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I hated how they wrote jonas out of Sg1. It would of been nice if we could of see him in season 8, 9, and 10. Even if it was only a few episodes. Nice interview though, corin seems like a nice guy, and good luck to him with his various movies and other projects.


Yeah, I agree he should have had a few more appearances the way General Hammond kept on popping back in. Who knows, maybe if SGU had had a 3rd season and they did another Langara story we would have seen Jonas involved with it. Also IMO Mitchell and Landry should have been written in BEFORE season 8 so that we had a smoother transition, but that’s a topic for another day and hindsight is always better. That’s always been a problem with these writers though vs. say, JMS and his team from Babylon 5 – he always had a plan,… Read more »


Wow, I so loved Jonas. I never really enjoyed SG1 as much after he left. I wanted him to show up every once in a while and still feel miffed at how they just erased him for the most part.


Loved Jonas in Stargate, and he was by far the best new character to be developed during the years on SciFi/SyFy, even if he was a bit of a Marty Stu. Season Six was for me the zenith of the show. Agree totally that Mr. Nemec should have been in the show more. They missed a huge opportunity to bring him back during season 9/10, resorting to just mentioning briefly that Langara had gone Ori. Lets not get me started on Mitchell who i absolutely hated, and whom ruined the last 2 seasons for me. If they do make any… Read more »


Re Daniel, I didn’t like him nearly as much after he came back. Too arrogant and snipey.


I loved Jonas too, and was annoyed too at how they just wrote him out and then ‘forgot’ about him, pretending that he never even happened. If he had appeared in Seizure, that would have just been amazing- and was secretly hoping all through the episode that he would!


would have been cool if jonas was a regular on sgu


Jonas was one of my favorite characters on SG-1. In fact, the majority of my favorite episodes come from Season 6. I just loved the season as a whole.

As much as I hated Daniel leaving the series, it was great to have a fresh character come in, and Jonas was very likable. It was great getting to know a new character, for however brief his time on the show was.

For as much as I like Daniel, I don’t think I would’ve had a problem with Jonas having stayed on for the last 4 seasons of the Series.


jonas was badass, p disgusting how the producers just shafted the character lmao

sorry you got “weir’d” corin gl with your projects


Weir had the chance to come back, jonas didn’t.
Funny comment though.


After being stuck for months on a name for our youngest son, we settled on Jonas after seeing one of the last episodes with Jonas Quinn. My son is 6 now and he loves his unique name, and loves watching SG-1 with mommy and daddy – especially the ones that “he” is in.



Niiice story. Thank you for sharing that.


Have a look at what the other Stargate SG-1 actors have been up to at:

Wish we could see some more SG-1!!! :/


i liked jonas and i liked daniel. they should have found a way to keep jonas around, even if only occasionally, after daniel came back. jonas was a good character.

Thunderbird 2

Jonas was a cool character, and it was a crying shame Mr Nemec was not brought back on a recurring basis in the role. Browncoat – you def hit the nail on the head there. Esp since Martouf and Dr Fraser both did in a way! Personally, I always thought Jonas would have been an excellent addition to the Atlantis Expo. (For example replacing McKay after the Project Arcturus debacle.) Jonas learnt a lot about The Ancients, and it would have provided the first Expo member who was from a planet other than Earth. As to Langara, it was ridiculous… Read more »


I can’t believe the writers didn’t tranfer his character over to Atlantis. I mean think about it; the lost city of the ancients, and no archeologist!? He would of been a perfect addition to the Atlantis team; and moving him to Atlantis, means his fans will come too.