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Carter rebels against the social customs of an alien civilization after she is kidnapped and traded to a tribal leader.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 1
WRITTEN BY: Katharyn Powers
DIRECTED BY: Jeff Woolnough
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
SG1 Transcripts

The gate is open and SAM steps out. The gate closes behind her. SG-1 appears to be in the middle of a forest. Large rocks are everywhere around the gate.

DANNY: What a mess.

TEAL'C: This temple was destroyed long ago.

JACK: Let's get a move on before we meet somebody who remembers why.

We see things through binoculars.

DANNY: There's no sign of human life.

TEAL'C: This could be some forbidden zone.

We hear a bark.

SAM: Wait, I hear something. It sounds like…dogs.

We see a boy running for his life and a bunch of dogs chasing him.

BOY: Ahhh! Ahhh! Help! (SG-1 runs out to rescue the boy. The dogs are on him now.) No! Help! Ahhh! (We hear two gunshots.)

JACK: Hey, get out of here! (The dogs run away, SAM and TEAL'C run after them to make sure they stay away. JACK and DANNY go to the boy.) You okay? (The boy does not answer.) Okay ...

BOY: Yes, I am. Thanks be to you. But forgive me -- I am ABU of the Shavadai.

DANNY: Shavadai?

(Boy will now be known as ABU.)

ABU: The people of the steppe.

DANNY: Well…hello! I'm Daniel Jackson this is…



ABU: You are not from the people of the river.

JACK: Uh, no.

DANNY: We are travelers from very far away.

ABU: (Gasp) The sea of Ogada?

JACK: S-sure.

ABU: Never have we met anyone from that far away. You will be doubly welcome in my fathers camp. (TEAL'C and SAM come up.)

DANNY: This is TEAL'C, and this is Dr. Carter.

TEAL'C: The dogs are gone.

SAM: For now. (The boy looks at SAM then backs up to JACK and DANNY.)

ABU: (Whispers) This is a women.

JACK: Oh, yeah.

SAM: What do I, do I have something growing out of my nose, or…

DANNY walks up to her.

DANNY: He looks really up set. It must be some sort of cultural thing. (SAM walks over by JACK.)

ABU: No! I cannot look at you.

SAM: (Sarcastically) Okay, now I'm hurt. (We see horses in the background. )



ABU: (To SG-1) You must take her. You must take her and go! Go! (The people on the horses ride down to them. The boy runs up to them.) These people, are from the sea of Ogada.

HORSEMAN: One is a women?

ABU: Yes.

DANNY: Colonel, I think these people are Mongols.

JACK: Is this good news?

SAM: Daniel, find out what I did wrong so I can fix it.(The horseman gets off his horse and looks like he is about to pull something out to kill them.)

ABU: No, no, no, let them go.

DANNY: He's right, will just take her with us and go.

The horseman shoves ABU and DANNY out of his way and pulls out a sword. Another HORSEMAN does the same, and another pulls out a bow and arrow and aims. TEAL'C gets his staff ready, everyone else gets there guns ready. SAM just looks pissed.


JACK pulls out his side arm and starts firing into the air. The horses are spooked, and the men are scared. A man comes over the hill on a horse and yells something. Then comes down to be with his men. He is old.

OLD MAN: My son, when you did not return, I feared you were dead.

ABU: I would be in a dogs stomach now, but for these. (He points at SG-1. The man looks at SG-1 then at his men.)

OLD MAN: Is this anyway to greet a stranger?

HORSEMAN: That one is a woman. (He points at SAM.)

JACK: (Sarcastically) Observant bunch.

ABU: Father, they come from the sea of Ogada, they do not know our ways.

OLD MAN: Law is law. What manner of weapon is that?

SAM: It's a firearm, it shoots like your bow shoots an arrow.

OLD MAN: She speaks, she dies. Sut.

ABU: No! No! She saved my life.

OLD MAN: A woman, saved a life. Hers cannot be taken. Now, your my guest, if you will travel this country, you must learn our ways.

SAM: I'm thinking we should just go back while were ahead.

DANNY: If we learn there customs will be okay. It's an incredible opportunity to study an ancient culture up close.


They all walk and ride into the village. The villagers yell, They found ABU! ABU, ABU! A woman comes out, in a dress, with her face covered by silk. The women hugs ABU, then a bunch of other women come out from behind curtains to greet ABU. Everyone is cheering. One of the women grabs SAM and takes her into a large curtain room. The rest of SG-1 follows.

DANNY: This is unbelievable. Uh, the Mongols who settled on the Persian China adapted to the local customs. But there was one tribe the Chagatai that kept the traditional life of the steppe-nomad. Maybe these Shavadai are their descendents. I mean this camp could literally belong to Genghis Khan. It's a living exhibit of a way of life that's been extinct for 900 years. (The old man walks in. )

OLD MAN: Ah. Please sit, now we may talk.

SAM: Uh, good, cause I still don't understand what happened out there.

OLD MAN: Among our people, it is death for a women to show her face in public.

ABU: Or to wear the clothes of a man.

OLD MAN: The old laws weight heavily, it is well you saved ABU from the dogs. It gave me a way to prevent your death.

SAM: Uh, thank you for that.

OLD MAN: Soon, the old laws, and the old ways will no longer serve us. Trade will one day replace war this is the future. We have strongest, fastest horses and camels. The finest wool…

ABU: And medicines. Drugs of unheard of power.

JACK: Oh, we have some pretty swell drugs of our own.

SAM: Colonel, a lot of breakthrough in medicines are coming out of the mountains, and the jungles, we should really see what he's got.

ABU: I will show you, follow me. (SAM starts to get up.)

OLD MAN: I'm afraid you cannot go until properly attired.

SAM: Properly attired?

DANNY: You should probably do what they want. Um, anthropologists do it all the time. They, dress and live the people they're studying.

SAM: Well, I'm not an anthropologist.

JACK: (Gives big smile.) You are today.

Sam does not look happy. SG-1 walks out of the tent, SAM goes separately from her team, A women takes her behind the curtains. Back with the boys, ABU shows the rest of SG-1 a man with a bad looking wound in the chest.

ABU: I use the medicine on the wound from a fire arrow, in a recent skirmish. Shoulder was badly burned. From the moment I began treatment, there was no pain.

DANNY: This could be an antistatic we haven't seen before.

JACK: We should take some back to test it.

DANNY: Yeah.

The SG-1 men walk into a tent, to be reunited with the woman of their team.

SAM: Daniel, find me an anthropologist that dresses like this and I will eat this head dress.

Daniel just stands there with his mouth hanging open. SAM has on a blue and white dress, with a beaded headdress , and a white, silk face mask hanging to the side. JACK also just stands there, his mouth open, but in a smile. Come to look hard enough, TEAL'Cs mouth is also hanging open!

ABU: You are…the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

SAM doesn't seem to know what to say. ABU turns around and walks out.

SAM: Uh, I guess the kid doesn't get out much. Look uh, I will not wear this thing over my face. (She picks up the silk face cover.) I don't care how much embroidery it has on it. And this dress, or whatever it's called, I mean I can't move, I can't walk.

JACK still has that smile on his face.

JACK: I don't know, It…it kind of works for me.

DANNY: It's, it's you, it's…

JACK: It's you.

DANNY: Defiantly you. (SAM looks like she wants to kick them both. JACK looks at DANNY and waves his finger.) (Still distracted by Sam's beauty) Uh, uh the good news is, uh you were right. One of ABU's plants seems to work as an anesthetic. Were taking some home to get it, uh, a-analyzed.

JACK: All things considered, *SAMANTHA*, if we have to come back here, it might be a better idea to bring an all male team. No offence.

SAM: Well, in view of the fact that you all get to go to this party tonight and I get to stay in the yurt, that smalls like rancid yak butter, none taken. I'll just get a good nights sleep, and hope for better luck next time. (DANNY and TEAL'C walk out, JACK is about to follow, but stops right before he gets to the tent flap. )

JACK: You going to be alright?

SAM: Still doubting me? I haven't been afraid of the dark since I was two. (JACK smiles.)

JACK: You look great. (SAM nods and JACK walks out. )


Drums can be heard, and smoke seen, men are whopping, a man is playing the drums, and they are all eating and drinking. SAM is lying asleep still in full dress in the tent. We hear a knife being taken out of it's holder, then see it going towards SAM's neck. It touches her neck and she snaps awake. She reaches for her gun but a hand stops her. The hand ties her hands together and places something in her mouth. She keeps struggling as she is taken away.


DANNY stands outside SAM's tent flat.

DANNY: Doctor, we're about ready to go. (DANNY walks in shielding his eyes.) Doctor, were about ready to… (He notices the mess and that SAM's gun is still there even though she is not.) Oh No.


We see SAM sitting down with the facemask on. She is wide-awake as a hand takes it off. Then unties, what looks like pantyhose covering her mouth, as soon as that's untied she spits the stuff out of her mouth.

SAM: You better kill me now, because I am going to talk.

ABU: Here, you may eat and drink.

SAM: What the hell do you think your doing?

ABU: There is something I want more then life itself. Until yesterday I thought it was impossible. And then I saw you, dressed like that. And I knew, your beauty would buy it for me.

SAM: What do you mean buy?

ABU: I will trade you.

SAM: You can't do that.

ABU: I can.

SAM: I'm a human being, not property.

ABU: Where we are going, the men aren't as tolerant as my father. Be warned.


Daniel is sitting in SAM's tent putting a gun in a holster. He looks worried. JACK walks in.

JACK: Any signs?

DANNY: No, no one has seen her since last night.

JACK: Alright, find TEAL'C, I want everybody geared up and ready to move out in 15 minutes.

DANNY: Okay, let me talk to MUGHAL first, this might be another misunderstanding, cultural differences.

JACK: The hell with culture, a member of my team has been neutralized. That's a hostile act.

DANNY: How is it that you always come up with the worst case scenario?

JACK: I practice.

TEAL'C walks in along with the OLD MAN.

(The old man will now be known as MUGHAL.)

TEAL'C: I found fresh hoof prints leading out of the camp.

JACK: That's great.

TEAL'C: The horse should be identifiable. One of the hoofs was splayed.

MUGHAL: The horse belongs to my son, he is also missing.

JACK: Okay dad, what's going on here?

MUGHAL: I am as ignorant as you.

JACK: I don't think so. Now he took Captain Carter, I want to know why.

MUGHAL: Among the Shaved, women are valued highly for trade. For'in women, most of all.

JACK: (Turns to TEAL'C) can you help me track them?

TEAL'C: Now that I know what to look for, I believe so.

DANNY: If ABU gives her up peacefully, no one will get hurt. (He turns to JACK) Right?

JACK: Will do our best.

MUGHAL: I will give you horses, and guide you myself. My son has betrayed me as well as you.

MUGHAL walks out SG-1 follows.


They are riding on separate horses, and ABU is leading SAM's. They come to another village. Everything is very dull in this one; everyone is wearing dark mainly brown colors. SAM sticks out like a thorn in her bright blue dress. Men stop to look, then continue on with there work. A tall man steps out of his tent and takes out a knife. ABU walks up to him.

ABU: TURGHAN may wish to bid me welcome. I have come to trade. (The man looks at SAM.)

TURGHAN: Then come Shavadai. (He steps back into his tent, SAM and ABU follow. SAM still has her hands tied in front of her. The face cover is on, and it looks like the hose is around her mouth again.) See the son of my enemy, how he pales in my presents. You risk your head coming here. For what, you think this interest me?

ABU: Yes. He takes the facemask off and then takes the hose out of SAM's mouth.

SAM: I don't belong to this man, I was abducted against my will.

TURGHAN: Where is she from?

ABU: The sea of Ogada.

SAM: My friends will come after me, they have weapons more powerful then you can imagine and they won't hesitate…

TURGHAN: Silence, or I will have you beaten.

ABU: You may do whatever you wish with her, when she is yours.

TURGHAN: Then I would see her. (ABU takes off the headdress.)

ABU: (Whispers to SAM.) Turn around.

SAM: No.

TURGHAN jumps up and grabs a knife then places it against her neck.

TURGHAN: Slowly. (SAM slowly turns around. TURGHAN keeps the knife at her neck.) Your skin is very fair. Look at me! Her eyes are the color of blue river stones. (He takes the knife away.) Sit. (He then goes back to his chair. ABU tries to get SAM to sit but she refuses. ABU sits, SAM stays standing. )

ABU: Are you satisfied?

TURGHAN: Name your price. (A girl walks in and sits by TURGHAN. ABU stands up. The girl takes her facemask off, a hopeful look in her eyes. They look at each other.) Why do you hesitate? Name it, gold, horses, weapons. I have the finest metal craftsmen in the mountains.

ABU: No.

TURGHAN: Well, what then.

ABU: NYA. (Both look at the girl on the floor. )

TURGHAN: You would trade a women, for another women?

ABU: NYA is not just another women.

TURGHAN: No she is my daughter. (NYA is smiling at ABU.) She will marry a chieftain. The desert warlord Chimakka.

NYA: Father, please.

TURGHAN: It is done! Chimakka will come on the next moon.

NYA: That's three days.

SAM: How can you do that to your own daughter?

TURGHAN: Your beauty will not soften my anger much longer. The offer of the women is 300 weights of gold. Take it or die, either way the women is mine. (ABU takes the gold.)

ABU: Done. (ABU leaves. NYA starts to cry. Another women comes to her and hugs her. TURGHAN backhands SAM. )

TURGHAN: Here, a women does not speak, unless she is spoken to.


SG-1 plus MUGHAL are beside a river. TEAL'C and JACK are looking in the dirt.

TEAL'C: They stopped here.

MUGHAL: To rest the horses, and so must we. For two marks. If we do not find them, I will pay whatever you ask for the loss of Carter.

DANNY: We can't do that, we don't own our women.

MUGHAL: Truly?

DANNY: Yes, um…and we heard stories about Shavadai women, that once they were free, some were even warriors, fought with there husband in battles. Mongol women might have been the legendary Amazons.

MUGHAL: Shhh, we do not speak of it. The laws for women were made to protect and hide them from the demons, who brought us to this place.

TEAL'C: Demons?

MUGHAL: It is only legend, and long time ago, the dawn of our time.

TEAL'C: If the demons are gone, why have not the laws been changed?

MUGHAL: Some say they will return. I say it is an excuse for my men to have their way. Among the Shavadai, even the lowest man is chief among his women.

DANNY: Is that why you only have one wife? To set a type of example?

MUGHAL: My people see it as a weakness.

DANNY: Because you love her?

MUGHAL smiles at DANNY, DANNY smiles back.


We see ABU hiding behind a tree, he sneaks up to the women curtains when no one is looking and looks inside. ABU whistles like a bird, and NYA looks up and runs to the ABU.

NYA: My father will kill you.

ABU: Come away with me. Tonight.

NYA: You know I cannot, now go before they find you here.

ABU: I have listened to the wind, you will come. I will wait for you by the tem tree. (With that ABU leaves.)

Meanwhile someplace else in camp.

TURGHAN: Now you are Tugai, women of the forest. What can you do? Can you cook? Spin weave, make dyes?

SAM: I'm a lousy cook, and I couldn't spin weave or dye if my life depended on it. You made your self a bad deal.

TURGHAN: Where you come from, you must have done something.

SAM: In my world, I am a warrior and a scholar, I do the work of men.

TURGHAN drops his thing and goes to Carter.

TURGHAN: A warrior. Let me tell you what I do. I raid and burn the tents of my enemies. I slaughter the men and trade the women and children. For this, I am feared. And because of that fear, I have the allegiance of 22 tribes.

SAM: But you have to sell your own daughter to make it 23?

TURGHAN: How would you like to be hung upside down, with dust filled rags stuffed in your mouth and nostrils? A slow death from suffocation.

SAM: I'm sorry, I'm sure you know what's best for her.

TURGHAN: The spirits have brought you here to teach you, how to be a women.

TURGHAN leaves.


SAM is sitting by a fire with a large plate of food in front of her. She is cutting the food up. NYA comes up with an arm full of cotton, to a woman; she accidentally drops it in front of the lady and starts to cry. All the women get up and take her away to comfort her. With everyone gone SAM cleans the knife and hides it in her dress. She then puts the face mask over her face and sneaks off to some horses. She gets on one and they ride off. She doesn't get very far when two guards spot her coming. One whistles, and the horse jumps onto his hind legs knocking Carter off.

GUARD: You belong to


SAM: Get your hands off me, let me go! We next see SAM in TURGHANs hut. The guards give the knife SAM had to TURGHAN.

TURGHAN: What kind of women are you? Do you respect nothing? Care for no one but yourself? These were responsible for you, now because of you, the will be punished. (A women standing beside TURGHAN turns around and bends down. TURGHAN takes a whip, cut's the women's clothes off, and is about to hit her with the whip.)

SAM: No! It was my fault, if you need to beat a women to feel like a man, try me.

TURGHAN: I value spirit in my horses, not my women. (TURGHAN through SAM's head dress, and grabs her by her hair. Then gives her a giant kiss.) You belong to me, you will learn your place, and be obedient. You will suffer far worse then a beating. (We are suddenly back behind the curtains, where SAM is in clothes like all the other women, picking grapes.)

NYA: I heard what you did for my mother. (SAM nods.) I am grateful.

SAM: It's okay.

NYA: We are all afraid. If you do not obey, my father will kill you.

SAM: I know.

NYA: My father's a good man, he never mistreats a women unless she has done something wrong.

SAM: Unless…there is no excuse to beat a women, ever.

NYA: He's a powerful warlord! Our women and children are always protected, always have food.

SAM: How can you defend him, he's packing you off to marry a total stranger.

NYA: I have no choice, I am not free to choose.

SAM: And you never will be until one of you say's no.

NYA: I want to say it, will you help me? (They shake hands.)


TEAL'C: Pointing at the village. The tracks lead directly there.

JACK: Who owns the place?

MUGHAL: An enemy. A man who kills for pleasure. This is very bad.

JACK: Well then we will go and get her tonight.

MUGHAL: If we attack, there will be war. TURGHAN is allied with 22 clans. When he fights, he takes no prisoners.

DANNY: You mean they'd kill all of you?

MUGHAL: Yes. If you will wait until morning, I will go, and request a trade, he cannot refuse.

TEAL'C: But what will happen to Dr. Carter tonight if we wait.

MUGHAL: TURGHAN will partake in his newest purchase.

JACK: Oh, there's not a chance in hell.

DANNY: In our land, if a man wants a women, she can say no.

MUGHAL: No one refuses, TURGHAN, and lives.

JACK: Then we go now. They all start for the village.

MAN: Stop!

SAM: (Seeing the rest of SG-1) Yes! SAM takes some kind of plant and puts it on fire. She then set's it on some hey by the rugs separating the men from the women. The rug is soon engulfed in flames. Men run from everywhere to put out the fire. Go, go NYA, go. (NYA runs out while the men are distracted. )

Back in TURGHANs tent.

TURGHAN: I paid 300 weights of gold.

DANNY: Is that a lot?

MUGHAL: Enough to bye ten women.

JACK: How much are you willing to spend to get her back?

MUGHAL: We will offer 350 weights of gold.

TURGHAN: She is difficult. But beautiful. A rare prize.

DANNY: Four hundred.

MUGHAL: Four hundred.

TURGHAN: I may even make her a wife.

JACK: Oh for crying out loud, 500! (MUGHAL looks at JACK.) I Will pay you back.

TURGHAN: Why this one? I have others younger, fit to bare many sons, enough to start your own tribe.

DANNY: She is a women of power for our people. Not only a warrior but a…shaman, she know the spirits of our land. They will tell her when it's time to plant, when water will be scares…things like that.

TURGHAN: You take me for a fool?

MUGHAL: He speaks truly. In the land of Ogada, the women are as ours were long ago.

DANNY: That and more! Carter is our chieftain, our people need her.

TURGHAN: Get out. You have nothing I want.

JACK: Oh yeah? (JACK pulls out his gun, and shoots something out of it's holder. TURGHAN head fly's up. TURGHAN pulls out his knife and walks up to JACK.


Now we are outside and TURGHAN has his villagers gathered around. He shoots his gun in the air. His people suddenly yelp and bend down covering their ears. TURGHAN cheers and his men follow suet.

JACK: Alright, there are only five more rounds in that clip, time to go. All of SG-1 + MUGHAL ride off.



SAM is back in her SGC uniform.

SAM: What a relief, I have never been so happy to see you guys.

JACK: Oh, sure you have, remember that time on P3X-595, you drank that stuff that made you take off…

SAM: We won't get into that now. MUGHAL, I want to thank you for your help.

MUGHAL: Will leave at first light.

SAM: I don't blame you for what ABU did, I don't blame him neither, now.

MUGHAL: He is suffering the madness, as I did when I was young.

SAM looks confused.

DANNY: It's what they call love.

SAM: Ah, got it.


TEAL'C is on watch while everyone else sleeps. We hear a horse coming from the distance. Everyone is up in an instant weapons ready. It's ABU.

ABU: Please, you must help me.

SAM: What happened? Where's NYA?

ABU: She came to me, just like the wind said she would. But before we could make our way her father caught us. Now if you do not help me, she will be stoned to death. Curse me for the madness, better to have left her to marry Chimakka.

MUGHAL: I would not see anything I cared for go to Chimakka.

JACK: Can I get a little clarification here? Her own father ordered her stoned to death, is that right?

ABU: Because she broke the law of the land.

MUGHAL: TURGHAN is compelled to uphold the law, even more if it applies to his own. He must rule by example.

SAM: We have to go back, now!

JACK: Negative.

SAM: She can't be more then 16 or 17!

JACK: Captain, if we go in there and try to get that little girl out, we could be starting a war on this planet.

SAM: Since when are you a politician, Colonel.

JACK: Easy, Captain.

SAM: De Opresso Liber. To free from oppression, special forces motto.

JACK: I know what it is. That's our world, this is there's.

DANNY: Do we have the right to interfere with there customs or reinterpret their laws?

SAM: Maybe you guy aren't getting this, but they're about to kill this teenage girl! Simply because she fell in love with this boy!

ABU: Please, use your weapons, and free her.

MUGHAL: The Colonel is right. It would mean war, ABU. My son, you must choose, between one women, and your people.

ABU: I cannot. (They hug.)

SAM: Neither can I, NYA broke the law because of me. I can't leave her here to die.

TEAL'C: But if it is one life, or many.

DANNY: Wait. Now there has to be another way. MUGHAL, what about the old laws? Isn't there something that we can…

ABU: Yes, yes. If we fight with law, TURGHAN cannot make war. Father, please, think, remember, there must be a law.

MUGHAL: There is one.


We see TURGHAN's men with stones in there hands. They make NYA sit against a pole, she is crying.

NYA: Father, forgive me. TURGHAN goes up to NYA and whispers in her ear.

TURGHAN: I forgive you. (he then gets up.) Stone her! (The men raise there hands to through the stones.)

MUGHAL: Do not! (The men drop there stones and pull out there swords. )

TURGHAN: You have no say here, Shavadai.

ABU: Stoning may be challenged. By another chieftain.

TURGHAN: There is no such law.

MUGHAL: There is. In the song of Arkhan-tyr, the sprits will strengthen the hand of the just.

TURGHAN: I will not fight a cripple.

MUGHAL: You must.

TURGHAN: You insult my honor by implying that I would engage in such a slaughter. You will lose and my daughter will still die. So unless there is another chieftain who will challenge my decision. (SAM steps up.)

SAM: I challenge it.

TURGHAN: You? You plague me.

SAM: Then fight, here's your chance to shut me up once and for all.

TURGHAN: I will abide by the wisdom of the spirits. Let them decide justly.

JACK: So when your backs up against the wall and there's no tomorrow, just take one day at a time, and remember the bigger they are, etcetera.

SAM: You don't think I can win.

JACK: Sure I do. I assume you have at least some basic hand-to hand training.

SAM: Yeah, level three, advanced.

JACK: You'll do fine. (SAM goes out onto the fighting area and stand in fighting position. JACK goes to MUGHAL) Just out of curiosity, how do the sprits determine who wins?

MUGHAL: It is a fight, to the death.

JACK: Death? (We go back to SAM and TURGHAN. The fight has not started yet. TURGHAN pulls out a large knife.) Hey, no one said anything about… (TURGHAN ‘s men pulls knives out and holds them against SG-1 + MUGHALs neck.) … Knifes. (SAM pulls out very small comparatively speaking knife from her uniform. And the fight is on. )

(Okay I cannot describe the fight, so I will just tell you key things about it, sorry!)

TURGHAN swings his knife at SAM, SAM ducks and rolls. This goes on like this for a bit until, SAM manages to stab TURGHAN in the stomach, but that doesn't keep him down. JACK has his finger on the trigger of his gun. Ready. Now TURGHAN want SAM worse then ever, and comes at her with force. he knocks her down and her head hits a log. TURGHAN swings his knife down but SAM rolls and he ends up cutting the log in half. Before he can get his knife out of the tree, SAM kicks him; soon she has the knife out of his hand and has him pinned on the ground, with her knife at his neck. NYA run up, her hands still tied behind her back.

NYA: Carter, please do not kill him.

SAM: I do not want to.

NYA: You have won, I am free to go with ABU.

SAM: (To TURGHAN,) I want to hear it from you.

TURGHAN: She's free to go.

SAM: And the Shavadai?

TURGHAN: By law, there can be no war between us.

SAM: And me? (TURGHAN doesn't say anything.) And ME!?

TURGHAN: You have won. You are also free to go. (SAM takes her knife away from his neck and stands up. TURGHAN's men take there knifes off the rest of SG-1′s necks. JACK looks proud. )


All of SG-1 is standing together, with big smiles.

MUGHAL: You will not stay for the wedding?

JACK: Aw, a six day wedding, you know we really should get back.

ABU: It is a joyous time!

DANNY: But we all wish you and NYA many years of happiness, and many sons too. (SAM hit's him with her elbow.) And daughters. (SAM smiles. SG-1 starts to leave.)

MUGHAL: All Shavadai, be free! (The women curtains suddenly come down and the women stand in public for the first time in many years without their facemask on. Great cheers can be heard from everyone. SG-1 turns around to see this.) It is how, you will be remembered, Carter. (They smile and walk away. Soon they are walking near the Stargate. )

SAM: So you thing this new anesthesia will be a new miracle drug on Earth?

DANNY: Well if it is, I bet somebody else will get the credit. We can never say were it came from.

JACK: Damn. Guess I'm going to have to cancel that Opera interview.

TEAL'C: What is an Opera?