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Emmerich Still Working Toward Stargate Movie ‘Reboot’

Thursday - September 5, 2013
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Is Stargate headed back to the big screen?

Roland Emmerich, who directed and co-wrote the original 1994 film, is optimistic that the pitch for a rebooted Stargate movie trilogy will go forward. But in a new interview with Digital Spy, he did not say that the studio has officially given the project a green light — contrary to what online news outlets are suggesting today.

We know that Emmerich and co-writer Dean Devlin haven’t given up on their hopes of a big-budget movie trilogy — which was their original plan before MGM acquired the rights to Stargate and turned it into a television franchise in 1997. The two have been talking about it for years, and the cancellation of the television franchise and the turn-over at MGM only breathed new life into the rumors.

The duo — who are also behind movies like Independence Day and 1998’s Godzilla — pitched their plan to MGM last year (story).

“We went to MGM, who has the rights, and we proposed to them to do a sequel — but as a reboot, and reboot it as a movie and then do three parts,” Emmerich told Digital Spy. “And that’s what we’re doing right now. [We’ll] pretty soon have to look for a writer and start.”

Emmerich added that original film stars Kurt Russell and James Spader would not work for their plans to reboot the movies. “The actors look totally different,” he said. “It would not work.”

The proposed trilogy also would not have anything to do with SG-1 and the television continuity.

Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich

But Emmerich stopped short of actually saying that MGM has given the go-ahead to begin production. A source told GateWorld that, while preliminary conversations are taking place between the producers and the studio, the project is not yet in development.

The director’s comments indicate that the next step in the process is to hire a screenwriter. Any official production commitment from the studio would likely require at least a completed script that all parties are happy with.

The strategy of a high-profile, big-budget feature film does seem like the most logical way to reboot the franchise, which struggled in the ratings during its final years on Syfy Channel. Paramount did it successfully with the Star Trek franchise, with four years separating the final season of Enterprise and J.J. Abrams’ 2009 feature.

Stargate Universe went off the air in 2011.

Meanwhile, a pair of sequels to 1996’s mega-hit Independence Day is going forward at FOX, which has announced a release date of July 3, 2015, for the first. Despite earlier reports that actor Will Smith won’t be involved, Emmerich said that moods have changed and talks with Smith are starting soon.

That’s great news for ID4 fans. But if Emmerich is planning to direct those sequels and also the first in a Stargate trilogy, then practically speaking that means the latter is still a few years away from production … and probably would not arrive in theaters before 2018.

Watch the video below, and keep it locked on GateWorld for more news as it breaks!

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  • it doesn’t *need* a reboot, especially if it’s going to ignore the TV franchise!!

    i think brad wright and jonathan glassner should partner again, and make that proposed sg1-atlantis-universe combo movie. (though don’t let the universe storyline overwhelm the sg1/atlantis stories)

    don’t fix what’s not broken. just pamper and tread lovingly on the stories/characters you already have. if you make it, the fans will come!

    (((stargate tv franchise)))

  • He’s stupid if he’s gonna ignore the TV franchise where an Earth with advanced technology and spaceships is established. The success of Star Trek has shown people like spaceships on the big screen. 304s are much cooler than the Enterprise. If MGM wants to visit Stargate again, don’t let Emmerich touch it.

  • No Reboot! Don’t thow away 17 seasons of mythology. If MGM wants to start it back up, get the fans what they want – a new show.

    The Problem is, that’s not what MGM wants. They want $$, and they don’t care about the existing fanbase. If they feel they can make more money off of a rebooted trilogy in the theaters, they’ll do it in a heartbeat.

  • I think one of the reasons why Universe got cancelled was the writers didn’t do a good job introducing it as a new type of show, there was too much back story and elements from the other shows to make you appreciate the show in the first 10 or so episodes. It worked if you were a hard core stargate fan, but to not as a new viewer. There simply too much that has happened since the show started, that to just make a movie continuing the story would be a bit challenging to sort of “get” if you never watched the show. It CAN be done, but sorry I don’t think the producers of the show should be involved in a movie, I don’t think the TV movies were that good either. But if they ARE going to reboot this, I’m not sure Emmerich is the right choice, he makes blockbusters in the vein Michael Bay does, focusing on set pieces and trailer moments while sacrificing good story. If they did make a movie based on the show, it should be about the world finding out about the Stargate program, and basically the world goes in chaos and Stargate command become public enemy number 1. Then throw in some gate travel and SG-1 trying to find a goauld to help takeover earth to bring stability even though they don’t want to. That would really shake things up to an epic scale. You can still have independence day type explosions.

  • NO! There is no reason to reboot this movie, especially when SGU needs to be completed, SGA never got a proper ending on television, and SG-1 was going to get its own movie!

    It would be nice if Emmerich and MGM would actually *listen* to what the fans of Stargate (the ENTIRE franchise!) would like to see!

  • A deal for a big screen trilogy is only a good thing. It will be hype spread out over at least half a decade and perhaps that hype can respawn a series set in the original sg universes, if not one set in this new one. Season 1 was nearly 17 years ago and this would only help to bring in new and younger viewers. Think of it as a long alternative reality arc and enjoy it if it happens!

  • The Star Trek reboot occurred 40 years after the series whose characters it shared went off the air.

    The Stargate reboot, if greenlit today, would be on the air less than 10 years after the series with O’Neill, Jackson and Skaara went off the air.

    There’s really no comparing the two. And frankly, Emmerich hasn’t done a single decent thing since Stargate, and he’s made one of the most laughable disaster movies I’ve ever seen (The Day After Tomorrow… oh no, the freightliner that crashed in the middle of Manhattan had rabid wolves on it!), making me dread what he or his hired guns eventually come up with.

  • this franchise is in desperate need of a reboot. Universe got canceled because its a show based on a movie from 1994, kids today dont even know the movie existed. Reboot it, and lets see what they will focus on this time.

  • I will never watch a StarGate reboot unless it incorporates the TV (Stargate SG-1 10 seasons) and TV Movies (Stargate SG-1 Continuum & Ark of Truth) within its story. If Emmerich was dead on he’d hire Brad Wright and Rob Cooper or Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie and Carl Binder to write the script and story for the reboot. That I would watch as well as a few more hundreds of thousands or millions of fans I’m sure.

  • As a massive fan of Star Trek that franchises reboot has left me cold. Its not my Trek.

    As a dedicated fan of SG1 who also likes seasons 1 & 2 of Atlantis, I have accepted we will never see the Glasner / Wright / Cooper version of SGate again. Its finished, completed, ended. Everyone has gone off in different directions, the cast and crew working on new projects. The book has closed.

    I can accept the idea of a new version Stargate. It probably will not be for me, because I love SG1 so much. The idea of another approach is not a bad idea though. However, that is why I don’t think the Devlin / Emmerich approach will work. Stargate as a film did well, but it was not exceptional. The other films in the D & E catalogue are banal and forgettable. A crying shame if the Stargate legacy is three steps forward, two steps back!

  • unstoppability

    I love stargate, just ran through the entire run, still in SGU. But the fact is, this wasn’t even the original vision. This, as insanely awesome as it all was, was just a serialized sugarcoated super happy tv fun time. These shows, as fantastic and thoughtful as some of them are, are, believe it or not, Wormhole X-Treme. And it was especially thoughtfully painstakingly built not to be too good or too specialized so it wouldn’t scare away any viewers, we didn’t even see something as mundane yet important but too smart for americans as the way geologists would find different elements w UV light until SGU. Accept it within yourself or not, it was a spoonful of sugar compared to what a reimagining with a clean slate could be, look within and you all know it to be true. Look at Blood And Chrome, look what they can do with green screen effects in scifi nowadays. Can anyone here say, that with the right people doing it, this wouldn’t be the coolest thing ever? I’m not talking about the action, explosions, and violence, I don’t like the New Star Treks at all. But am I the only one here who was a little tired of seeing humans everywhere? How deliciously egocentric. While stargate(s) was the highest budget scifi show ever, it was still plagued by the cold hard facts of financial feasibility. There are some things you just can’t make or do for a television show set. But now? Technology is insane, and in 2018 or whenever? It’s gonna be sick, as long as they don’t pump it full of vengeance and violence just to appease us dumbed-down, monster energy drink drinking, call of duty playing numbskulls. But handled correctly, it could be one of the best science fiction experiences ever. Don’t hate.

  • I agree with much of the comments here especially at mgm for seeing dollars signs, but the reality is they are right, now matter how much we all slag of this movie and hate on it, we are all going to see it just to prove a point. And beacuse it is a emmerich film and beacuse it is an cinema release, this has the advantage of bringing in the general public as well, which has what has made the last 2 trek films a financial success.

    I fear the only conclusion we are going to get to the sg1 universe is if the risk was totally taken away from mgm. Continium cost around the $7 million dollar mark, if we as a community, could get someone to fund it .. we may get the conclusion we want.

    After thinking about this , i sent a tweet to Craig Engler at SYFY suggesting that if I won the lottery and approched them to see if they would co-fund the project, i was shocked when he said prob not, syfy would obviously licence it so they could show it but they would not help pay for the production.

    I fear we would get that response preety much anywhere, so unless one of us wins a lot of money on the lottery etc, I fear we are preety much screwed. The one good thing i suppose is that mgm may finally release sg1 on blu-ray

  • Reboot the original movie? Sure, updated special effects alone would make that worth while. The rest? Well…

    The only way I see this working is if they made sure to stick to everything up until SG-1 started, turning the original movie into a trilogy could actually do wonders for the franchise as a whole. Hell it’d be pretty sweet if as a trilogy they made the first movie about the discovery of the gate, the risk of getting it to the US (maybe a cameo of Browder as a nod to Continuum, culminating with Ernest’s trip in 1945 (S1E9).

    The next two flicks would take place pretty much the same as the original movie, but in more depth… maybe even ending with Daniel’s marriage, leading up to…

    Children Of The Gods…

    IF a reboot were to occur, that would IMHO be the only way to do it right; as they wouldn’t alienate existing fans, it would still appeal to sci-fi action movie buffs new to stargate or not, PLUS it would generate new interest in the existing 17 seasons, and HOPEFULLY bring in enough money that they could finally finish SGU and the 3(?) movies that might have been.

    That being said, Hollywood will probably do the exact opposite and ruin the Stargate name for future generations.

  • I’d be up for this. The TV series had a good run, an amazingly good run really, how many shows last that long? But it’s had it’s day and I’d be thrilled to see a reboot of what is at heart a brilliant concept. The world needs more Daniel Jacksons!

  • I’m a huge fan of SG-1, one of my favourite shows ever. But I have always wanted to see how Emmerich’s vision would have panned out. As much as I love the series, his movie is the “true” Stargate. It had an incredible, fascinating bleakness that was sorely missing in SG1.

  • Though it would irk people like us who are already fans enough to be showing up at SG sites, I can understand that trying to use the TV canon as we know it is going to make it fly over the head of everyone else.

    That said, I don’t particularly put much faith into people like Emmerich producing something I really want. He’s good enough at making something full of explosions based on old ideas, but doesn’t get much chance for depth. Similarly, the idea of a TV followup to 2012 that explored the consequences of that movie sounded a lot more interesting to me than the original.

  • The thing I liked most about SG:SG1 and SG:Atlantis was the exploration of new worlds concept. Incidentially that is the same thing that made Star Trek good.

    For me SG:SG1 started losing some of that appeal in it’s last two seasons when they started focusing on battle and war with the Ori (but it was still good enough). SG:Universe, on the other hand, had almost none of that exploration appeal. It seemed like fifty percent of the time SG:Universe had the crew bickering among themselves. Universe could barely considered good entertainment because of that reason.

    Personally I would rather see a new TV show with the feel of early SG1 and Atlantis rather than a rebooted movie trilogy that ignores everything already done. If they want to make a movie trilogy about exploring other planets, name it something different.

    Mass Effect did a good job of coming up with something new, I’m sure it’s possible for someone to do it again.

  • Personally, I’m excited. I see a lot of people worried about 17 seasons-worth of continuity being “thrown away”… but it’s still there. The new doesn’t eradicate the old. Good stories is more important than whatever the “current canon” is, and no one is stealing the dvds from our shelves.

    I mean, let’s look at something that finished but hasn’t been “replaced” yet: shows like Cheers or movies like The Shining. Those were released long ago and are still treasured, but aren’t ongoing. They’re done. But they’re still great. Just because we’re getting a new type of Stargate doesn’t mean the old Stargate isn’t important to us.

  • This movie will never be made, so the entire question is moot. Roland Emerich is a hack, nothing more, and his Stargate film sucked compared to the TV series that spun off it. MGM knows this, and isn’t that stupid.

  • If the action is happening at a time when Jack O’Neill is retired, and the other people are doing all this, then I have no problems. History may not be related to the franchise.

  • Sadly, the TV version of any of the series are not coming back. No TV-movies or made for DVDs. If the company wants to continue the franchise, MGM will reboot just like Paramount did with Star Trek. This is what will happen.

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