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Nox, Nox! Who's There?

Great job on the new look and congrats on 18 glorious years of Stargate. Here’s to the next 18 years.

6 years ago

So glad for GateWorld to still be around. This was my home years ago when I first started watching SG1. The forums were a wonderful place of engagement of ideas, and plot discussions. I wish my life allowed me to be more engaged like i was.
I will certainly be looking here for interesting things with the new Stargate adventures (and continue listening to the new podcast!)

6 years ago

You mentioned there’s an app but I can’t find any link???

6 years ago

The “Web App Mode” is a prompt you will see on a compatible mobile device the first(ish) time you access the new site. If you dismissed the notice the site will ask you again about once each month.

I have not found a way to link to this so folks can try it out on command, but I am looking into it for you!

5 years ago

I had some problems with the attitudes of a few fiction writers. A few people put gatekeeping as a priority over fun or discussion or help.

But I still love the show and I really believe most fans aren’t like that. If the fanfiction section is as supportive as the rest of the community is, I’d love to come back. I loved stargate back when I first watched it and I still love it.

Tom Di
Tom Di
5 years ago

I love SG1, Love Atlantis and I really really liked and saw the awesome potential of SGU. However I really didn’t care for Origins. I thought it was lousy. Am I the only one?? I am a hardcore Stargate fan, but I must be honest–I thought it sucked. I would like to hear what others think.