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Wright discusses third SG-1 movie

Monday - January 5, 2009
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As if launching Stargate Universe this summer wasn’t enough work, Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright is also working on the next SG-1 movie. In a new Q&A with fans at Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi’s blog, Wright shared some news on how the team’s third DVD outing is progressing.

The film is currently being written by Wright and former Stargate Atlantis writer-producer Carl Binder. There is no title yet. Long-time Stargate director and Stargate: Continuum helmer Martin Wood will direct the movie.

As previously revealed to GateWorld, Wright confirmed that the movie will focus on Jack O’Neill, played of course by former series lead Richard Dean Anderson. Though Anderson’s role in last summer’s Stargate: Continuum amounted to a guest appearance, it will be much more substantial in the next film. “The next movie will be much more Jack-centric,” Wright said.

The limited screen time for O’Neill in Continuum certainly was not Wright’s choice. “That’s all I could get him for,” he said. “He’ll be much more involved in the next one.”

But one SG-1 cast member who won’t be in the next movie is Claudia Black, whose character of Vala Mal Doran joined the team in the show’s tenth and final season after making a big impression in a series of guest appearances in Seasons Eight and Nine. “I thought Claudia was terrific in Continuum,” Wright told fans, “but Vala won’t be returning in the third movie.”

Wright has previously told GateWorld that, due to a variety of circumstances including the availability of former cast members who have moved on to other work, it’s unlikely that future SG-1 movies will include the entire cast of the television series. While fans of those characters will certainly mourn their absence, it does offer the writers the ability to spend more time servicing whichever characters are included.

All in all, 2008’s two direct-to-DVD Stargate films have proved successful for MGM — though they have not yet convinced the studio to pull out all the stops and commit to a big-budget theatrical film.

“The DVDs came out of a desire to prove we could make movies,” Wright said. “I think we surprised the studio with what we could do on a small budget, but not enough to let us make a big Stargate feature.”

Don’t miss the full Q&A with Brad Wright, now at Joseph Mallozzi’s blog, where he also answers questions on Stargate Universe (including the controversial casting notice), the cancellation of Atlantis, and his past work on The Outer Limits. The next SG-1 movie is expected to film this spring or summer, meaning a 2010 release is likely.

Darren created GateWorld in 1999, and today is the owner and managing editor. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children.

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  • It’s a shame that Vala won’t be in it, but guess you can’t have everything. Glad to hear it’s progressing and hopefully won’t be too late in 2010. Maybe there will be a link to the episode 2010?!

  • I’m so very happy that Richard Dean Anderson is going to have a big role to play in the third movie! It’s fantastic to have him back! “Stargate SG-1” was never the same when Jack O’Neill left SGC!

    I can understand TPTB’s difficulty in getting the whole cast back now they’ve moved on to other things but I would be very deeply disappointed if Amanda Tapping never appeared in a future movie BUT…first things first…at the moment I just want Sam to be in the third movie, reunited with Jack. That is a MUST! Samantha Carter is an essential part of SG-1 too and a movie that didn’t feature her wouldn’t be the same. I’m sure that Amanda and TPTB will do whatever they can to make it work so Sam can join in.

  • Thanks God no more Vala!! best news for SG1. More Jack and no Vala this sounds like it will be the best SG1 movie yet!

  • If Sam & Jack are not together that would really upset me. Jack is getting old, he needs some lovin’.

  • It’s a shame Vala won’t be in it, but I’m sure they explain it in a creative way… just like when Amanda Tapping was away having her baby they explained that quite well.

  • Hooray! I’m so excited! It’s so great that RDA is coming back! I am disappointed about Vala, but as long as the four original members of SG-1 are there, I’ll be okay! Can’t wait for some old school SG-1 and bring on the S/J confirmation!

  • Yes!!! Jack is back! Hopefully all four will be back. Vala was nice, but I prefer the original.

  • I am very disappointed that Vala will not be in the third movie I am not really into Jack,I think Jack is all done and has been for awhile now I will not buy this movie I may rent it but I will not waste my money on something that is dwelling on the past and it seems like Brad Wright is dwelling on the past. The only reason I would buy is if Michael Shanks have a big part and I think it is all about Jack right now.

  • Its great to hear more about the third movie. Its great that Jack will be playing a bigger part than in continuum. Although when saying ‘Jack centric’ I hope that doesn’t mean it will all be about Jack with the others only have bit parts. I hope the film will feature all characters fairly equaly.
    Shame that Claudia will not be in it, hopefully she will feature in future films.

  • I was never a big Vala fan, in fact stopped watching after her introduction to the show, but for those fans who do like her, it’s a shame she’s not going to be in the movie.

  • I am very happy they are making a new SG-1 movie but sad that Claudia Black won’t be in it.

  • Claudia Black brought humor to the show that was lacking a bit since Richard Anderson left.

  • I know some of the ‘fans’ like Jack but seriously, he left the show 4 years ago.. let him retire. Vala was the only good character in the last 2 years. Jack is far too old to be convincing on-screen as anything but a pensioner. Its odd that with ‘Universe’ getting green-lighted as a younger show targetted at teens, they’re trying to keep dinosaurs alive when they stopped being entertaining 5 years ago. If they’d just changed Jack for Cam straight away, they might have kept the series alive.

  • Yay! Old-school SG-1….. love it. I like Mitchell okay, but I could have done without Vala. (or at least, not so much of her.)

    And what’s with this posting system? My name/password for the Forums doesn’t work here…. you have to create ANOTHER name & password. What the heck’s up with that?

  • This movie sounds great. I’m super excited to see a movie focused on the original SG-1. I sort of hope that Cam isn’t in the movie too. I think it would be awkward to have him there with the original team.

  • I think it’s a great idea to put Jack front in center. Maybe it will be like the good old days. Too bad about Vala, I really like her. But we lived without her for almost 8 years, so it’s not like we were too attached…she probably got shafted so they could pay RDA’s fee.

  • yay for more jack! :D

    i’m super hoping that sam’s in the movie too, and i’m also super hoping we’ll *finally* get to see that sam and jack got together!!! :D

  • I like the idea of more Jack, and hope the other original members can take part. I can’t say that I’ll horribly miss VALA, however, I do agree with BW that QETESH was wonderful in Continuum.
    I would have loved to have seen more Qetesh, the independent character, than Vala – Daniel’s girlfriend and comic relief.
    Just, please, no Ba’al’s…none, at all :)

  • Well now I am torn. I love Claudia Black because she is such a great actress – comedy and drama.

    But I do wish we could get the original foursome back together on a mission. I do miss Jack’s banter and snarkiness. But I hope it is not just half the movie – he needs to be there from start to finish.

  • I like RDA but please a whole movie focused on him, it’ll be like the last Indiana Jones movie, slow, boring and stupid. He’s to old to be an action star.

    Vala is part of SG1!!!! If she’s unable to do the next movie due to prior comments it’s one thing, but if it’s because Brad doesn’t like her character, THAT’S JUST SO WRONG!

    How about we stick with the team as is now? Sam, Mitchell, Daniel, Teal’c, and VALA

  • All right…this is pretty cool. Just one question, that I’ll probably bring up in the forums too…is it legal for them to make a big-screen SG-1 movie? Thought there was some legal issue with the first movie and Kurt Russel or something. Maybe I’m wrong.

    Anyway…glad to see more Jack! Hate to see Vala gone, she was funny. But…who else wont be there? Sam? Daniel? Then it’ll be Jack and Teal’c! lol…

  • i really look forward on having Jack on the third
    too bad Vala can’t join the riot… *sigh*

  • Glad to hear Jack is back! This will probably be out in 2010…But here it comes with “everyone’s not available for a movie” ordeal, This is what is upsetting to me about Atlantis and TBTB thinking they can kid us about promising several Atlantis movies….. can’t promise everyone will be in a movie once they are let go, but while in a season they are and will be around….

  • Looks like I will be saving money on the third movie if it really is Jack O’ Neill centric. Also if all the characters can’t come back for future movies and it ends up being all Sam all the time then I can save money then to so thanks PTB for helping me save money in the new year.

  • Have to say that I was not a great Vala and Mitchell fan, so am really glad it looks like the old SG1. If there’s a Jack, there has to be a Sam,Daniel and a Teal’c so come on Mr. Wright, give the SG1 fans what they want, an all action, Jack butt kicking,Danny and Sam getting injured, Teal’c taking on the bad guys and bring back Doc FRASER! Now that would make me very, very happy C’MON!!!

  • Wendi, what is your problem? Stargate is about Jack O’Neill and the rest of the gang. When did u start watching the programme? series 9??? Give it a chance, at least.

  • YAY!! Old school SG1 is back! And Jack too!! I hope all 4 original cast members can be in it, I miss Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c a lot. I beg (yes beg lol) BR to include Sam/Jack undeniable ship resolution it doesn’t have to take over the movie (in fact I’d hate that) but, just even a line or to, but please!! Mr Right. We shippers have waited a long time. And we’d love you forever!! LOL. :D

  • I’m of two minds. Well, three, actually. 1- If Jack’s character is as inane and one-liner centric as it was in Continuum, this movie will be lame indeed. Old school Jack, with the original team interactions is great, but if Shanks isn’t there to play Daniel, it will be useless. 2- if Jack is centric so he and Sam can be together, YUK! I don’t want a romantic SG-1 flick, thanks. Holy Hannah. 3- Why? I know RDA was central to getting SG-1 on the air in the first place, but the team had moved on. The characters had grown beyond the Seasons 1-8 holes they were plugged into. Daniel grew through his interactions with Cam and Vala, Sam grew beyond her annoying need for O’Neill, and Teal’c became an intergalactic politician. If they can keep the new aspects, new independencies if you will, of the characters then the centralization of O’Neill will work. If they are going backwards in any way, relying on early year stereotypes, it will not be successful. Indiana Jones 3 should have never seen the light of day.

    A good story, please, for the love of God, a good story this time. Needing to placate RDA’s star status worries me.

  • YEEY!!! Another movie all about Jack? Fantastic!!! It’s a shame Vala won’t be in it. She’s so funny and I luv her accent..

  • Finally, a return to SG-1 the way it is meant to be…with Jack. Now if the other 3 especially Sam are in it, the real team will finally be back together.

  • i mourn the absence of Vala but… YAY JACK! I miss him, in continuum there was hardly any Jackisms… it was about 5 minutes of him being him, a death scene whic made me cry for poor Sam, and then him being horrible to Sam…

    But i hardly think Vala’s not in it because of him not likeing her! It’s more likely she doesn’t fit into the plot, if it’s cenetered around Jack then it’s explainable isn’t it? i mean, the two hardly ever met,, and lets face it, when they did it was probably painful for Jack…. :D

    oh, i support this movie if there’s SamXJack in it, if not i’ll feel cheated…. they’ve got to say something, a passing comment on a DVD extra isn’t enough for the rabid fans!

  • Yes I have been waiting for more Jack in SG-1! It will be like old times. I was never a massive Vala fan but I never hated her either. It was just the way sometimes she was a bit too over the top.

  • I love every one else, but it has to be Jack and Teal’c, it must be. Those two are the perfect bumblers, at least jack is and Teal’C looks at him with the classic look of ‘WTPhunk.’

  • All I really want to see in the next SG-1 movie are the Tok’ra. I would love it to be about getting them a new queen. I also hope Martouf/Lantash will somehow be returning again.

  • I wont miss Vala – never learned to apreciate her. Classic Sg-1 would be cool! Would love to see the goa’uld some more – or the Tok’ra

  • I would have liked to see Vala again, too bad! I’m not really a fan of Jack, so it won’t matter to me if he is in it or not, as long as there is NO Sam/Jack ship.

    Bring back Martouf/Lantash!

  • Well lets tie up a loose end.. Jack and Sam’s marriage.. They no longer are under the same command.. A lot of fans would like to see that story arc closed and brought together.. Since it is a Jack centered story lets close the big one…

  • Well samsnares not that it really matters but I have been watching SG1 since season one with Jack O’Neill.

    I used to love the character of O’Neill since the movie even, but when RDA started goofing off and not playing Jack the way I loved him in the early seasons (don’t even get me started on his performance in “Continuum”) and not to mention the so called ship between him and Sam then yes I have to say I grew quite tired of his character and could care less if I ever saw him on Stargate again.

    I enjoyed season 9 and 10 very much without O’Neill and I also liked Vala and Mitchell as the new additions. They were way better thought out at as new additions to the team then Jonas ever was in my opinion.

    So that is why I am not thrilled with Jack O’ Neill being the center of the story for the next movie because his character since season 5 has been disappointing and he grew even worse from season 7 and on.

  • I will be very disappointed and sad if Daniel and Vala won´t ever get each other “in real life” as happened in the series finale “Unending”. Claudia Black is my favourite actress n:o 1 and I really hope to see her in the following film.

  • rather then these 1 or 2 a year movies i’d rather have a once a year mini series…a 3 or 4 part mini-series allows for them to explore a story more rather then having to rush a story so that it fits into a 2 hour movie…

    both of the first sg1 movies felt rush as well as almost every story in SGA’s fifth season including EATG…which in my opinion, should have been a 2 parter atleast…

  • As far as i know Vala wont be in the next sg1 because she will be with the “universe” team and that would then explain her absense.

  • My BIG hope for this movie is to see Martouf and Lantash again – if nothing else, then from an AU. And I would love Martouf/Lantash to be married to Sam, of course!

  • Contrary to most everyone else, I want NO SHIP of any kind in the movie…except for spaceships…

    I hope to see the Goa’uld again. Ba’al would be cool – I don’t believe they got all his clones! Or maybe a new one, we have never heard of before, but has now gotten the chance to rise to power.

    I also very much hope to see the Tok’ra again.

  • Would love to see the ‘classic’ SG-1 again. To me they will always be the only ‘real’ one :) I hope very much Jack, Sam, Teal’c, and Daniel will all be there. Aside from that, I also hope for classic in another sense – I want to see them go through the Stargates in the Milkyway, not fly on spaceships. That’s not real Stargate to me. I would love a classic episode-like movie. Let SG-1 go through the gate, be captured by a Goa’uld who has managed to keep power and Jaffa. Let him throw SG-1 in his holding cell and float in and gloat, before SG-1 invariably foils his plans and escapes! THAT would be my dream-movie! Oh – and while we are at it – I would love them to find that Martouf/Lantash is really alive and it was clones that died. Maybe they could then rescue him at the same time?

  • personely i would like a movie with the furlings in it or at least something more than what they have given us so far.

    maybe even have them as one of the races they meet in SGU

  • Very happy to hear about the greater RDA involvement in the 3rd movie. Too bad that Vala won’t be in it but if we can only have the whole team save one person for the movie, I would have picked Vala as the odd one out.

  • I so love that RDA is in on this, as someone how not just has this “Special Appearances By…” tagged to it and has a complete role in it. Because I adore both RDA and Jack O’Neill.

    No offence to Vala and Mitchell and their fans, with what I have to say here. While they are great additions and contributes in their own special ways, to SG-1, I could be without them in the third movie.

    Because MY one and only team SG-1, the ones I will always adore the most, will always be Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c. It would be great to have a movie, with those four only. Simply because they deserve their own movie adventure, without having Vala and Mitchell on as back-up singers….

    *Shrugs* Just my opinion. Hope no one got offended here.

  • Would be cool to see the ‘true’ SG-1 again.

    Also dearly hoping to see the Tok’ra again – they’re way the coolest race!

    Bring back Martouf/Lantash!

  • Wahoo Jack is back!!! As to the comment by click73 it is the “dinosaurs” who have the money to buy dvd’s and to go to conventions (or to pay for the younger crowd to go) so I think we should get our favorite members of the SG1 team back (even if it’s only for a movie). It’s one way to keep all of us happy.

  • Apologize for making another comment. A tad lengthy at that.

    But to Vala (Claudia Black) and Mitchell (Ben Browder) fans: How long was that they were on the show? Two years. Not a whole lot, compared to the others.

    Because: How long was it that Jack (RDA), Sam (Amanda), Daniel (Michael) and Teal’c (Christopher) did the show together? Eight years and that over-rules anything else. I would say that for those eight years together, they deserve their own movie. Without, as I’ve already said, those other two on as back-up singers.

    Vala and Mitchell may be great, but off all steady characters on SG1, they’re my least faves, because as I also already said, my one and onle true SG1 team consists of Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal’c. With Jack and Sam clearly as my faves of that team but I also adore Daniel and Teal’c.

    Another thing: Could we have our confirmation that Jack and Sam are together please. We deserve that confirmation, after pining for it for almost 12 years now.

  • @ukguydallas: Vala won’t be in Stargate: Universe, BW said in the Q&A session at Joe Mallozzi’s blog that neither Claudia Black nor Ben Browder will be in the “Stargate: Universe” series.

    RDA is almost 60, so the third movie is actually gonna be about the OLD man. After what I saw in “Continuum” MGM won’t get my money this time.

  • I love the idea that Richard Dean Anderson is going to be the star. O’Neill was the best of all the Stargate characters. Mitchell was good but he’s no Jack O’Neill. And no, he’s not too old.
    Plus, Jack and Carter are meant for each other. Anyway, I can’t wait to buy this movie and see Jack kick some a** again.

  • And just one more thing. To all those who think RDA is too old to be an action star, did anyone see the new Rambo with old Sylvester Stallone? didn’t look like he was too out of shape. RDA will do just fine.



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