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Morena Baccarin cast in V remake

Monday - March 9, 2009
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Morena Baccarin

Morena Baccarin

Actress Morena Baccarin is about to invade the planet earth. She has been cast in a lead role on ABC’s upcoming remake of the 1980s invasion series V, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Baccarin played the Ori leader Adria in the tenth season of Stargate SG-1, and in the DVD movie Stargate: The Ark of Truth — which will make its U.S. television premiere in just a few weeks.

She’s also well-known to genre fans as Inara Serra in Firefly.

Baccarin, 29, will play Anna, described by the site as “the leader of the Visitors who is remarkably knowledgeable about human culture and media manipulation.” The character appears to be the remake’s answer to Diana, the mouse-eating villain who was etched into the memories of children everywhere by actress Jane Badler.

Written and directed by Kenneth Johnson, the original V began as a miniseries on NBC in 1983. The story centered on a group of technologically-advanced alien “Visitors” who arrived on Earth seeking an alliance, only to be revealed as reptilian beings who wanted to use the population as a new food source. It continued in the 1984 miniseries V: The Final Battle, which apparently wasn’t final enough to stave off V: The Series in 1984-1985.

Last year Johnson published the novel “V: The Second Generation” and announced his intent to continue the franchise on television. But in October, Warner Brothers announced that The 4400 creator Scott Peters would instead helm a complete remake of the original.

Instead of focusing the resistance on cameraman Mike Donovan (Marc Singer) and Dr. Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant), the new V will focus on Erica Evans, “a Homeland Security agent with an aimless son [who] has some serious problems,” according to TV Guide.

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  • Wow, I loved this series as a kid. looking forward for the re-make.

  • Great news! Thnx Gateworld! What about Ben Browder? Any work out there for him? It’s been three years since he did anything!!

  • YEEEEAAARRGGHH!!! My favorite actress cast in the one of my favorite TV series. WOOhohoww!!! I am so happy now :))

    BTW she good for Jane Badler’s role. Bada$$ alien babe :)

  • I loved the original ‘V’. And honestly I don’t think anyone can beat the original Diana (Jane Badler). But Morena Baccarin… I love it! I hope she is as evil and manipulative as Diana was in the original.

  • Well cast i like Morena Baccarin a lot.
    I have grave misgivings about this new “V” show but if the show can get other actors like Morena Baccarin I will definitely watch.

  • for the alien syncophant reporter they should use some of the anchors from MSNBC!
    ; )

    Looking forward to this remake

  • Awesome!!! I loved V as a kid. It was a family affair and the hamster eating Diana was awesome. I love the fact that Morena has been cast as a visitor. She has the look and attitude to pull it off. Any idea on when they are looking to air the pilot?

  • WOW!!! I really enjoyed the original when it was on in the 80s. I had a pretty large action figure collection and still have the figure alien figure from the series.

  • i remember watching it as a kid and the next everybody was talking about it at school. we couldn’t believe we saw that on TV!

  • Love it. Just promise not to give it to the Sci-Fi Channel to ruin and cancel.

  • Actually, any channel can screw it up and get it cancelled. But, if I remmeber right ‘V’ was already screwy and destined to fail. So, it don’t matter if Sc-Fi channel gets it or Fox. And, to confuse things a whole bunch, who knew that a channel like ABC could be so damned successful with LOST. That show screamed out for LOST, yet ABC opulled off a huge winner that would be very diffuicult to outdo, and could never imagine it ever ending… that would be horrible!

  • I forgot to say the actress Morena Baccarin is HOT and was very good in everything I ever saw her in. Well, expcept for some dumb movie about some weird ancient creatures in Egypt that the sci-fi movie did a couple of years back..
    otherwise, she was HOT! and is HOT!

  • dammit, wish I coul edit my remarks, some didn’t come out exactly right.. I meant to say a show like LOST screamed out to be a Sci-Fi channel orignal, but ABC pulled off a great Sci-fi show! Who would have guessed!

  • I looked this up on wikipedia and I found it interesting that Marc Singer, Faye Grant, Jane Badler, and Robert Englund, are interested in the project. I also got a kick out of the description of the novel/film.
    described the scenario of the novel as being “like Paris in 1943, where you could have a cappuccino on the Champs Elysées if you don’t mind the Wehrmacht sitting next to you and all of your Jewish friends disappeared.”

  • Well said Fimatthew. Lets not forget who cancelled our shows. Their not forgiven yet.
    As for V, looking back it was dreadful even for the 80’s but I actually watched it cos nothing else was on. Miss Baccarin may raise it’s standing but the show will have to have a complete overhaul to work today.
    As for Ben Browder, he is writing and working on other stuff. Check out his protrayal of an Iraqi veteran on Youtube. It’s an actors nightmare – the waiting game. He is made for SciFi and hopefully he will be back again where he belongs.

  • Incidentally Marc Singer who played the Donovan character and who is also famously remembered for the fantastic bod in the Beastmaster movie is said to be in great shape still. Maybe he will be back in the show. It’s possible to reseed an old lawn ya know!!!

  • Possibly my biggest freakout of all time: I was 10, and thus forbidden to stay up past, what, 9:00? Of course, my sci-fi geek genes wouldn’t allow me to miss this cool looking show, so I sneaked downstairs and kinda peeked through the door where my parents couldn’t see. And that, of course, was the moment when Diana scarfed on the mouse. I made… a noise. And subsequently got in trouble. A lot of it. Morena as Adria was a GREAT villain, but she never really “scared” me. Intimidated, maybe. But Anna?? That girl’s gonna freak out a whole new generation of sneaky little geeklings-in-training. Beautiful yet oh-so-deadly! I can’t wait! Congrats, Morena!!

  • she was so good in stargate, loved the ori seasons… she is so hot in stargate, so beautiful!

  • I don’t know, the original V was great, I wanted to see a V where the tv series left off, twenty years later to see what’s happened to earth since then. Will watch the remake though, to see how times have changed the storyline and stuff

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