Stargate: The Official Magazine - Issue #20

Issue 20

PUBLISHER: Titan Magazines
EDITED BY: Emma Matthews
PUBLISHED: January / February 2008
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    • Great Scot!
      Atlantis' first Doctor in residence, better known as Paul McGillion, drops in to talk fans, exploding tumors, and his long-awaited return ...
    • Warrior Queen
      The Pegasus Galaxy's most noble warrior, Teyla Emmagan, is about to have a very interesting year. Actress Rachel Luttrell lets us in on a few season four secrets ...
    • Hey, Mr Producer!
      Writer, Producer and full-time blogger, Joe Mallozzi gives us the lowdown on season four ...
    • Small Soldiers
      As Phoenix launch a new set of Stargate miniature figures, The Official Stargate Magazine took a trip to the model shop to see where the magic happens ...
    • A Brief History of the Pegasus Galaxy
      Our definitive history of the Galaxy Team Atlantis call home ...


    • Advanced Telemetry
      All the latest news from your favorite shows, including the latest on Stargate: Atlantis' renewal, the lowdown on the new Team Stargate, and an update from Stargate Worlds ...
    • Double Sided Poster
      Time to redecorate? May we suggest a brand new Stargate SG-1 poster? Or the new Stargate: Atlantis lineup?
    • Samantha Carter's Journal
      In our handy guide to all things technological, Carter takes us through the finer points of the science of the Ancients.
    • Level 28
      So, you think you're good enough for the SGC? Test your Stargate SG-1 / Atlantis knowledge here!
    • Letters Page
      Can't wait for the movies? Are you missing Weir? Got a burning issue you need to get off your chest? Tell us here!
    • Next Issue
      'Gate to the future and find out what's in store for issue #21!