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Episode of the Week: Lucius Lavin Is ‘Irresponsible’

Monday - May 30, 2016


Atlantis: Season Three
First Aired: April 27, 2007

Lucius Lavin pays a group of Genii to take a dive so he can look like a hero to the residents of a hapless planet. But when he double-crosses them, they demand retribution — as does Commander Kolya.

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Meet the Genii …

  • They have a secret nuclear program underground
  • Their leader, Cowen, had big plans …
  • … until Ladon Radim decides to replace him in a coup d’etat
  • The brilliant and ruthless military leader Acastus Kolya made himself a very personal enemy in John Sheppard
  • In the meantime, enjoy a hot cup of tava bean coffee!

“Irresponsible” Facts:

  • Atlantis‘s writing team conceived of the character of Lucius Lavin (Richard Kind) as SGA‘s version of Harcourt Fenton Mudd — a character from the original Star Trek that wasn’t really an antagonist so much as a con-man who was always getting himself and the crew into trouble. Though Lucius was featured in two Season Three episodes, he did not return in later seasons.
  • Actor Jon Cuthbert plays Fortnum, one of the Genii soldiers in this episode. He previously appeared on SG-1 as N.I.D. Agent Devlin, who framed Jack O’Neill for murder (“Smoke and Mirrors”).
  • “Irresponsible” was meant to have a stronger western feel — Stargate‘s answer to High Noon, culminating in the quick-draw showdown in the street between Sheppard and Kolya. But, says producer Joseph Mallozzi, “when our ‘western’ location fell through, the story ended up taking place in a quaint Dutch village.”
  • Fans were a bit shocked to see the character of Acastus Kolya (Robert Davi) — evidently loved by the fans and writers alike — killed off, especially at the climax of what had been largely a comedic episode. Fortunately Davi would make one more appearance on the show, as an alien-induced hallucination in the fifth season episode “Remnants.”

“Irresponsible” on GateWorld:

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Rewatch “Irresponsible” this week! Then post your comments below, or head over to the episode discussion thread and see what people were saying back in the day. What are your favorite moments?

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  • Got to give it to him, Kolya was a great villian. ALMOST, sorry to see him go, the acting was well done.

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