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Are Devlin’s Stargate sequels closer to reality?

Thursday - July 12, 2012
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Ever since 1994’s Stargate movie, producer and co-writer Dean Devlin has wanted to make a sequel for the big screen. Two of them, actually.

Now that Stargate is no longer on television and MGM (the studio that owns the rights to the franchise) is under new management — a management that so far has been focusing more on recovering the film side of the historic studio’s business — it seems like more than wishful thinking.

Talking with The Hollywood Reporter this week, Devlin sparked rumors of a new Stargate movie once again.

Stargate has always had this empty hole,” he said. “When we made the first one, we always intended on doing part two and three, and we were prevented for years. And our hope is that we can get another chance at Stargate and tell the entire story we wanted to tell.”

That Devlin still wants to do sequels is nothing new. It’s been a year since Devlin last commented publicly on his desire to finish the original film trilogy (story).

Rather than following up Stargate with a sequel starring Kurt Russell and James Spader, MGM decided to send the concept to the small screen when Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner pitched a television series, Stargate SG-1.

Dean Devlin

A more immediate possibility is that Devlin will get a sequel to 1996’s Independence Dayoff the ground, along with fellow writer and director Roland Emmerich. That film grossed more than $817 million and helped launch or boost the careers of Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, and others.  It also won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects.

“I can tell you that Roland and I have been working together for the first time in 11 years and we’re every excited about the idea of doing it,” Devlin told THR. “Whether or not we can make this happen, if we can get all the pieces to come together, that’s gonna be challenging. But creatively, for the very first time since we did the original, I feel we have a worthy concept, a worthy path to go.”

Though the film has not been green-lit by a studio yet, he said that they have begun the long process of talking to those who were involved with the first film more than 15 years ago.

There is no timeline set for the project, as Devlin remains busy as the executive producer of TNT’s Leverage. The crime drama premieres its fifth season this week.

Stargate, however, remains on his wish list.  But with Devlin and Emmerich’s successful track record, it may be a wish MGM executives decide to grant.  Stick with GateWorld for more news as it develops!

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  • If I remember right Devlin wants to tell his own story though, anything they did in SG1/SGA/SGU would not take place in his story. That said, would be great to see the SG again.

  • I thought that I had heard something like Independence Day had been a Stargate movie reworked. Does that ring a bell to anyone??

  • To be honest, I’m not thrilled of Stargate sequels that ignore everything that happened in SG1/Atlantis/Universe. I would be much more excited over an Independence Day sequel.

  • I don’t think that Emmerich and Devlin will be given the opportunity to do anything more with Stargate. The reason a sequel to their movie has never been done is because it had a huge budget and didn’t turn a profit. I fear that if they do get a hold of Stargate we would see a similar result to the 1994 outing. The chances of ever seeing new Stargate on any screen are already on life support. Giving Stargate back to Devlin and Emmerich and pulling the plug are probably one in the same.

  • Actually, Zach, Stargate made $199.6 million worldwide, easily making up its $55 million budget, and that doesn’t account for VHS/DVD/Blu Ray sales over the years, and I’m sure the growing popularity of Stargate SG-1/Atlantis and Universe has helped it make more out of home video sales as people want to check it out.

    But I do agree, I don’t think that MGM will give Emmerich and Devlin a chance to revisit Stargate because it would be a very hard sell to general fans of SG-1 Atlantis and Universe and tell them “forget everything you spent watching the past 10 years.” Its VERY different than Star Trek, because when Star Trek rebooted they didn’t tell fans that. They said “we respect what came before us, you can still have it.” I would be afraid of them doing a new Stargate movie not based off the series and people going to go see it not knowing that its not Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks or any of the other actors and being made and the movie bombing at the box office, thus digging an even deeper hole for the franchise.

    I think MGM is going to wait for Networks to figure out that their model of TV is not working anymore (already there’s some rumblings as many shows, not just sci-fi shows are now seeing low ratings), and bring it back.

    My ideal situation would be – wait for a milestone anniversary. Give SG-1 Blu Ray treatment ala Star Trek:TOS or Star Trek:TNG, while doing that, shoot a series of movies for TV/Netflix/Amazon/ITunes/Blu Ray/DVD that would give fans proper conclusion to SG-1 /Atlantis/Universe, while at the same time using them to set up a new team and a new threat and revealing the Stargate to the public and setting up a new series.

  • While I would love to see something Stargate on the big screen (I was 12 in 1994, and wouldnt have seen it in the movies back then), I just don’t think it will happen. can’t forget everything I have seen in Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis. Why should I? Why should anyone?

    I have read that Kurt Russell is interested in playing the part again, but I don’t think many people associate him with the role of Jack anymore – I know I think of Richard Dean Anderson immediately. I was angered to hear that James Spader did not like this movie and did it for a paycheck. Makes me hate Spader even more, and I can’t believe he was ever able to pull off playing such a nice guy.

    I enjoyed the original film when I first saw it two years ago, but I re-watched it in Feburary of this year, exactly 2 years after seeing it the first time, and I appreciated it even more. I bought the Artisan Ultimate Edition DVD last year, and the cut was much better than the MGM print that I saw – there were many improvements to it, including subtitles.

    If there is going to be a movie, great, I would be in line to see it. I would just rather see one with SG-1.

  • I see a lot of people confusing the importance of tv-Stargate to THEM with it’s importance to OTHERS. I love of tv leg of the franchise, and watched all of it air over the years. Sure, I’d love a return to that. But honestly, I’m a franchise fan. That includes the original movie, as well as Bill McCay’s novels that have nothing to do with the tv series whatsoever. And the fact is, most people don’t know anything about Stargate whatsoever, be it the tv franchise or the McCay novels. They vaguely remember it as that Kurt Russell movie where there’s pyramids and stuff. Most of the viewership were casual viewers. Doing anything for the actual fandom would be very, very stupid from a business point of view, since we represent a staggeringly small percentage of what ultimately brings in profit. There nothing wrong with that, it’s just the way it is.

    However Stargate is, as a concept, bigger than one interpretation. If this next movie does well, that’s the best we can hope for, and it’s the best way to generate enough interest to bring it back to tv.

  • For me going back to the original film is a catch 22 because I would prefer the story of Stargate to continue where it left off in SGU. If a sequel to the original movie were successful, the tv version of Stargate (SGA/SG1/SGU) will be pushed aside for the other interpretation. If Devlin’s sequel were unsuccessful, MGM probably wouldn’t spend another cent on reviving Stargate.

    Ultimately, my point is if Stargate is only going to get one more shot on screen, I don’t want Devlin being the one taking aim.

  • I must admit, I think a Franchise has to move forward if it is to work well, going backwards is NOT the answer. Trek led the way, when one set of producers were done, new ones moved in. There has been no going back.
    I have no faith in Devlin and Emmerich. Stargate’s premise was its success, but their other work has been a catalogue of “see it then forget it” popcorn flicks, with clichéd storylines and stereotypical characters.

    I’d rather we all have to accept no more Stargate, than risk them killing the franchise once and for all by making a botch. – Give it someone completely new who can do something new and different in concept.

    As to Independence Day – some films deserve a sequel as there is more story to tell, more concept. This ain’t one of them!

  • I’d still like to see how the crew is doing on Destiny.

    That being said, Delvin says that his parts 2 and 3 would be able to coexist with SG1/SGA/SGU, even though he has yet to write a story. It sounds like it will take place in the present and in Milky Way. I think that SGtv has left plenty of room for anything to happen in the Milky Way. Shy of blowing up the SGC, I don’t see how this could be a bad thing.

    If he can get a large enough budget to get some Hollywood actors, people will certainly see it wether they like SGtv/Science Fiction/Syfy/Telford/etc. Hopefully it’ll make enough money in time for Eli to get in a pod.

  • …cont

    This is well past the point of having any influence. Used books are cheap online, we should have launched a ‘save the gate’ campaign and sent books to Eli Wallace at MGM. He has to be really bored if he is sitting in a shuttle for 3 years. When those campaigns mail little things, the studios can ignore it. But what do you do when a ton of books start showing up at your studio? I think we would have stocked a nice community library somewhere… or a Goodwill.

    Actually mailing them to Cheyenne Mountain would have been funny idea. Oh well, too late, maybe Franklin is keeping him company.

  • I still believe Stargate Atlantis is the best, with the strongest charactors and would be a great movie, ‘Rise’ was the best pilot of them all!

  • I think that most people who go to the cinema today, know Stargate from the TV only. It would be hard to sell this idea to them. And I think it would mostly miff them that the sequel would ignore everything they know. And besides, aren’t all the actors a bit… old by now? Kurt Russell and James Spader aren’t what they used to be anymore, box office wise.

  • Many of the people who liked the original movie went on to watch and enjoy the universe of SG-1, et al. I can’t speak for all of those but I wouldn’t be interested at all in a movie that tried to negate all of that. In fact it would alienate me.

    Big screen or small, 17 collective seasons of SG1/Atlantis/Universe now takes priority over whatever vision Devlin had.

    Plus, a sci-fi sequel to a movie made that long ago isn’t likely to play out well. Sure, we had Tron, but the original Tron is also a pop culture icon far more than the original Stargate movie. Add to that that the original actors are too old to reprise their roles, and there’s just not much to get excited about.

    He should stick to ID2. That I could appreciate.

  • Devlin does this all the time, good luck getting will smith back in Independence Day 2. As for Stargate keep dreaming devlin.

  • I have been looking forward to his official sequels since I first saw the movie. Love SG1, but it’ll be great seeing what Devlin had in mind.

  • Good question, as to why anyone should bother to forget SG-1, etc for a new movie. Well, first of all, before SG-1 came out, there was a series of novels by Bill McKay that continued the story of the original movie, and there were 8 of those novels, as well as tie-in comics. When Stargate SG-1 came out, fans had to “forget” basically all of what was then all of Stargate continuity. Is it a shame to lose all that continuity? Yes, but what was gained was SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, etc. All good Stargate stuff.

    Fans of the short-lived cartoon series (if any such fans besides myself exist), also had to forget the continuity established there to enjoy later seasons of SG1, Atlantis and Universe.

    Stargate is a franchise with multiple branches of separate continuity, and that’s okay. They can all be good in their own ways. Like Ganthet Jr., I am a franchise fan. I would love to see SGU or any of the other TV series continue. But barring that, if they’ll make a new movie in a new continuity, awesome.

    It’s weird, because only TV series have this problem. When a new Batman movie is gonna come out, say when Batman Begins came out, no one argued that they’d have to forget 60 yrs of Batman history, because they wouldn’t. It’s just a new branch of the Batman franchise; it adds to what’s there, rather than replacing it. I don’t see why it should be any different with Stargate.

  • considering that sci-fi is getting screwed by most tv networks… we would be lucky to get more good sci-fi movies and shows..

  • at this point i would take any stargate show movie game etc i just love anything to do with it

  • I sincerely hope they don’t make a Devlin/Emmerich sequel. The thing that made me go “oooh” as someone from a military family when Daniel pointed out that the US military doesn’t use force out of fear, they use force to protect people.

    Normally, such as NuWho’s UNIT, the military is just a bunch of nuts running around wanting to shoot things. Devlin’s movie was “oh, let’s nuke people we don’t know to stop a threat,” which was countered by Hammond’s statement “I can think of no military reason to bomb Chulak!”

    Yes, this effect was lost in SGU with officers but few gentlemen running around sleeping with everyone and being more NID than SGC.

    So while I thank Devlin for the basic idea, I think the material has been played out in 250 hours of television, and can’t he find a new playground?

  • Let’s not forget which came first; The movie.
    And let us not also forget who created the universe; The cast and crew of the movie. Roland, Dean, all the crew for their ideas towards the story, art, etc.

    SG1 on the other hand, is a non-endorsed project carried out by the studio who’s legal rights superseded the creators. How that whole issue came about, I’m not entirely sure, but if you can put yourselves into Roland and Dean’s shoes, it isn’t nice to create an awesome idea, and then have the studio who you thought was going to aide you in your vision, turn around and run wild against your will.

    The fact is, the movie is the original universe, and the most canon because it is the universe by the original creators of it.

    Because the TV show was a decision by the studio, and not a creation by the original authors and crew of Stargate (1994), and thus features a whole new crew of writers and artists, SG-1 in a sense is fan fiction passed as official because of the granted rights to MGM.
    While some may prefer the TV show, there are others who would still like to see the original intent, the vision of Roland and his team.

    SG-1 has entertained its fans for a decade and it’s had a good run.
    (Not to mention its own share of straight to DVD movies)
    The original film on the other hand, only had 1 brief moment in 1994 because afterall it is a 2 hr film and not a continual TV series.
    I think if it has 2 more 2 hr movies, it shouldn’t be a big deal.
    Both the Tv series and movie have their pros and cons. I appreciate both, and I would like to see the remaining sequels from Roland and Devlin.

    One amazing thing about the movie that I’m sorry, the TV show doesn’t excel in, is its amazing art direction as well as score. SG1 to begin with was low budget because its a Tv show, so it lacked the quality and budget of the film, and by the time it had went to a bigger budget such as its straight-to-DVD film release, it wasn’t Stargate anymore, it became Star Trek with Stargates in it.

    If Devlin does a sequel to Stargate (1994), it is a sequel to that movie, not a sequel to SG-1, and to expect the original crew of the film to honour a series that basically came into existence without their endorsement whilst Stargate is their creation is bit backwards.
    And an even greater point, IF they did honour the TV show, it would prevent them from making the original sequels and following the original universe, because the Tv show universe would come into direct conflict with the originally intended sequels. Furthermore, the TV show is ALREADY in direct conflict with the 1994 film.

    The movie universe does not have DHDs or Goa’uld and didn’t intend to.
    Ra is the last of his race in the movie; while TV show makes him one of many.
    Abydos is 13 billion light years from Earth in the movie; huge difference from TV show that claims it is basically as close as Vega or something.
    Ra is not Goa’uld, he is a full size alien being in the movie. How he manages to inhabit a human body is never explained, but he is definitely not a snake like parasite in the movie universe.
    The symbols on the gates in the movie are different from TV show, and the symbols on the gates in the movie, change based on the gate, while TV show basically has uniform symbols on all of the gates.

    So you know alot more has been changed in the TV series than just the cast, so Dean and Roland doing an SG-1 movie is not their vision. SG-1 fans have way more material to watch than the film fans. Let those who appreciate the film universe enjoy more of it.

  • Well put chrisnfz!
    I for one would love to see more of the original Stargate movie’s storyline. (intentionally not calling it the Stargate universe so as not to confuse people) I wouldn’t be upset at all if such movies would completely negate whatever happened in all the SG-series. After all there are indeed already many inconsistencies between the movie and the series. I kind of look at the original movie as being the mother of the franchise. And mothers should be respected. ;)
    That being said, I would looooove to see more of SG-1 as well. Out of the series SG-1 just kinda sticks out above the others. I think it has potential for a lot more seasons in it still. And if they did I’d wish they’d go back to exploring the more mythical aspects of the show and cut back on the incessant machinegunfire. I’m starting to ramble here. Anyway, more Stargate is good!

  • I would be pleased to see more of either story arc. However, I do not think that we will see any incarnation in the near future. I just don’t think the market is there. Especially in these times, there is going to have to be a solid indication of a payoff before anyone sticks their financial necks out.

  • Hi, i just signed up to post my little 1 cent..
    I think another stargate movie ignoring the whole sg-1 plot (with it atlantis and universe) will be a big mistake and will probably take the franchise into the grave.

    i am bit worried because the stargate page (“stargate”) on facebok – no idea if it’s the offical one just posted a question wheter people would like to see another stargate movie ……

  • I have no interest in seeing this. I want more TV universe.

  • I for one would love to see this as the film is a personal favorite (I saw it three times in the theatre). I absolutely _do not_ care for any of the TV series or about maintaining any “continuity” with them. The TV spin-offs were someone else’s pitch. Who cares whether a sequel that was intended to be made in the first place follows someone else’s bastard revisioning? It’s finally time for the MOVIE Stargate franchise to quit being held hostage by the TV franchise…

  • […] be more interested in seeing Emmerich & Devlin’s own take on a Stargate film sequel, which they’ve discussed before. I’d be curious to see how different it would be from the TV shows (which they were not […]

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