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MacGruber! RDA does Saturday Night Live

Sunday - February 1, 2009
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Former Stargate SG-1 leading man Richard Dean Anderson made a surprise cameo appearance on last night’s new episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Steve Martin! Anderson appeared as MacGyver in a series of three MacGruber sketches, actor Will Forte’s spoof of Anderson’s venerable 1980s hero.

Anderson last spoofed MacGyver in a 2006 Mastercard commercial, which premiered during the Superbowl. He also played himself in a 2006 episode of The Simpsons.

MacGruber sketches are deliberately very formulaic, and unlike MacGyver, this hero gets distracted and never quite saves the day in time.

U.S. viewers can watch all three MacGruber sketches below, courtesy of Hulu. MacGruber!

(Thanks to sg-1fanintn for the tip)

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  • Damn my being outside of the US! Can’t see it :( …but I’m sure if Richard Dean Anderson was in it then it had to have been fantastic and funny! :)

  • Wow, that was a bad sketch and a waste of RDA’s talent. Will Forte is one of the least funny “comedians” on SNL.

  • the skit writing was uninspiring, but it was *wonderful* to see richard again!! :D

  • SNL has hit/miss humor. I watched MacGyver growing up, and saw the previous skits of this… yeah, I just don’t get it. A longer, move involved sketch of the first of the 3 would have sufficed – that argument about 80’s hair is funny, the rest of the time RDA is just “eye candy”. Unless this Pepsi thing is oblique riff on how MacGyver was always pulling out his Swiss Army knife for everything, or there was some ep. with soda I don’t remember.

  • The skits were okay, especially the 1) being-stuck-in-the-control-room aspect. How many times have we seen MacGyver get out of a locked room?? And also 2) the progression of the Pepsi sponsorship/product placement.

    Too bad, though, that RDA is looking his age; you can really tell from his face that he’s a few pounds heavier than in his MacGyver days.

  • I found the shorts on Youtube and tried to post the links, but they didn’t go through.

  • Hey, the 2nd MacGruber clip was just used as a Superbowl commercial for Pepsi! Good going RDA!

  • To be honest with you. I thought with RDA in it, it would be great. IT SUCKED! IT WAS A PEPSI COMMERCIAL! THEY REALLY ROBED RDA! However it was nice to see RDA mannerisms.

  • That was awsome! I can’t believe i didn’t reckonize him when i saw it live. It must’ve been all that extra weight he’s put on, that’s just one of things that happens when your that old and outta work(look at William Shatner).

  • Great to see RDA getting another Super Bowl exposure (2nd ad in 3 years). This was no where as good as the Mastercard ad from 2 years ago. The SNL MacGruber skit are mostly annoying. Still, it’s very cool to see RDA.

    I’m starting to believe that he is really getting back to acting and that the 3rd SG-1 Movie will feature quite a bit of Jack.

  • The commercials are funny, and I think its great RDA has done the macGruber commercials. You gotta love the guy with his great sense of humor.
    Its just fun and he loved to do it.
    Just look at them as fun because thats what it is, and even he has fun in doing it. It was great to see him.

  • Actually it looks like RDA has lost a little weight since his surgery.

    As a Pepsi commerical, yeah, suppose it’s cool. As a funny skit, well… 1st video is the best. The rest is just Forte going for humor overkill.

  • I thought the shaggy hair wig RDA was wearing was a hoot in the Super Bowl commercial. It ranked 43rd out of 50 on the USATODAY Super Bowl Ad-o-meter. Let’s hope RDA does more commericals on his own.

  • Love seeing RDA, even if I thought the skits were pretty lame. LOL, Pepsuber! ~Jess

  • now i expect a macgyver super bowl commerical every year. this is the 2nd year in a row.

  • Waste. It is unfortunate RDA was in this. It wasted his excellent talent.

  • That? Was the RDA I’ve long missed from series 8-9-10 of SG1! Reminiscent of kinda-jerk!Jack from Continuum. I’m a little excited about the third SG1 movie now, if he brings his a-game like he did in these snippets of his old-school acting *nods*

    Funny clips, gotta love it when they can happily take the piss like that :P

  • Wish everyone would quit carryin’ on about RDA’s weight gain! For cryin’ out loud, the man had MAJOR surgery on his feet… ended up goin’ out to Cali to a specialist and in a hyperbaric chamber so they’d heal! He was usin’ a WALKER, folks! So, we’re lucky to have seen him (at all) in Continuum, IMO. Thank TPTB that he’s comin’ back in the third movie! As for his SNL appearance… the spoof was only made better by his bein’ there. He didn’t write it. Yes, “McGruber” is stupid. But, RDA appearin’ on ANYTHING is so cool. It’s not like we get tons of opportunities to see him. So… be happy ’bout that.
    My friend has had a bad knee for the past year and put on five inches at the waist. Injuries suck. RDA was used to long work days and a more active schedule. Cut the guy some slack. Still better lookin’ than most… y’know?
    And, William Shatner’s a hottie for bein’ in his seventies! So there… *grin*

  • For anybody who did’t see it or for those like me who live outside the US the three video clips are Available to watch at The Official Richard Dean Anderson Website:

  • I think one or two of you may have mentioned, but I’ll repeat: THIS WAS NOT A SKIT FOR SNL. This was a PAID COMMERCIAL made by Pepsi. So all of you ripping SNL for a “lame” skit, you can still do it, but not include these scenes, as they’re not skits.

    And RippersPet…. I bet the majority of those reading and posting here had no idea RDA had ‘major surgery,’ so please don’t assume everyone is being mean or spiteful. We’re just commenting on his appearance, as people tend to do in the real world.

    And I have to disagree… William Shatner is NOT a hottie,…. no matter what he may say to the contrary. :-p

  • everyday i come here, i watch these 3 skits. they’re getting funnier. :p

    pepsi, pepsi, pepsi, PEPSI!

  • Technically – RDA was not on SNL. Those were not skits but fully paid Pepsi commercials which happened to first run during this past weekend’s SNL episode.

  • RDA Rules, PEPSI taste like Crap. {We’re sorry americans only, forget you other worldly losers} is getting so lame.

  • These were stupid… It would have been funnier if RDA had used the gum wrapper to get them out in the last 5 seconds, while MacGruber was still drinking the Pepsi.

  • Ok by the way I met richard dean anderson in person and ate lunch with him at the dayly grill inn in brentwood ca. he is my hero, and well I dont realy think this is all that funny cause it puts the Macdaddy Down, richard is MacGyver and always will be in my books no one else id ever wana be trapped with or have arround to get me out of lifes traps and hardships. Thanks mac for being my child hood role model.

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