Stargate: The Official Magazine - Issue #9

Issue 9

PUBLISHER: Titan Magazines
EDITED BY: Sharon Gosling
PUBLISHED: March / April 2006
COVER PRICE: US $9.99 / CAN $12.99
PAGES: 100
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    • Creating Cameron
      Ben Browder talks through his first year as Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, new leader of the SG-1 team.
    • Take A Beau!
      General Hank Landry has got his work cut out for him as he adjusts to life at the SGC, says Beau Bridges.
    • Daniel Dares
      Michael Shanks takes a look back at the year through the eyes of Doctor Daniel Jackson.
    • Judge For Yourself
      Teal'c has become something of a political animal of late, and it's not something that Christopher Judge expected.
    • Vala Unveiled
      Vala Mal Doran has played a central role this season – and Claudia Black is glad we've seen another side of her.
    • Teryl Rothery
      Season nine saw the welcome if brief return of the much loved Janet Fraiser – and actress Teryl Rothery was overjoyed to get the call.
    • Got Carter
      Amanda Tapping discusses Samantha Carter rejoining SG-1 and her character's return to analytical form.
    • Joseph Mallozzi
      The writer, who also serves as executive producer, looks back at the beginning of Stargate SG-1's ninth season of adventures.
    • Noble Prize
      Australian actor John Noble, better known as Denethor in The Lord of the Rings, talks about his guest role in "Camelot."
    • Inside the Odyssey
      Take a look at the inside of SGC's shiny new ship, the Daedalus-class Odyssey!
    • Stunt Supremo
      Stargate SG-1 stunt coordinator Dan Shea looks back at some of the show's best stunt-sequences in season nine.
    • Costume Drama
      Christine Mooney reflects on some of the most memorable costumes for this season of Stargate SG-1.
    • Stargate SG-1 Season Nine Episode Guide
      Executive producer Robert C. Cooper talks us all through Stargate SG-1's momentous ninth year from start to stunning finish!


    • Good Sheppard
      Colonel Sheppard has had a busy time of it this year, as actor Joe Flanigan recalls.
    • Caldwell's Command
      He's one of the most recent cast additions to Stargate: Atlantis, and Mitch Pileggi says he's having the time of his life ...
    • Weir's Year
      Torri Higginson wonders how Dr. Elizabeth Weir will live with the decisions she's made this year.
    • Dex Appeal
      Jason Momoa talks guns and swords following his first year of work as the formidable warrior Ronon Dex.
    • Okay McKay!
      It's been another crazy year for McKay, explains David Hewlett – particularly since discovering he's not perfect, after all ...
    • Tales of Teyla
      Rachel Luttrell reflects on a year in the life of Teyla Emmagan, full of change, loss and new friendships.
    • Scots Away!
      Beckett has been showing his strength this year, says Paul McGillion – though at times it's a struggle, too.
    • Born To Be Lorne
      Actor Kavan Smith takes a look at the life of Major Lorne, intrepid new addition to the Atlantis crew.
    • Listen and Learn
      For a psychologist like Kate Heightmeyer, says actress Claire Rankin, the Pegasus Galaxy presents its own set of problems ...
    • Czeck Mate!
      Zelenka, the most timid genius in the history of space travel, has had an interesting year of adventures, explains David Nykl.
    • Hive Instinct
      Connor Trinneer, fresh from Star Trek: Enterprise, discusses his role as the somewhat tragic Wraith in "Michael."
    • Stargate: Atlantis Season Two Episode Guide
      Take a look at our complete guide to this year of Stargate: Atlantis' adventures, with an exclusive commentary from executive producer and show-runner Brad Wright!