Stargate: The Official Magazine - Issue #22

Issue 22

PUBLISHER: Titan Magazines
EDITED BY: Emma Matthews
PUBLISHED: May / June 2008
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    • Advanced Telemetry
      All the latest news from the Stargate universe, including the Stargate: Atlantis PCA win, and all the gossip on who'll be with us for season five ...
    • Setting the Scene
      Join The Official SG-1 / Atlantis Magazine as we take a whirlwind tour of season four's stunning sets and talk shop, eat cake and get comfy with the cast and crew of Stargate: Atlantis ...
    • Flanigan Shenanigans
      John Sheppard actor Joe Flanigan has no time to watch TV, but managed to squeeze us in to tell all about his busy schedule, the show's popularity and his season four highlights ...
    • Cosy With Mallozzi
      As if one Joe wasn't enough, we catch up with the Stargate: Atlantis boss-man – executive producer Joe Mallozzi. The show-runner gives us an insight into storylines lost, reaching 100 episodes and pregnant bumps ...
    • David Nykl: Scientifically Speaking
      The man behind Radek Zelenka chats to us about his busiest season yet, we find out all about that spacewalk and why he reckons Stargate: Atlantis fans aren't crazy!
    • Jekyl and Heyerdahl
      Stargate: Atlantis' very own Athosian Halling and almost-friendly Wraith, Todd, talks about walking the walk, allegiances and mind-boggling make-up ...
    • Dressing Up
      In a behind-the-scenes special, we go rummaging through Stargate: Atlantis' shiny box of space-age clothes and get the inside track from costume designer Val Halverson ...
    • Scripting Space
      Stargate: Atlantis scribe Martin Gero on mastering McKay, killing Beckett, and the future for Team Atlantis ...
    • Perfect Words
      Lexicon legend Carl Binder on going for scripting gold, getting personal, and answering the question: who would win in a fight – Teal'c or Ronon?
    • Working Weapons
      Props maestro Kenny Gibbs tells us about his favorite Stargate: Atlantis weapons, how he got his action-packed job and which stick puts a smile on his face ...
    • Let's Get Visual!
      The man behind the show's excellent effects, Mark Savela, gives us the lowdown on season four's breathtaking battles and stunning spacewalks ...
    • Exclusive Fiction: Genealogy
      Settle down with a hot drink and enjoy a slice of Stargate: Atlantis fiction with this high-flying short story.
    • Samantha Carter's Journal
      In our handy guide to all things technological, Carter takes us through the finer points of Replicators and Asurans.
    • Level 28
      Reckon you're Team Atlantis material? Think you could cut it with Sheppard, McKay and Carter? Prove your SGC skills with the ultimate Stargate: Atlantis quiz.
    • Letters Page
      You do the talking on The Official SG-1 / Atlantis Magazine readers' letters page.
    • Next Issue
      Can't wait till the next issue wings its way to you? 'Gate to the future to see what's in store for Issue 23.