Stargate Origins: Catherine

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Stargate Origins (Teaser 1)

In pre-war Egypt, young Catherine Langford must rescue her father when a Nazi scientist takes him through the Stargate to an alien world.

U.S. RELEASE DATE: 06.19.2018
WRITTEN BY: Mark Ilvedson & Justin Michael Terry
DIRECTED BY: Mercedes Bryce Morgan

Ellie Gall (Catherine Langford), Aylam Orian (Wilhelm Brücke), Philip Alexander (James Beal), Sarah Navratil (Eva Reinhardt), Lincoln Hoppe (Stefan), Justin Michael Terry (Gunter), Derek Chariton (Heinrich), Shvan Aladdin (Wasif), Salome Azizi (Aset), Michelle Jubilee Gonzalez (Serqet), Daniel Rashid (Kasuf), Tonatiuh Elizarraraz (Motawk), Esteban Cueto (Nubai), Ghadir Mounib (Renisenb), Catherine Salazar (Aset’s Child), Victoria Ortiz (Ra), Kelly Vint (American Agent), David Mellville (British Agent), Connor Trinneer (Professor Langford)

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Stargate Origins: Catherine was originally released as a 10-part Web series (under the title Stargate Origins) on MGM’s official Stargate portal, Stargate Command. For GateWorld’s complete, episode-by-episode summaries, plot analysis, notes, and unanswered questions visit the Stargate Origins section of the site.


    There are a few noteworthy changes in this “Feature Cut” of the 10-part Web series, including:

    • An extended introduction comprised of close-up shots of Aset, prior to the “Stargate Origins” logo
    • The spinning camera shot that ended each 10-minute webisode has been removed
    • A revised score
    • Updated visual effects


  • Stargate Origins: Catherine was released worldwide as a digital download on June 19, 2018. To date it has not been released on physical media.