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Devlin still talking Stargate movie sequels

Monday - July 4, 2011
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Dean Devlin, the writer and producer of the original Stargate movie, hasn’t given up on the idea of sequels to his 1994 feature film.  He talked about the idea again in a new interview with Collider.

“We actually wrote it as a trilogy of movies, but we were never able to do parts two and three,” Devlin said.  “So our hope is, now that the series is starting to wind down, that maybe it will be time to actually get to do parts two and three.  We’re still hopeful that we’ll get to come back and tell the rest of that story.”

Stargate was directed by Roland Emmerich, and starred Kurt Russell as Colonel Jack O’Neil and James Spader as Dr. Daniel Jackson.  Devlin said he would absolutely want to use the same actors.  The movie was shot with a modest budget of $55 million, and released in October of 1994.

The film’s storyline was continued in five novels written by Bill McCay, but Devlin’s movies would take the story in a different direction.  He’s also commented in years’ past that the films would ignore the TV series continuity, and that he thinks the two versions of Stargate could live side-by-side in the minds of audiences.

“I think it’ll change a little bit from our original idea since so many years have passed,” he said. “We wanted to explore the idea of how the Stargates were built originally, and where else in the universe they exist, and why they exist — and where else they exist on Earth. We had really planned out, as a trilogy of films, to allow this mythology to grow bigger and bigger.”

Watch the full video interview below — in which Devlin also talks about his hopes to turn 1996’s Independence Day into a trilogy, as well — courtesy of Collider.

(Thanks to Kyle, Von, Chris, and Jason for the tip)

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  • I really liked the original movie (definitely much better than 90% of the earlier SG-1 episodes) and would love to see how the series was originally supposed to pan out.

  • If it does well enough. Maybe they will give us a conclusion to Stargate Universe too.

  • I’ll take sequels to the unfinished Atlantis and SGU over this any-day. Just can’t leave us hanging and give us Stargate of old without ending the others. Would be cool, but I think the others should take priority.

  • There won’t be any conclusion. If anything, the movies would confuse the spectators even more if some were to be drawn into the renewed series.
    Stop dreaming. The actors have already moved out. Their respective contracts can easily occupy them for 2 to 3 years if the show they’re part of is successful.
    I’d love for the show to return, but it would seriously need to add a bit more camp to it, more science fiction, while keeping the seriousness. Thus far, the show had presented a dull universe, empty as hell, which the ship flew through. There should have been much more stuff happening in the background than what we got. The repetitive aggressions from the Cylons… oops, the fish guys… oh sorry, the mindless seeker-drones, that was getting nowhere. It would have been good if part of something else.

  • @Mr. Oragahn to a degree I agree with you, especially about the pacing of the series, BUT why is everyone so uptight about the actors not moving on and not being able to come back at some point? How many movies/TV series will do a movie or something like that and get returning actors back? Star Trek’s a great example, for the Trek films they got the ENTIRE cast of Trek back and that was what, a decade after the original series ended? Lord of the Rings…a number of the cast AND crew are returning a good seven or so years since they worked on the trilogy for The Hobbit and others like Liv Tyler have expressed a desire to return. Firefly…obviously no more movies in the near future, but the entire cast has pretty much expressed that if there was to be a new one that they would return in a heartbeat. Even if they are working on other projects, if they enjoyed it enough and they can work around schedules, why wouldn’t they return? And the other argument – re: they destroyed the sets – I’m sure that they scanned them in digitally so they can recreate them if they need to – didn’t they do that to Serenity for the movie?

    And re: Stargate movies – a couple years ago I would have said “no” but now I’m more interested, the majority of the movie going audience is probably far more familiar with the original Stargate than the TV series really and I’d be interested to see where he would have taken it differently than the TV show, and hey, it can’t be any worse than some of the episodes of the TV show we’ve seen, right? As much as I love Stargate, I’ll definitely admit that its far from perfect but better than most TV shows.

    Still, I said this before and I’ll say it now, I don’t expect to see a Stargate movie or TV series in any form until after MGM starts making the big bucks from James Bond and The Hobbit films in 2012, so we’ll have a little while to wait. If there is demand though, they’ll certainly produce it if they have the money.

  • I’ll take anything with a big spinning ring at this point.

    I’m particularly interested in the BUILDING of the gates and what kind of species he would create. After all, the Ancient mythology in the series is arguably the biggest. Would the movie take it in a very different direction?

    In the end, stop TALKING and start DOING.

  • One thing that I definitely think would change from the TV series is the Go’auld wouldn’t be the main bad guy. I’m pretty sure of that because in the original movie they’re a dying race, vs. in the TV series where they’re quite numerous.

  • Heck, I think I’d take a revival of Stargage Infinity at this point.

  • Never going to happen: Stargate is dead, stop whipping a dead horse.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about Devlin doing the sequels. Given that he will basically be writing off SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe as if they never happened, it would feel to many fans of the Stargate franchise like a big slap in the face. While I would be a little interested in what he might do, I think I would be against it. Plus I think if Spyglass were to give the green light to 2 stargate movies they would sooner be movies that could be made for 2-3 million each (what was the budget for Ark of Truth, Continuum) as opposed to 2 movies that would be higher up, at like 50-100 million each.

  • #ThomasG if Stargate were truly dead there wouldn’t be any more books coming, and the conventions would come to a quick end. Respectfully I say you are wrong and Stargate is not dead.

  • id like to see this but when they say they want to ignore the series i dont know i mean the movie started it but for me the series is why i love stargate

  • …Why?
    Seriously, this ship has sailed. Several billion light-years from home.

  • Let’s be honest. Devlin would know how to make a good movie. The show would have never started if Stargate didn’t have the power to be a cult movie of its own. All TV Stargate movies thus far pale in comparison. Heck, they even pale in comparison to finales such as what Exodus, Full Circle, Lost City (SG-1) and Siege (SGA) had been.

  • @Mr. Oragahn: IMHO, Stargate Continuum kicked the original movie to the curb.

  • I strongly disagree if Devlin’s just going to “throw out” SG-1, SGA, and SGU. That’s 14 years of content just ignored.

    Now if there was a tie in, say alternate time-line/ parallel universe (we’ve seen both before), THEN I could see this as good news.

  • I liked the original movie, but would like to see the SGA and SG1 movies much, much more than what Devlin is talking about.

  • I wouldn’t be mad about this idea. I would much rather have SGU continued. The Stargate series has done very well contining on from the movie and telling the stories this guy wants to tell in the movies which will ignore all the series. Not a good idea in my book.

  • sounds like he thinks the shows are crap. and plans to ignore them like they never happened.

  • It is hard to believe that he would pick the movie actors instead of the ones that we would instantly recognize as Daniel (Michael Shanks) and Col O’Neill (RDA).

    If they do a Stargate 2 and 3 I might actually skip it because it would be like a big slap in the face to the fans

  • He want’s to do Independence Day 2 and 3 first.Then stargate, which I really doubt that any stargate movies will happen.Will smith or kurt russell, I think that’s an easy one too pick?
    Stargate will get a movie if they don’t do Independence Day in my opinion.But no will smith no Independence Day.

  • I don’t think this is a bad idea. It’s kinda like Star Trek, the movies have no real regard for the continuity of the TV shows. With that said, I realise that the Star Trek movies had the same actors. I think that if there is enough popularity in these movies, then we might get a conclusion to at least one of the series’. With any luck :/

  • I think SG1, SGA and SGU laid the ground work for their inclusion in a movie continuity universe.

    The alternate reality theme is strong in all three.

    One discontinuity has always struck me as odd.

    In the original movie the the alien possession seemed to be of a different race perhaps even a phased alien partly in our universe, partly existing outside it.. almost like a partially ascended being… shades of another big badied explored years later on SG1… in fact I thought SG1 rather cleverly went back to the movie to lift that idea and better integrate it into the storyline.

    If Dean Devlin were to “continue” the movies and leave the tv series to their continuity.. not ignoring but “respecting”.. I’d see nothing wrong with that, in fact its honorable.

    The SG movie always had a grander tapestry, one that spanned perhaps all humanity or creation.. day to day stories and interpersonal relationships were not its forte.

    SG1 was more of an arc/assemble storyline.. the funny part was the recasting of Kurt Russels character with another actor using the same name.. two “l’s” anyone, and no sense of humor?

    Rick Anderson could have played any Air Force colonel.. Micheal Shanks could have been an intern at Stargate Command.. they didn’t have to have the same names.

    The idea of the portal that bends the rules forbidding faster than light travel with a worm hole was clever. Spaceships could still be limited by the speed of light.. as it was with Independence Day. It was an important plot device to explain why Ra’ or the Ancients didn’t build spaceships.. or did they.. hmmm ?

    The seed ships of SGU may have been launched precisely because none could hoped to live out a human lifetime to see the conclusion or even the beginnings of a working gate system.

    Later in SG1, SGA, SGU all sorts of limitations placed by physics were broken to re-invigorate the series.. with little explaination or mystery.. I tend to think to their detriment.

    In the end it became more fantasy than hard core science fiction.

    The original SG movie was much more hard core.. with a few fantastical elements, carefully minimized as plot devices.. the characters still had to work for their wins.. very little Dues ex machina.. if anything DEM was used mainly to setup the story than execute it.

    Just consider a whole other universe to play in.. much closer to our own.. a simpler universe where the rules aren’t suddenly broken all the time.

    Imagine the scope of what must occur to even create a gate.. suppose even one took a herculean effort of a solar system spanning civilization to connect two gates between two star systems.. maybe machine intelligence was prevented or suppressed.. but it would certainly be required to keep a project on track and complete the gates.. would people be slaves to the machines to build the first gate?

    If they were opened.. could they ever really be closed? What if they were widened.. and during that time gravity leaked through pulling the two star system closer together.. maybe rearranging the galaxy subtley on a galactic scale.. oh the fun to imagine the possibiities.. Aurthur Clake and Stephen Baxter would have a field day.

  • He says the same thing every couple of years and it never amounts to anything. These movies won’t be made.

  • In the original film, the Go’auld werent even called the Go’auld, and they didnt even resemble symbionts….
    though for some reason i would love to see the trilogy. i always thought stargate should be more serious tbh, even though i love it regardless.

  • Never going to happen. Much like revivals of the series. Stop dreaming. Stargate is dead.

  • I think Devlin’s Stargate trilogy has a better shot in coming back than the series at this point. Plus, Devlin is producing a lot of good films and shows recently, so his credibility has raised a few notches in the recent past. So at least there is 50-50 shot with his project at this point. Stargate is better than no Stargate. It would be interesting to see a conclusion to those films…

  • here’s a novel idea..

    if you like the show and movies, watch them, if you don’t,.. butt the hell out and go do something else..

  • ‘IMHO, Stargate Continuum kicked the original movie to the curb’

    Yeah, it was so cool how everybody went poof in a puff of time smoke when Ba’al altered the past.

  • no devlin movies.

    yes sg1 and atlantis movies.

    or an sg1/atlantis/sgu combo movie.

  • @retiredat44:

    So if we don’t happen to share YOUR opinion on the subject, we should just “butt the hell out?”

    Last I checked, people were allowed to voice themselves on a public forum.

    Here’s a novel idea:

    If you don’t like what people say on here, get over it and accept it as the discussion that it is.

  • My initial opinion is that Devlin is kind of a bit of a jerk if he just wants to ignore a series that made television history.

    On the other hand… I really want all the haters, who say “Stargate is dead” and should really go troll somewhere else, to have it shoved in their faces when new Stargate films start rolling out.

  • I agree, No Devlin Movies, the path has been set way to long…we can not even get conclusions to the stories we have, with the fan base we have…let alone a “re-write of Stargate form episode 0”

  • How about a new show: “Stargate the Next Generation”? (apologies to Gene.) The world now knows about all the technology and it is common place. It centers around a search and rescue unit and their first mission is to rescue the crew of the destiny.

  • While I do cartwheels over the idea of a new Stargate movie, I hope Devlin doesn’t decide to ignore 17 cumulative series years and 2 direct-to-DVD movies of Stargate canon and lore . Add to that the fact that MGM has now completely alienated anyone who’s so much as thought about a stargate since 1994, and I wouldn’t predict a very good turnout for Devlin’s project. I know I won’t be watching anymore MGM releases until they reverse the production stronghold they have created around the Stargate series Franchise. I hope many other put-out SG fans join me in the effort to show MGM/Spyglass how we feel — where it counts: in their wallets. If that’s the only thing that counts with the suits, then that’s the language in which we need to speak.

    To Devlin, good luck. I love your original concept, but it has grown so far beyond that, it would be like trying to market a wheel without the car that goes with that marvelous original invention. What about joining teams and giving everyone what they want?

  • rjami3, the Star Trek movies are continuations of the series. Don’t know what you were looking at!?!

  • @Paul_Boland. I’m not as big a fan of Star Trek as I am Stargate. I guess I misunderstood it. But Data dies in one of the movies but he doesn’t die in the show. Or was that movie set after the show? I dunno, I’m so confused ahaha. Sorry :)

  • a stargate 3D movie could be something worth doing for MGM.

  • @julslakeheath – Any theatrical releases of Stargate should ignore the television show if they want to do well. I really liked most of the Stargate tv franchise but I know I’m in a minority. While some nods to the show may be nice, very few people are actually familiar with Stargate on a level in which a movie should attempt to continue it at this point. It will take a long time for it to pervade deeply into society, if it can, as Star Trek did.

  • Mr Devlin is simply launching a media weather balloon again. Ie, testing the water to see if the studio bosses will bite at his idea. SG1’s The Lost City storyline was originally intended to launch SG1 on the big screen, leaving Atlantis on tv in its wake as the ongoing show. – The film never happened because SG1 was still making too much money in tv revenue. – Sci Fi / Sy Fy / ???? wanted both.

    I am extremely doubtful that there will be television based Stargate again. Too much has already been done with SG1, ATL and UNI. The fact the DVD movies have been shelved shows those with ther financial power are not going to take risks.

    The only real way forward I can see them considering in time, is a new style Stargate film. However, – citing Batman Begins, and Star Trek (2009) as successful examples, probably a complete concept reset / reboot after a few years of leaving the franchise alone. Star Trek 2009 took a big chance – it dumped everything established, and recreated TOS in a new universe to make is accesible to a new, general audience. I can see a future Stargate film doing that, – without its audience having to wade through either Stargate (1994) or SG1 et all history to understand. Time will tell I guess.

  • I think it should be noted that SG-1’s mythology is going to live on with Devlin’s possible sequels, that it would be his take on whats happening and can coexist. It would be different actors, sure. I hope they don’t forget Hammond and the crew. But keeping the original movie actors is okay with me, as long as they don’t rip apart of what has been done. And with him going the path of who created the gates, and why, will be interesting. Thats what SGU was about. I doubt we’ll see any of SGU’s characters, but will we learn more about the ancients? Will they be betrayed as some mysterious alien race? It’s all very interesting.

  • Man this idea is full of fail. Imagine if he pulled it off, and got all the old actors to play those old parts, like the 3 shows never existed? Terrible.

    In a prefect world, they’d bring back both Atlantis and Universe. So all the Universe haters can be happy Atlantis is back, and all those who loved both Universe & Atlantis can be happy both are back.

    Heck, since this imaginary world is perfect … Firefly & Wonderfalls would’ve aired for 5 seasons a piece & BSG got one more year too.

  • @kayzersoze – I doubt he could get the original actors at this point, but considering that less than 1% of the US population watched the Stargate tv shows, basing a movie on a continuation of it would be a pretty bad idea.

  • I don’t know how seriously we should take this. If Devlin can’t get the resources together to do a sequel to Independance DEay how is he going to get the OK to do another Stargate movie?

  • Hi, my respect for all opinions posted in this forumm. First of all, receive my apologies about my bad English, I´m not from America or any English speaking country. I´ve been a fun of Stargate since the bare beginning when I watched the movie by first time. I´m from Argentina, you know, so I don´t know about USA funs behavior or what % of USA population has watched the TV serials. However, here in Buenos Aires, at least, there are many funs that would be delighted with the idea of new movies that follow the TV characters, not the movie ones, and certain not with original movie actors. Could you really imagine James Spader playing DR. Daniel Jackson today? I can´t. He wasn´t as good playing that character as Michael Shanks did. May the movie was more espectacular on production sets or in visual effects and sound achievements, but TV series made thousands of fun all around the world (don´t forget overseas funs, like French ones and me in Southamerica, though we are a little part of the Stargate world)who have watched all seasons of SG-1 / Atlantis / Universe / The ark of truth and Continuum, waiting every week for a new chapter of them. Every joke comming from RDA, any smile from Amanda Tapping, any strong glace of Chris Judge, or any passionate words coming form Michael Shanks, made our weekly waiting something worthy. Devlin is good on writing good movies, however he wouldn´t be a respectful man if he ignore all TV fans in order to continue the story with the original actors and storyline. The TV shows actors don´t deserve that after so many years of hard work, and we neither.

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