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The team discovers a crystalline alien species with the capability of assuming human form. O'Neill comes to terms with the death of his son.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 2
DIRECTED BY: Kenneth J. Girotti
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Transcript by Sarae
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

Scene: Alien Planet

Teal'c walks onto screen wearing sunglasses, sunny blue sky is visible behind him.

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill.

O'Neill joins Teal'c onscreen also wearing shades.

O'NEILL: What've we got here, Teal'c?

We see what appears to be a pit surrounded yellow sandy mountains or dunes and dotted with blue crystalline clusters.

TEAL'C: I do not know.

Sam and Daniel join Teal'c & Jack. They too are wearing sunglasses.


DANIEL: It may indicate a civilization of some kind ...

O'NEILL: Well, let's spread out and take a look.

CARTER: I think there's a way down over here ...

The four are on a higher level than the crystal clusters and they all descend. Sam is kneeling close to a cluster and Daniel is behind her on the dune looking at other crystals. Both are wearing black gloves.

CARTER (to Daniel as she is examining a crystal): Crystals ... granite not volcanic. I don't see any that aren't broken.

DANIEL (behind her holding two large crystals): These pieces might fit together. (He puts the two down and moves toward another crystal.)

DANIEL: Here's a whole one.

CARTER (as she joins Daniel to look at the crystal he is brushing dust from): Looks like they've been blasted apart by something.

DANIEL: It's damaged.

CARTER: Hm ... I don't see any other whole ones, do you?

Sam gets up to look at other clusters. The camera pans out and we see Teal'c watching Sam and Daniel from some distance away. Teal'c turns his attention away as he hears ...

O'NEILL: Teal'c ...

We see O'Neill below Teal'c, who is standing on the top of a dune. Jack gestures to Teal'c to let him know he is going to look elsewhere. Jack walks toward another group of clusters visually cut off from the others. He approaches a very large crystal which is sticking out of the middle of the clusters. Jack reaches out to touch the crystal (he is wearing gloves with the fingers cut out) and is thrown back several yards and knocked unconscious by a shock or jolt. A head appears looking down on Jack. The Scene changes to reveal the head is that of a Duplicate O'Neill who is looking at unconscious Jack with a concerned look.

Daniel and Sam climb to dune to meet Teal'c.

DANIEL (to Teal'c): Where's the Colonel?

Teal'c points in the direction in which Jack wandered off.

DANIEL (over radio): Jack, we've finished our recon, loaded up FRED and we're ready to head back to the gate. ... (static) this ... am I using this right?

CARTER (yelling in the direction Teal'c pointed): We're ready to head out, sir!

DANIEL (yelling): Colonel!

Duplicate O'Neill walks towards the others.

Scene: SGC Embarkation Room

Wormhole is established. Teal'c and Daniel walk trough the ‘gate back into the SGC, followed by Sam and then Duplicate O'Neill.

SGC PERSONNEL (as each of them walk past an airmen with a Geiger counter): Radiation level check ... all clear.

HAMMOND (from the control room, over the intercom): Welcome back SG-1. Debriefing will commence at 0900.

Duplicate O'Neill takes off his shades and looks around at his new surroundings as the other head out the door.


Scene: SGC Briefing Room

Teal'c, Sam, Hammond, and Daniel are seated around the table in the background. Duplicate O'Neill is standing in the foreground looking away from the table and out the observation windows overlooking the gate.

CARTER: The samples we brought back are being analyzed and we explored a ten kilometer radius around the gate without finding any sign of recent Goa'uld mining activity. In fact there is no indication that Goa'ulds or anyone else have been through that gate in a thousand years.

HAMMOND: Tell me about these crystals.

DANIEL: Uhm, we found thousands in a pit near the Stargate. Since we didn't find them anywhere else on the planet, it's likely that they were gathered and put there.


DANIEL: Early Greek cultures valued crystals and gemstones, perhaps the pit has some religious ... or ceremonial ... significance.

HAMMOND: You're report doesn't mention any local population.

DANIEL: There's no evidence of a developed culture, no roads, villages, settlements, nothing ...

CARTER: I'm with Daniel ... we didn't find any unbroken crystals but we have this one and pieces of a few larger ones back in decon right now.

Sam indicates a photo of the damaged crystal she and Daniel found which is displayed on a computer screen.

HAMMOND: Flag this one, Colonel. SG-1 is on stand down until your next mission comes up. Dismissed.

Scene: The Locker Room

Duplicate O'Neill's hand touches the name on the locker door, he opens the door, takes a jacket out and slips it on ... he is now in civvies. He pulls a Van Dyck cigar box out of the bottom of the locker and sits on the bench as he opens it. Inside are several photographs and his wedding ring. He looks at a several photos and he is looking at a photo of Jack, Sara and Charlie as Sam comes in and says:

CARTER: Hey, Colonel.

Duplicate O'Neill looks up at Sam then looks at letters that are also in the box.

CARTER: Listen, no offense, Colonel, but this becomes the women's locker room in (she looks at her watch) ... well, now. You know how I hate those sandy planets. (Sarcastically) You don't have to hurry on my account.

She looks at him, then looks at what he's holding and walks a little closer.

CARTER: Nice ... you have a family.


CARTER: I'm an auntie myself. My brother moved to San Diego, so I don't get to see him much ... he has two kids now, boy and a girl. God, I miss ‘em like hell ... don't get there near enough. (Jack rises, puts the box back in the locker and closes the door) I can see you feel the same way.



He exits the locker room, nearly running Daniel over on his way out.

DANIEL: Jack seems very ... focused.

CARTER: Yeah ... he was looking at pictures of his family. He must be in a hurry to get home. I didn't even know he was married.

DANIEL: Oh, he isn't ... .um ... he was but they separated after his son ... died.

Daniel exits the locker room leaving a slightly stunned Sam standing and contemplating what she just learned.

Scene: An SGC Corridor

Duplicate O'Neill is walking down an SGC corridor. Teal'c approaches from an intersecting corridor

TEAL'C: Colonel O'Neill ... you are departing?


TEAL'C: You said one day you would show me your world. I would like to see it now.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Another time.

Duplicate O'Neill continues on his way. Teal'c looks after him, raises his head slightly and then returns the way he had come, looking somewhat puzzled.

Scene: Another SGC Corridor.

Sam and Daniel are walking together, we hear them before we see them

CARTER: I've known the man for months and he doesn't say word one about a life outside this place and I'm thinking he just doesn't have one. What else don't I know about him?

DANIEL: Well, he doesn't really tell you much until he gets to know you.

CARTER: Yeah, that's an understatement.

They arrive at the lab and approach an assistant who is with the large damaged crystal.

CARTER: All right, what do we have here?

ASSISTANT: Passed all the decontamination protocols, but I noticed it's got a low level EM field you should check out. Either that or my fridge magnets fell of the wall by themselves.

DANIEL: I'm sorry ... EM?

CARTER (to Daniel): Electromagnetic Energy. (to the Assistant) ... thanks.

The assistant nods and walks off camera.

CARTER (as she wheels the crystal closer to a table holding another crystal and slips on latex gloves): So um ... tell me more about the Colonel ... what happened to his son.

DANIEL: Charlie ... accidentally killed himself with Jack's personal gun.

CARTER: Oh, God ... that's horrible ...

DANIEL: Jack never forgave himself. He holed up and turned his back on the rest of the world for uh ... a long time.

CARTER: Yeah, I can imagine. I don't know what I'd do. What about his wife?

DANIEL: Sara? I don't think they've seen each other since he joined SG-1. He hasn't said anything about a visit but like I said ...

CARTER (nodding): He doesn't tell you much.

DANIEL: Right.

CARTER: Right.

Sam is now looking at the crystal under a lighted magnifying glass.

CARTER: Look at this ... see the edge of this crystal here how its glassy likes its been melted?

DANIEL: Can you tell what did it? For me it might shed a little light on what the significance of the pit was and who ... put them there.

CARTER: It would take extreme temperatures to melt quartz crystal.

DANIEL: Lightning?

CARTER: Maybe ... but it's too precise, too clean. I think I've seen a cut like this before ... here in this facility.

Scene: Outside Sara's House

Duplicate O'Neill is looking at the photo of Sara, Jack and Charlie and is standing outside the house that is in the photo. Suddenly, Sara walks out the front door of the house and begins working on an older Mustang parked in the driveway.

SARA: Dad, I left some ice tea in there for you.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL (rehearsing to himself): Hello, Sara. Hello, Sara.

SARA: It may be time to face facts, Dad, this old thing has seen better days. (Her dad is in the background carrying plants into the house.)

SARA'S DAD: A girl shouldn't be so quick to give up on the aged ... makes a father worry. (He enters the house.)

SARA: Come on, Dad, I'm serious. If I keep ...

She stops mid sentence as she walks around the far side of the Mustang and sees Duplicate O'Neill standing at the back of the car.


SARA: Been there long?


SARA: Could've said something.


SARA: Right ... you did.

She returns to her spot under the hood of the car. Duplicate O'Neill approaches.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Something wrong?

SARA: I think it's the ignition ... but you didn't come about the car.


SARA: So, what ... you decided you'd just ... show up, waltz back into my life? Is that it?

Duplicate O'Neill looks around to see Charlie's bike and basketball hoop.


Sara shakes her head.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I need to find Charlie ... is he here?

Sara looks at Duplicate O'Neill, stunned.

SARA: Charlie?

Duplicate O'Neill approaches Sara and puts his hands on her arms.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I need Charlie ... that's his bicycle, isn't it?

SARA: I kept some of his things.


SARA: Jack, what are you doing? You're scaring me.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: It's important, Sara ... . (yelling)Charlie?

SARA (raising her voice and becoming more agitated): Don't! ... Let go of me ... what the hell is wrong with you ... is this your idea of a joke? Just get away from me.

She walks quickly away from Duplicate O'Neill and into the house.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Sara. ( he calls after her – then says to himself) I don't understand.

Duplicate O'Neill looks at the bicycle again and then is startled by the voice of Sara's Dad.

SARA'S DAD: Son, if upsetting her is your way of trying to win a woman's heart, it's a stupid one. Anyone ever tell you that?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I think you just did.

SARA'S DAD (shakes his head and then says): Come on in.

Duplicate O'Neill follows him inside.

Scene: SGC

VOICE OVER THE PA: Attention all new personnel: Report to the Auditorium, sublevel one, for orientation at 1430 hours.

Teal'c walks into a room and over to a TV remote control. He uses it to turn on the television set in the room.

A news program is on: after last night's rally turned ugly and protestors clashed with police, police have announced that a dusk to dawn curfew is now in effect. No word yet on any casualties.

Channel switch: And in financial news, the bull was annihilated today with bears leaving a sea of red behind them ...

channel switch ... music video ...

channel switch back to news: for the third straight day and no one on either side could say how it started in the first place.

Sam and Daniel rush in, slightly out of breath.

DANIEL: Teal'c ... we need your help.

TEAL'C (switching off the TV): Your world is a strange place.

DANIEL: So's yours.

CARTER: Listen, uh, we need to stop by the armory and sign out your staff weapon.

TEAL'C: Are we being deployed?

CARTER: No, No ... it's okay ... come on.

Scene: Sara's House.

Duplicate O'Neill and Sara's Dad are in Charlie's room.

SARA'S DAD: Parent's shouldn't outlive their children ... it isn't natural.

Flashback of Charlie running and laughing

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: He loved to laugh.

SARA'S DAD (chuckling slightly): Yeah ... sometimes I can still hear him laughing at one of my bad jokes. Sara kept all his things ... like that bike outside. I guess it's her way of keeping him around a while.

Flash back of Charlie smiling and giving a thumbs up signal.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I thought I would find Charlie here.

SARA'S DAD: Look around, you still might.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: He's gone. What do I do?

SARA'S DAD: Sara comes up here and talks to him sometimes and it helps her. If it helps you ... I'm-I'm glad you're here.

Duplicate O'Neill looks around the room.

SARA'S DAD: You know, Jack, for an Irishman you never were much of a talker but that never mattered. I'll give you that much ... you married my daughter. Say what you need to Charlie if that's all you've come her for, but Sara is not over you yet, so ... you break her heart again and, God help you, I'll make you wish you never did.

He leaves Duplicate O'Neill alone in Charlie's room. Duplicate O'Neill picks up a baseball and flashes back to Charlie swinging at the ball with a bat.

Another flash back:

We see Jack run toward Sara who is sitting on the steps to the house. He embraces and kisses her.

JACK: How was your day?

SARA: Fine ... oh, look what came home from school today.

She reaches down and grabs Charlie's school pictures

JACK: Ah ... is Charlie about ready?

SARA: Yeah, he was running around her a few minutes ago ...

A loud Bang is heard ... the gunshot. Jack and Sara turn to look at the bedroom window.

SARA (yells): Charlie!

The flashback ends ... we see Sara approach the bedroom and peek in to see Duplicate O'Neill hugging Charlie's pillow ... she quietly walks away.

Scene: SGC Embarkation Room

Teal'c's staff weapon is charging and the fires on a cluster of crystals in a box. Alarms go off. Sam, Daniel and Teal'c approach the pieces of blasted crystal.

CARTER: There's a good one.

Daniel picks it up with gloves and large tongs.

VOICE OVER THE SPEAKER: What's going on in there?

TEAL'C: You received permission for me to fire my staff weapon in the gate room?

CARTER: Oh ... yeah.

DANIEL: Absolutely.

Scene: SGC Lab

The crystal is being places in some sort of scanner.

CARTER: Now, I noticed that the glassy edge where the crystal was melted looked a lot like the walls of the gate room after Apophis and his serpent guards came and shot up the place. Now, take a look at this. We did a complete study trying to figure out what they used. We kept a few pieces and that gave me the idea.

Daniel and Teal'c follow Sam as she walks over and sits at a computer.

DANIEL: Since your energy weapons are the same as the ones Apophis used, we can compare the blast marks on the two crystals.

CARTER: Now, I'm telling the computer to build a simulation model. We should see if the energy signatures are the same or not.

The computer runs some scans and data is out put to the monitor.

CARTER: Heh, It matches up.

TEAL'C: It was Goa'uld technology that destroyed the crystals.

CARTER: Yeah, I'd say a whole mess of the staff weapons did it.

Scene: Sara's House

Duplicate O'Neill comes down the stairs at Sara's house. He is walking toward the exit but stop as he hears:

SARA: We haven't talked about Charlie since he died ... why now? (He turns to face Sara.) What were you doing up there?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Do you remember how much fun Charlie used to have playing that ... game?

SARA: Baseball?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Baseball ... He loved that game.

SARA: He loved playing ... with you.

Duplicate O'Neill starts to walk away again but is stopped as he hears:

SARA: Jack.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I have to get back to the Stargate.

SARA: Back to what?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Stargate ... it's ... a ... big ... round ... metal ... object ... a ring ... of energy ...

SARA: You always could spin a line of bull to avoid talking to me.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: What's wrong?

SARA (shrugs): I've been crying, that's what's wrong ... What's with you? Upstairs ... I've never seen you like that before. For a second, I thought you were gonna cry. Where's all that O'Neill military bravado?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I don't think I have it.

They smile at each other, then Duplicate O'Neill turns as though he's heard something.

SARA: What?


SARA: Oh, my God! Mike left a casserole in for me ...

She runs off to the kitchen as a smoke alarm is going off.

Scene: SGC Lab

CARTER: The energy signature looks like some kind of gas plasma laser. Wow, I'd love to get this into the spectrometer at Stanford.

TEAL'C: What is a Stanford?

DANIEL(looking into the large damaged crystal): Hey, did you see this thing inside of it? I didn't think that was there before ...

The crystal grows outward, forming a face for a second then returns to its previous state.

DANIEL: Whoa! (as he jumps back, startled)..Je..uh, Captain! Doctor! Teal'c!

Sam and Teal'c rush to Daniel's side.


DANIEL: That ... was ... me. It was me ...

CARTER: Are you OK?

DANIEL: Just ... look ...

Sam steps closer to the crystal and peers in

CARTER: My reflection ... so?

DANIEL: Closer ...

The crystal grows out again.

CARTER: Holy Hannah!

She also jumps back, startled. The crystal continues to form Sam's face and a female voice is heard ...

CRYSTAL: Help us.

CARTER: Oh my God. (The crystal returns to its former state.)

Scene: Stargate Control Room ... Stargate is dialing

SGT. DAVIS: Why's it spinning up? No one's due back.

Scene: SGC Lab

DANIEL: It was trying to communicate with us.

He and Sam move to look more closely at the crystal again.

CARTER: I don't know the magic password. Do you? (Alarm claxons go off.) That's the gate ... incoming.

SGT. DAVIS (over the PA): Off world activation ... this is not a drill!

DANIEL: I didn't think anyone was due back (as all three leave the lab).

TEAL'C: No one is ...

SGT. DAVIS (over the PA): Off world activation ... this is not a drill! All units report to stations. This is not a drill!

We see Scenes of troops responding, running through corridors and then troops arriving in the gate room and taking up positions.

General Hammond and SG-1 arrive in the control room at about the same time.

CARTER: Where's the iris?

HAMMOND: Someone used a remote.

DANIEL: Who? ... we're all here.

HAMMOND: Well, whoever it is has our codes. (Then into the microphone) Heads up people!

Jack walks through the ‘gate. O'NEILL (yells toward control room): Hey, what're you guys doin' leavin' without me?

All in the control room stare, opened-mouth in stunned silence. Jack looks around at all the armed troops pointing their guns at him. He takes off his sunglasses and gestures at those around him.

O'NEILL: What's with all the ordinance?

HAMMOND (over the control room mic): Who are you?

O'NEILL: What do you mean, who am I? What the heck's goin' on here?

HAMMOND: Good question. Take him into custody.

A couple of guys take Jack by the arms and lead him away.

Scene: SGC Briefing Room

We see Jack on a computer monitor. He is in an observation cell. Hammond, Sam, Teal'c, Daniel and an NCO are watching the monitor.

O'NEILL (looking up at the camera): Come on, get me outta here! (grabs a chair, stands on it and puts his face in the camera) Tell you what, let me put it nicely ... Get me the hell out of here!

Sam gives a slight chuckle.

HAMMOND: If that isn't O'Neill, I wanna know who the hell we're looking at.

NCO: We're searching the facility now, sir.

Scene: Jack's Cell.

He picks up a pillow off the bunk and throws it at the camera.

Scene: A Park.

Sara and Duplicate O'Neill are sitting on a picnic table.

SARA: I'm waiting for you to say ... I'm sorry ... or ... I want to get back together or just ... whatever's on your mind, anything, just talk to me.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: The first time we were together ... is this where we came? ... You're angry ...

SARA: Angry ... at you? No ... I'm not angry.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Good ... you were.

SARA: When?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: When Charlie died ... that's why I left.

SARA: Uh ... you son of a bitch ... you walked out on me back then because you thought I was mad at you? You trying to tell me it's my fault?


SARA: Why didn't you talk to me, why didn't you ask?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I should have ... .but I didn't. So, you were angry?

SARA: No ... Yes ... What did you expect? It happened in our house. It was your gun. I know you blamed yourself. But if you just opened up for once ... and let me through that armor of yours ... we could have helped each other. I needed you.


SARA: You know? And you can say it. Just like that? After all this time?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I'm sorry it took so long. It should've been said sooner.

SARA: Is that what you came to tell me?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: There's no way to make you understand what I came here to do. You couldn't understand.

SARA: Try me.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I thought if I could bring Charlie back through the Stargate ...

SARA (angry): Just shut up about that, would you? Charlie is gone, Jack. We should be talking about us and what happened and not ... Jack ... My God ... (as Duplicate O'Neill gets up and starts to walk away, electrical charges engulf him and he collapses).

SARA (approaches Duplicate O'Neill who is writhing on the ground): Jack? Jack? What is that? What's happened to you? We've got to get you to the hospital.

Sara helps him up and the walk toward a car.

Scene: Jack's Cell

DR. FRAISER: The MRI was negative. The DNA screen matches what we have on file. Uh, physical examination of the body shows some trauma ... otherwise he seems perfectly healthy.

HAMMOND: Healthy doesn't cut it.

DR. FRAISER: Well, the evidence says he's Colonel Jack O'Neill.

O'NEILL: Thank you Doctor.

HAMMOND: Then how do you explain the other one?

O'NEILL: What other one? ... What?

Scene: SGC Lab

Sam is showing Jack video of their arrival back at the SGC with Duplicate O'Neill. O'NIELL: Ok, so that's not possible. I didn't come back with you guys.

She zooms the picture in on Duplicate O'Neill.

O'NEILL: What the hell is that thing?

CARTER: The EM energy in the one intact crystal we brought back from P3X-562 may hold the key.

HAMMOND: Explain.

CARTER: The electromagnetic energy in the crystal has the ability to mimic things. It recreated Daniel and I. It cloned us electronically, at least part of us. It seemed to read our thoughts and speech and mimic them too. Now, what if the other O'Neill is energy just like the thing Daniel and I found in the crystal only a more powerful, more evolved form of it? One powerful enough to copy a whole person and not just faces?

HAMMOND: Is that what we're looking at?

CARTER: Could be.

HAMMOND: And it tried to communicate with you?

DANIEL: It asked for our help.

CARTER: This may not work. (as she approaches the damaged crystal) ... Hello?

Sam's face appears in the crystal again.


CARTER: What are you?

CRYSTAL: Energy. Unity. You would describe me thus.

CARTER: You asked for help.

UNITY: If I remain here, my energy will disintegrate. I must return.

DANIEL: Why, did you not speak before?

UNITY: Fear.

O'NEILL: Fear of what?

UNITY: The Goa'uld came to our planet long ago. We were not afraid then and we tried to greet them. One of them touched us as you did and was destroyed by our energy.

O'NEILL: Well, that's some kind of welcome wagon you got there ... It almost killed me.

DANIEL: The Goa'ulds must have come through the gate exploring ...

CARTER: That's why it was afraid ... we look just like them.

DANIEL: One of the Goa'ulds was killed?

UNITY: They gathered all the Unity in one place ... and ended it.

CARTER: We confirmed Goa'uld energy weapons did it.

DANIEL: Then that pit wasn't a ceremonial place at all ... it was some kind of ... mass grave.

UNITY: I can no longer sustain this form.

The unity returns to its previous state.

O'NEILL: What was that? Any ideas? Any theories? Explanations? Uh ... uh ... anything?

DANIEL: If you thought that your entire race was destroyed by the Goa'ulds as punishment for harming one of them, what would you do if you thought it was going to happen again?

Scene: SGC Briefing Room

NCO: Sir. O'Neill ... the other guy ... is nowhere in the mountain.

Hammond waves a dismissal to the NCO.

CARTER (approaching up the same stairs the NCO is descending): Ok ... we've got a problem. I ran some tests on the crystals in the lab ... whatever the energy inside the crystal is ... it's starting to decay. It's ionizing particle radiation.

DANIEL: Nuclear radiation?

CARTER: It's not constant and the amounts are not dangerous ... but if O'Neill ... it ... starts breaking down like the energy in the crystals and it's more powerful than what we have here then anyone nearby could get a lethal dose of radiation.

HAMMOND: If that's true, we have a very serious problem on our hands. Let's hope it's not.

CARTER: Uh, something else. I've been thinking about where it went. Sir, it was in your locker looking through your personal stuff ... pictures of your family ...

Jack gets up quickly and races to the nearest phone ... he dials.

O'NEILL: Come on, Sara, Come on.

SARA'S VOICE (on the answering machine): Hi. I can't take your call right now so please leave a message. O'NEILL (slams the phone down): I gotta get there.

Sam and Daniel follow Jack.

Scene: SGC Corridor – Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c are walking down a corridor in camo gear.

CARTER: The lab's running tests but I'm pretty sure it'd breaking down because Earth's electromagnetic field is stronger than the one on P3X-562. The difference is tearing it apart.

DANIEL: Can we stop it?

CARTER: I don't know.

Hammond approaches from the opposite directions and joins their trek.

HAMMOND: We checked with the local police. No one's at your wife's house. One of the local hospitals admitted a J. O'Neill less than an hour ago. Teal'c you'll have to leave that here.(referring to the staff weapon).

TEAL'C: (DEAD Serious! ;))I have seen your world ... I will need it.

HAMMOND: Can't let you take your weapon, Teal'c. (reaching and taking it from Teal'c). You, all of you will be operating in public so you can't do or say anything that reveals the existence of the SGC or the Stargate. (Hammond hands Teal'c a Chicago baseball cap.)

TEAL'C: Chicago ... the windy city ... home of the Black Hawks, the Bulls and the White Sox.

O'NEILL: Don't forget the Cubs.

HAMMOND: Heads up Colonel (as SG-1 boards the elevator to the surface) Good luck.

Scene: Hospital

Sara is sitting beside Duplicate O'Neill who is lying on a bed in a multi-bed ward.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Charlie ... this is the place we brought him.

SARA: Yes, it is.

Duplicate O'Neill sits up, staring at nothing.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: He died here.

SARA: Yes, he did ... Jack, what's happening to you?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I have to get to the Stargate. Can we do that?

SARA: Jack, I know you want to get to the Stargate ... but ...

Another round of electrical charges engulf Duplicate O'Neill and he slams back on the bed in agony. Sara backs away, afraid. Duplicate O'Neill falls off the bed as electrical shorts and explosions begin occurring in various machinery and light fixtures throughout the hospital.

Scene: Outside the Hospital

There are several ambulances, a news crew; a Cop is trying to direct the action.

COP: All right, people! I need buses up here! I want these people out of here now! Come on! Move! Move! (The Cop approaches a doctor.) As soon as Colonel O'Neill's team gives the signal, I want you to start shutting the power down inside. All right?

DOCTOR: All right.

Scene: Inside the Hospital

Sara is having her hand bandaged by a nurse.

SARA: Thanks ... Go, I'm alright ... go.

Nurse: I'm almost finished. O'NEILL (in the distance): Alright ... keep moving people ... everybody out! I need everybody out of here now! Let's go!

SARA (in disbelief): Jack?

O'NEILL: Sara ... are you alright? (Then hugging her tightly and whispering) This is my baby. (to Sara) You alright?

SARA: Yeah.

O'NEILL: OK ... I wanna hear all about it ... but not now ... are you OK?

SARA: Yeah.

O'NEILL (to nurse): What room?

Nurse: Room three.


DANIEL: Colonel! (throws Jack a hazard hood.)

Jack jogs down the hall toward the room followed by Teal'c. Sam takes Sara by the shoulder and escorts her and the nurse in the opposite direction. Daniel goes with Sam.


Jack and Teal'c approach room three. Power had been shut off and they are using flashlights. They find Duplicate O'Neill on the floor beside the bed, visible energy still being emitted in bursts. Sam and Daniel soon join Jack and Teal'c. Sam is holding a radiation detector.

CARTER: Colonel, it's buried in the red. (Then into her radio.) How we doing' with the power?

VOICE OVER RADIO: I turned off as much of the grid as possible.

CARTER: They've shut down all they can.

Duplicate O'Neill sits up as they approach.

O'NEILL: It's all right. (Jack takes out his pistol and puts it on the ground.) I'm not gonna hurt you.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Please ... stay back. I do not want to harm you ... again. My energy is about to ...

Energy bursts forth, throwing Jack and the others back into cupboards, etc. They pick themselves up and Sam picks up her detector again.

CARTER: The radiation's dropped off.

TEAL'C: O'Neill ... are you all right?


Lights come back on.

CARTER (into her radio): What's happening?

VOICE OVER RADIO: We've got 20% emergency power.

CARTER: Radiation's low enough ... we should be all right.

They all take their hoods off.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: You have come to destroy me.

O'NEILL: No. That's not true. I know you weren't trying to kill me back on the planet ... The Goa'ulds ... the people who destroyed your race ... .they're our enemies too.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: I ... understand ... thank you.

O'NEILL: Why did you come here?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: When my energy hurt you ... I tried to heal you ... but I did not understand your injury. So I looked into your mind. I saw the mind ... of a warrior. I feared it, as I feared those who destroyed my race. I tried to make you well before my mistake was discovered, before the others returned to destroy me. I understand now. Your deepest pain was not the physical injury I had caused. Your pain was from an empty place in your heart where Charlie once was. I thought if I could bring Charlie to you, it would make you well. I did not understand his death meant he could no longer exist as flesh and blood. Physical death does not have the same meaning to us.

O'NEILL: Are you dying now?

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: Yes ... I could not bring Charlie to you.

O'NEILL: Charlie's gone.

DUPLICATE O'NEILL: No ... He's ... in here.

Duplicate O'Neill reaches out to Jack's heart and before he can touch Jack's chest, he becomes Charlie.

O'NEILL: Charlie?

CHARLIE: You cannot change what happened that day, just as I cannot change the day that the Goa'uld destroyed my world. I'm showing you what of Charlie is still there ... inside you.

DANIEL: Jack ... Jack ...

CARTER: The radiation's still low, but I don't know for how long.

O'NEILL: We have to go.

CHARLIE: Is Sara O'Neill still here?


We see Jack and Charlie walking hand in hand down a hospital hall with Sam, Daniel, and Teal'c following.

VOICE OVER THE RADIOS: Delta Five Point Bravo our ETA is five minutes.

CARTER: Chopper's inbound.

O'NEILL: You guys go ahead.

Jack and Charlie approach Sara.

O'NEILL: Sara.

SARA: Oh my God ...

O'NEILL: It's not Charlie ... Sara ...

SARA: Shh ...

Sara takes Charlie's hand in hers for a moment, fighting to hold back tears.

O'NEILL: Sara ... I have to get him back.

SARA (nodding): ... to the Stargate.

O'NEILL: Yeah.

Sara starts to cry and Jack embraces her.

SARA: Whatever that is. The other guy ... you know what he said?

O'NEILL: I have a pretty fair idea.

SARA: We were pretty great together, weren't we?

O'NEILL: We were the greatest.

Jack and Sara look at each other. Jack brings his hand to her face and caresses it, then breaks contact. He takes Charlie's hand and leaves Sara standing alone. She turns to watch them depart.

SARA (whispering): Take care of yourself, Jack.

Scene: S.G.C. Embarkation Room.

Jack and Charlie are standing in front of the active Stargate. Daniel, Sam and Teal'c are watching from the bottom of the ramp. Jack turns to look at them.

O'NEILL: Keep the lights on. I'll be back.

Jack reaches out for Charlie's hand. Charlie places his hand in Jack's and they walk through the wormhole together.