carefully along the corridor.)

BECKETT (quietly, reminding himself to take his time): Easy. Easy.

(The marine wheels the trolley towards him, stops and holds up his hand to Carson. Moving the trolley into position, he slowly reaches out towards Carson and gently takes the box from him.)

BECKETT (quietly): Thank you.

(He turns and activates his radio as he starts to walk back towards the O.R.)

BECKETT: We just made the hand-off.

(Behind him, the box explodes. A massive fireball erupts from the box and engulfs the trolley, the marine and Carson.)

[Your transcriber breaks off for five minutes for a bloody good cry, then gets back to work.]

CARSON'S QUARTERS. Rodney, dressed in black trousers, a pale blue plain shirt and a black tie, is packing the last of Carson's belongings into crates. He sadly picks up a framed photograph of himself and Carson in their offworld gear walking along together and smiling. As he continues to gaze at the photograph, his face full of grief, the door opens and Ronon walks in.

DEX (quietly): Hey.

McKAY (turning to face him): Hey.

DEX: You OK?

(Rodney nods.)

McKAY: Mmm. ... Uh, not really.

DEX: You need some help?

McKAY: No. No, I'm almost done. He didn't have a lot of stuff here.

DEX: You sending it all back home to his family?

McKAY: Yeah. I mean, we will. They don't know yet. We're going to send, uh ... (he trails off for a long moment) ... the body back to Earth and, um, I'm gonna tell his mother. (He looks at Ronon for a moment.) I should have just gone fishing with him.

DEX (his voice almost breaking): Don't.

McKAY: No. If I'd gone fishing ... if I'd checked the machine ... if I hadn't assigned two junior guys to catalogue the lab ...

DEX (gently): Rodney. What's done is done.

(Rodney's eyes fill with tears.)

McKAY: I know. And that's why it's killing me.

(He gets back to packing Carson's belongings. Ronon, helpless to do anything to comfort him, leaves the room.)

INFIRMARY. Teyla is in one bed while, in the bed next to her, Jim Watson is lying either asleep or still unconscious. Teyla sits up in bed and tries to get out. John, wearing his dress blues, walks in.

SHEPPARD: Where do you think you're going?

TEYLA: I would like to go to the memorial.

SHEPPARD: I don't think you should be going anywhere.

TEYLA: I am fine.

(She tries to stand but grimaces with pain.)

SHEPPARD: Alright. I'll get a wheelchair.

TEYLA: No. I would like to stand. As a testament to him.

(She looks into John's eyes.)

TEYLA: How are you doing?

SHEPPARD: Me? I'm fine ... but I didn't get major surgery two days ago.

TEYLA: That is not what I meant.

SHEPPARD (quietly): Well, it hasn't hit me yet. I'm not looking forward to it when it does.

TEYLA: I feel a great sadness. He ... (She trails off and looks away, unable to complete what she was going to say.) I feel a great sadness.

(She sighs. John steps towards her.)

SHEPPARD: Here. I got you.

(He puts his arm around her waist and helps her to her feet. They slowly walk off.)

GATEROOM. On a trestle in front of the Gate is a coffin draped in the saltire -- the Scottish national flag. At the bottom of steps facing the Gate are John, Elizabeth -- wearing a black trouser suit, Teyla -- wearing a mid brown outfit, Ronon -- who is wearing dark clothes and a jacket with long sleeves, Radek -- wearing a black suit, Lorne -- in his dress blues, and Doctor Cole in a black skirt and jacket and white blouse. All around the room, up the stairs and on the Control Room balcony are members of the Atlantis team, either wearing military uniform or their expedition uniforms. Rodney, now wearing a black jacket over his shirt, walks back from the side of the coffin. He may have just made a speech. As he joins John and the others, Elizabeth walks over to the coffin, then turns to face the gathering.

WEIR: We've said goodbye to a lot of friends today. Our mission is a dangerous one. We lose people -- a fact we're all painfully aware of. But Carson was ... (She trails off for several seconds, temporarily lost for words.) I can't remember anyone coming to me with a complaint against him -- ever. He was a kind soul. He was ... he was a healer. And he will be very deeply missed. George Fabricius said, "Death comes to us all, but great achievements, they build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold." (Her voice begins to break.) Every single life Carson saved is a monument to him. And that gives me great comfort.

(She stands silent for a moment, then nods up to the Control Room balcony. The technician turns to go to the control console. On the opposite balcony, bagpipes begin to warm up. Elizabeth puts her hand gently onto the coffin for a moment as, on the balcony, a Scots piper in full regalia begins to play a lament while the Gate dials.)

(The Gate activates. John, Rodney, Ronon, Cole, Lorne and Radek walk towards the coffin. Elizabeth walks over to Teyla, whose eyes are full of tears, and they share a sad smile. John and Rodney take up position at the front of either side of the coffin. Cole and Ronon line up behind Rodney; Lorne and Radek behind John. John and Rodney look at each other for a moment, then the six pallbearers lift the coffin and slowly walk forward towards the Gate. As the piper plays on, the team carries Carson Beckett home.)

SOME DAYS LATER. Rodney stands on the end of a pier at the edge of Atlantis, gazing out over the ocean. Carson walks over to stand by his side.

BECKETT: How'd it go back on Earth?

(Rodney smiles softly.)

McKAY: It was, um, it was awful. (He turns to Carson and smiles at him.) Your family was amazing, though.

(Carson smiles.)

BECKETT: Aye, they are. Good turnout?

McKAY (looking out over the ocean again): Oh, packed the church.

BECKETT: Oh, that's good to hear!

McKAY: It's not gonna be the same round here without you.

BECKETT: Oh, you're tellin' me!

McKAY: You know, the universe is a big place. (He looks at Carson.) Who knows, maybe we'll bump into each other again.

BECKETT: Aye, who knows?

(Rodney looks away, on the verge of tears.)

McKAY: You were the closest thing to a best friend I ever had. I'm really, really sorry. (He looks at Carson wistfully.) I should have just ...

BECKETT: Hey. This isn't your fault.

McKAY: You're just tellin' me what I wanna hear.

BECKETT: Well, that's what best friends do sometimes. And in this case it also happens to be true. (He smiles at him.) Take care of yourself, Rodney.

(Rodney raises his hand to him.)

McKAY (softly): Goodbye, Carson.

(Carson smiles at him one last time, then fades out of existence. Rodney stands alone at the end of the pier.)