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When SG-1 visits the underground warehouse of an advanced alien civilization, the area's caretaker transplants their minds into robotic duplicates – a "gift" of immortality.

DVD DISC: Season 1, Disc 4
WRITTEN BY: Jeffery F. King
DIRECTED BY: Jimmy Kaufman
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Transcript by Lauren Freeman
Edited by Deanna Moll-Landry
SG1 Transcripts

We start off in a long room. We go up a letter, on to a platform that looks over a Stargate. We are not on Earth. The Gate suddenly turns off and we see SG-1 on the other side.

O'NEILL: (Doing a GREAT imitation of an airline pilot!) Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Colonel speaking, welcome to ... P3X-niner-eight-niner ... where it's a balmy ... room temperature. Fan out.

(They start to look around. Jack looks up at a hanging ball type thing that's split into four, light is streaming out of it.)

O'NEILL: Whoa ... Well, the lights are on, but there's nobody home.

JACKSON: The technology seems advanced by comparison, to what we've seen on most of the human-inhabited planets. Maybe even more advanced then Earth.

CARTER: Much more.

JACKSON: Well it feels, older, somehow.

O'NEILL: I know how it feels. This place has seen better days.

JACKSON: At least it doesn't appear to be of Goa'uld origin.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, ever run into something like this?

TEAL'C: I have not. (The place looks like some kind of plant. (Not the flower kind! LOL!) They all keep walking, looking around. )

CARTER: A computer. (She goes over to it to look at it. A loud squeaking noise echoes through the building.)

O'NEILL: Well that sounds ominous! Fall back. (They all start to walk back towards the gate. They don't far when a light zaps them and they all fall to the floor. )


We see Jack and Sam lying on these coffin shaped tables, knocked out. Jack slowly starts to wake up, moving his hands around. Sam does the same thing. They are no longer in there SGC uniforms, but in a long sleeved black shirt, and pants, with gray lines going down the sides. Jack sits up looking at himself.

O'NEILL: What the hell?

Sam quickly sits up also.

CARTER: Colonel.

O'NEILL: Carter ...

CARTER: Whoa ... how did we get in to these outfits?

O'NEILL: I don't know. Welcome to PX3-989!

CARTER: My transmitter's gone.

They both walk around; looking for a way out it appears. We see Danny and Teal'c still knocked out on two other tables. Sam bends over Danny putting her hand on his chest, she appears to be making sure he is alive.

O'NEILL: Daniel. (Danny doesn't respond. So he walks over to Teal'c.) Teal'c! (Teal'c sits up fast.) You guys okay?

TEAL'C: I am well.

Danny suddenly wakes up.

JACKSON: Yeah, I'm fine. Better then fine actually, when you consider the fact that we were just ...

He doesn't get to finish his sentence because a door opens, and a little man walks in.

HARLEN: Ah! Com-traya! (The man laughs, a huge smile on his face. He walks over to Sam.) Com-traya!

O'NEILL: Daniel?

JACKSON: I think that's a ... greeting?

HARLEN: Yes it is.

JACKSON: Oh! Well then ... um ... com-traya. We are explorers from a place called Earth. I'm Daniel, Hello. (Danny holds out his hand.)

HARLEN: Oh! This is your custom, yes? Hello? (Puts his hand out like Danny's, he not knowing that you are supposed to shake it.) You are the leader?

JACKSON: Oh, no, that would be ...

O'NEILL: Me! Colonel Jack O'Neill, Kum by yah!

Harlan chuckles.

HARLEN: Com-traya!

O'NEILL: Whatever, why did you attack us?

HARLEN: Attack? Oh, attack, yes of course, it would seem that way from your perspective. Yes I did that! (Very cheerful man!)


HARLEN: It could not be helped! Oh! Are you suffering, any pain? Any aftereffects? Or occasionally the heart must be restarted.

JACKSON: Oh, no, I think we feel fine.

HARLEN: Ah! Com-traya! You are all such wonderful specimens! (Turns to Sam.) You in particular, female!

CARTER: Colonel! (Oh she looks like she is going to rip Harlens head off. )

O'NEILL: Easy, Captain. Listen, we has some things, when we got here, some weapons.

HARLEN: Oh those, mmm, yes, very dangerous.

O'NEILL: Very, can we have them back?

CARTER: And our uniforms?

HARLEN: Sorry, but they are gone. This is better, yes?


HARLEN: Uh, I am Harlan. I am the last survivor of, Altar.

O'NEILL: Excuse me? The last survive ... your the only one on this planet?

HARLEN: Yes. And your weapons are, this way! (He points to a door. Then starts to walk out. SG-1 follows.) We are in section three. There has been trouble here lately.

CARTER: What kind of trouble?

HARLEN: Mechanical breakdowns. Very difficult to maintain this complex alone.

O'NEILL: Listen Harlan, is there an outside to this place?

HARLEN: Outside is above. We are under.

JACKSON: Under the surface?

HARLEN: Oh yes, under the surface, we could not survive. Mmm, radiation, very, very bad. Ah! This way to section 4!

JACKSON: Ah, what happened to your civilization? I'm sure you started on the surface and then moved under.

HARLEN: Oh yes, long ago.

JACKSON: Were curious to learn about other worlds and we'd love to hear what happened, on the surface.

HARLEN: All in time.

O'NEILL: We've got all the time in the world.

Harlan chuckles.

HARLEN: Yes you do. You understand, Com-traya!

O'NEILL: Now, now what is that, Com-traya, is that like Aloha?

JACKSON: Harlan, how long have you been on your own?

HARLEN: Ah, now, let's see, Wallas was the last one to go. I miss him. But you all remind me a little of Wallas! (Harlan stops and looks at Sam.) Except for you of course, you are, female. (Then he turns to Teal'c.) And you are, whatever you are. Hubald, he was the creator of all this. But he died very early, too early. Took many secrets with him, so long ago.

O'NEILL: How long, exactly?

HARLEN: Uh, exactly? Ninety-nine million, two hundred seven thousand of your hours.

O'NEILL: That's 11,000 years.

CARTER: How did you know that?

O'NEILL: That's right?


JACKSON: Wait, how did YOU know that?

HARLEN: See, everything is better, even your minds. You are all much, much better.

O'NEILL: Better then what?

HARLEN: Do you not feel it? Are you not stronger? Smarter?

JACKSON: I think he's right, I feel great!

HARLEN: Of course you do, because I have given you a great gift. I have made you all ... better!

O'NEILL: Better how?

HARLEN: Oh I have not hurt you, I have only made you ... better!

O'NEILL: Alright, alright, listen, listen closely, I'm going to ask you one more time very simply, better ... HOW? Were gone, were out of here!

HARLEN: Wh ...

SG-1 turns and leaves Harlen standing there. They walk up to the gate.

O'NEILL: Carter, dial us home.

Harlan runs up the stairs behind them.

HARLEN: Wait! You ... you, you. You cannot leave! I cannot leave either. It is unsafe!

JACKSON: What is unsafe, tell us!

HARLEN: All in time, there is so much you must know first. (The wormwhole opens, and Sam dials in the code to open the iris. They start to walk through.) You ... you will be back! You will! You cannot leave me here ... all ... all alone! (The gate shuts down. Harlen looks like he can't believe they actually left.) Oh dear.


FRASIER: Colonel, how do you feel?

O'NEILL: Never felt better in my life. It's got me a little worried actually.

FRASIER: Yeah, well this has got me a little worried. (He hands him her stethoscope.) Listen.( Jack puts it on and places the sensor pad over his heart. )

O'NEILL: I don't hear anything. (Janet nods her head. Jack snatches the schistose off with a shocked look on his face.) What this is better? I'm dead?!?

FRASIER: Look Colonel, to make since of this, I'm going to have to do a blood sample.

Jack rolls up his sleeve, and Janet ties the large rubber band on his left arm. She puts the needle in his arm, and it slowly fills with a white milky liquid.

O'NEILL: (shocked) Oh God! What the hell is that? Get that out of me!

FRASIER: Look, uh, I'm going to need x-rays on all of them. STAT!

Teal'c starts scratching his stomach.

CARTER: What did he do to us?

FRASIER: I don't know, let's everybody stay calm.

Teal'c lifts up his shirt to see a plain stomach.

TEAL'C: I no longer posses a Goa'uld.

Everyone turns to Teal'c except Jack who grabs a knife, and cuts open his arm from his wriste to almost his elbow.

CARTER: Colonel, what the hell are you doing?!?

FRASIER: Colonel!

Jack pulls back the skin to see machinery.


FRASIER: Dear God. (Sam runs over to the Colonel. Janet runs over to the wall and presses a large button, making the alarm go off.) Alert! Security to the infirmary!

JACKSON: Whoa! Security! Dr. Fraiser, it is us.

FRASIER: (scared) Just, don't come any closer.

A bunch of armed men run in and point their guns at SG-1.

O'NEILL: Stand down airmen, just a little misunderstanding. That's an order.

FRASIER: Belay that order.( General Hammond walks in.) General that is NOT Colonel O'Neill.

O'NEILL: Oh for crying out loud, General, it's me!

Hammond sees the white blood coming out of his arm.

HAMMOND Would you call that human blood?

FRASIER: I have reason to believe there all imposters. He, or whatever he is, has no detectable heartbeat.

HAMMOND Take them to the holding room, put a guard outside.

O'NEILL: General Hammond. (Jack gets up and walks to GH.) I don't know what that son of a Bitch on 989 did, but I swear to God ...

HAMMOND Follow the instructions ...

O'NEILL: Your wife died of Cancer 4 years ago!

HAMMOND And you will not be hurt!

O'NEILL: Your granddaughters names are Tesea and Kayla!

HAMMOND Any resistance made by any of you will be met with deadly force! Is that understood?

O'NEILL: Understood. Perfectly.

SG-1 walk out of the infirmary.


Janet and GH are watching SG-1 via computer.

HAMMOND Looks and sounds like our people. They certainly believe they're SG-1.

FRASIER: It may be another Goa'uld trick.

HAMMOND I don't know what to believe. He was right about the names of my grand children. How else would he have known, if he isn't Jack O'Neill?

FRASIER: Sir, given our history with the Goa'uld, I believe keeping them here would be extremely dangerous.

HAMMOND I'll take that under advisement, Doctor.


JACKSON: (Danny is staring at his hand.) It's incredible, it looks like mine, it feels like mine, it is mine, I mean I don't feel any different. If anything, I feel better!

CARTER: That's what Harlan said.

JACKSON: Well why didn't he just tell us?

CARTER: Probably afraid we'd damage him.

O'NEILL: Perceptive little runt.

CARTER: You know, Colonel, you can't blame General Hammond for confining us.

O'NEILL: Hey, I know who I am!

CARTER: So do I! In every respect I feel like Sam Carter. (Teal starts playing with his stomach again. Danny is still staring at his hand, but stops when he notices Teal'c. )But the evidence ... Harlens must have transferred our conciseness into these bodies!

O'NEILL: Bodies? Did you see the inside of this arm? We're machines, Carter.

JACKSON: Teal'c, are you okay?

TEAL'C: Why?

JACKSON: Well, for starters you've lost your ... Infant Goa'uld.

TEAL'C: I still feel it's presents.

JACKSON: Really? That must be like continuing to feel a limb after it's been ... lost.

O'NEILL: Oh for crying out loud, Daniel! I'm glad you're so festinated by all this, but it's time for a little reality check, okay? We are being help prisoner by our own people.

JACKSON: Well they can't hold us in here forever. I mean…

O'NEILL: Why not? What do you think is going to happen? You really think military intelligence is going to let us continue as SG-1 like this?

JACKSON: We still have our rights Jack.

O'NEILL: What rights are you talking about?

CARTER: Colonel, no matter what he's done to us, were still ...

O'NEILL: Human? Is that what you were going to say?

CARTER: Harlan said we'd be back. Now we know why.

General Hammond is seen walking down the hall, and in to the holding cell.

HAMMOND Colonel O'Neill? Or whoever you are. I have decided to send SG-5 back to P3X-080. See if they can shed some light on this.

O'NEILL: That's a mistake.


O'NEILL: Because old Harlen will do to them what he did to us.


JACKSON: The indigenous person we encountered on the other side.

CARTER: We do believe he transferred out conciseness into these artificial bodies.

HAMMOND Why would anyone do that?

JACKSON: Well he thought he was doing us a favor. He thinks this is ... better. And I never even really thought of it at the time, but he must be artificial too.

Danny bends over slightly and rubs his eyes.

CARTER: That must explain how he got to be 11,000 years old.


O'NEILL: General ... (Jack looks like he is about to pass out.) I think it's imperative that we go back.

With that all four of them fall down holding their heads. GH runs in to help them.

HAMMOND Get Dr. Fraiser!

AIRMAN: Yes sir!

View goes to Sam who looks like she is having trouble breathing. Teal'c is the same way. Daniel is still holding his ears, shaking his head.

O'NEILL: General, we've got to go back.


Airmen are helping SG-1 into the gate room where there is already an open wormwhole.

HAMMOND Will send another team through within the hour!

O'NEILL: Negative. Don't risk anymore.

HAMMOND Get this gate open!

DAVIS: Stand by.


We see the gate open, and SG-1 falls through, rolling down the stairs. The gate closes and SG-1 gets up.

TEAL'C: My strength returns.

CARTER: We ran out of energy.


CARTER: Well if these bodies are machines, they need a power source. It's here.

Harlen walks up.

HARLEN: Ah ... Com-traya! Here is where you belong now. Here is the only place you can be.

O'NEILL: (Looks at his hands, an angry look crosses his face as he jumps up, grabs Harlen by his collar and throws him against the Stargate.) You son of a bitch!

HARLEN: You nearly waited too long. I was worried. Feel better?

O'NEILL: Better. What the hell did you do to us?!?

HARLEN: You are angry.

O'NEILL: Yes. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't break you in half.

CARTER: Colonel, he's the only one who can put our conciseness back into our real bodies.

HARLEN: Oh ... no, no, no, I cannot do that. In time you will see, I have transferred your conciseness into the synthetic.

O'NEILL: Well transfer us back! Now!

HARLEN: Oh, I cannot, it is permanent.

O'NEILL: I do not want to hear that!

HARLEN: You are damaging me. (Jack hold on to Harlen for a couple of more seconds then let's go, looking like he is trying very hard not to just snap Harlen in half.) I am sorry, but there is no way to do what you ask. Your bodies are all gone; it is all part of the process. This is what you are now. You will see. It is better.


HARLEN: This way. Around the corner, just a few more steps and home again! (They step into a large room with those beds.) You should rest now. Your internal systems are not yet fully recharged, and they were aloud to drain far to low.

Each member of SG-1 Except Jack who insists on pacing, sits on a separate bed looking exalted. An Alarm goes off.

VOICE: Attention, Coolant leak in secondary Coils. Immediate attention is required.

HARLEN: Section 2, you see now why I needed you? This place is more then one man can maintain! Oh, so much to do. You will see, you will all feel much better soon. (He yells as he walks out.) Oh, this will not take long at all.

JACKSON: Jack, he said we should rest. We don't want to run out of energy again.

Jack ignores him.

CARTER: He's right about this place, half of this complex isn't working. The rest is marginal I mean, look around. He's been a jerry- rigging thing's for centuries. He was desperate.

O'NEILL: I say let this place fall down.

TEAL'C: To condemn Harlen, would be to condemn ourselves.

O'NEILL: Your point being?

TEAL'C: What is done is done.

O'NEILL: Oh please. Has it occurred to anyone that all we are now is robots?!?

Everyone is silent. Jack suddenly turns around and opens the door.

JACKSON: Where are you going?

O'NEILL: I'm going to find Harlen.


O'NEILL: Don't worry, it's just to talk. Robot to robot.

The door closes behind him. Daniel shakes his head and lays it back.


JACKSON: Oh it's nothing. Umm, this notion of living a 11,000 years entered my mind for a moment and I couldn't ... it's a lot to take in.

CARTER: Apparently we've got time to adjust. We really do have all the same sensations and perceptions that we did in our human form.

JACKSON: Well, if you think about it, the human body is just a machine. It's a vessel for our conciseness, I mean; it's just an organic one. It performs work requires fuel ...

Sam shakes he head.

CARTER: It's not the same, Daniel.

JACKSON: No it isn't, but ... maybe in a way Harlen was right, maybe in a way this is ... better. I mean where still us, were still ... unique. Every thought, every feeling ...

CARTER: Have you felt hungry, or thirsty since this happened?

JACKSON: No! (Teal'c suddenly stands up and walks to the door. )Teal'c. You still okay? (Teal'c doesn't answer, he just walks out. Danny and Sam look at each other then get up and walk out also. They get out the door and look towards the direction Teal'c went, but they don't see anyone. )Where did he go?

CARTER: Probably wants to be alone. I don't blame him. (She points in the direction they are facing.) That way.

With that they start walking fast in that direction. Teal'c is shown leaning against a wall, taking deep breaths. He looks like his is claustrophobic and leans his head down. He brings is fists up to his head. We hear what sounds like a symbiote banging inside of him. Teal'c starts groaning and shaking. He looks to be having a seizer.


Jack and Harlen are trying to stop the coolint leak.

HARLEN: I do not understand this obsession of yours.

O'NEILL: It's not an obsession. I just want to know what you did with our bodies.

HARLEN: You have no further use for them.( Sam and Danny walk in. )Oh good, you are exploring, yes good, well there is much to see, much to learn from the station. And you are feeling better. Yes?

CARTER: No. Colonel, have you seen Teal'c?

O'NEILL: I left him with you.

HARLEN: Perhaps he is best left alone. He is ... different. Yes?

O'NEILL: Yes. Look Harlen, I want to know why you did this, why you did all of this. (Harlen places what looks like glue on a pipe, and then covers it with a shield.)

HARLEN: Our race was facing destruction. The biosphere of this planet could no longer support us. This project was under taken to allow some of our people to continue to live, even if the planet could not. Our former bodies, would, whooo, never survive this.

CARTER: How many were there, originally?

HARLEN: A thousand.

JACKSON: What happened to them?

HARLEN: Oh, there were problems with the transfer process. Some were lost. Secara, Bareeth, Tira, very, very sad. We could not repair Hubald, creator of all this! His secrets were lost. But many survived ... for awhile.

CARTER: Where are they?

HARLEN: Some left through the ring we discovered. The ring, which you went through. They carried along small, more portable sources with them. I expected them to come home, I waited. This is home, after all. But they ... didn't. And the rest did not except the gift, they ... ended there existence.


HARLEN: They walked above the surface, far from here, Outside of the range of the power source. Wallas, he was the last one, he gave his life for the station. An accident. And I have been alone since Wallace. But you are here now, and everything is better now. (Harlen is still holding on to the shield.) Will you hold this for me?( Danny goes over and holds it. Harlen grabs a tool and starts banging on it.) Com-traya! Very helpful! We work together well. There see? We accomplish things. Harlen picks up his tool bag and started to walk out. So we must remain near the power source incase it breaks down again. Without the continuous stream from the emitter, these bodies could not function for more then a few hours. And that is why I knew you would come back.

Jack and Sam follow Harlen leaving Daniel still standing there holding the shield.

O'NEILL: Harlen, we want to go home.

HARLEN: No, no, you must stay, you are friends. New friends.

Harlen opens a door and starts to put his tools away.

O'NEILL: Friends? I don't even like you. (Daniel joins them.) Chances are I will never like you.

CARTER: Colonel. (Harlen turns around a look of shock on his face.) If we are ever going to get home, we need him.

HARLEN: You still do not appreciate the gift? Immortality, 11000 going on infinity. I always say. (We hear a bang and the alarm goes off.) Oh no!

VOICE: Attention coolant leak ... (Cannot understand what the voice says next.)

HARLEN: Very bad, very bad.

CARTER: What is it?

HARLEN: The power source, for us! I spent too much time away from the station to create you. Hurry, there's not much time, we must repair it or else we will all ... die.


They run in.

HARLEN: I thing the thermo compensator has malfunctioned again. (Harlen runs to the computers. )Ah-ha, tube 18 is lost. It draws heat in from the planetary core, must be vented. The surface wind drives irradiated acid rain into the ventilation system. It rusted the valves closed.

CARTER: So what's keeping us going?

HARLEN: Reserve power, like when you went back to your world ... (The computer starts to beep.) Not much time!

JACKSON: Has this ever happened before?

HARLEN: Not since Wallas was still alive. That is the reason I created you. We must work together. (Jack starts to try and push buttons. Harlen slaps his hand.) Please help!( Sam and Daniel look at Jack. )

O'NEILL: Alright, I'll help. Where's Teal'c, we could use him.

HARLEN: It dose not matter, he is ... different.

CARTER: Okay, so what do we do?

HARLEN: I had to shut down most of the vents. We have to open more and reroute the ventilation. (Harlen pulls up a map, and point at the screen. )There and there, I will stay here to operate the computer.

CARTER: How do we find these vents, how do we open them?

HARLEN: The automatic controls no longer work and the vents are rusted close. You will have to open up the vent shafts, and do it manually. Search your minds it is all there. I made sure of it. You have all the answers you need, now go! Go! Go! (Sam and Danny run off, Jack just sits there. Harlen swooshes his hands.) Phhtt, phhtt, phhtt! (Jack get up and walks off. Harlen goes back to working on the computer. )Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.


We see Sam and Daniel run down a hall, then stop lost. The look around for a minute then Daniel points down another hall.

JACKSON: This way.

They take a few steps the go into the machinery.


We see the computer screen, which is in another language.

VOICE: Warning, pressure rising to critical levels. Pressure levels at four hubald.


We see Jack look over a bridge, nod his head, then jump two stories landing on his feet. He looks shocked, and then he quickly starts running down another hallway.


VOICE: Pressure rising to six hubald units. Warning!


Daniel and Sam are walking down a small hall.

JACKSON: There it is. (We see a large vent covered by a large metal top, bolted down. Daniel breaks the lid off, both Sam and Danny looks shocked at his strength.) Did you see that?( Sam nods, then gets back to work.)

CARTER: Daniel.

She took the lid from him.

JACKSON: Oh.( He then looks inside. He sticks his arm in the hole. )Harlen is right, it's rusted shut, I can feel it.


We see Jack walking down the hall; he quickly finds the vent and opened the lid. He sticks his head in.


We see Daniel and Sam from inside the vent. Daniel is trying to unblock the vent.

JACKSON: There, I've got it.


A red bar is quickly moving across the screen.

VOICE: Warning! Pressure rising to 8 hubald units!


Sam is placing the lid back on the vent. The place starts to shake and they look around.


He now has his arm in the vent trying to unclog it.


VOICE: Pressure rising to 10 hubald units! (Harlen pushes a button.) Override venting steam now.


Jack still has his hand down the large pipe.

O'NEILL: Not yet, Harlen. Not yet! (A massive wave of steam pours out and knocks Jack down on the ground. Jack cries out in pain. Teal walks up behind him. )Teal'c! Thank God! Where have you been? (Jack starts to get up but Teal'c punches him, and he goes down again.) Teal'c! (Teal'c walks up to him. Picks him up and slams him against the wall.)


VOICE: 12 hubald units!


Teal'c is now choking Jack.

O'NEILL: Teal'c, God what are you doing?


VOICE: Catastrophic coolant failure is imminent.

Harlen looks worried.


Teal'c through Jack down next to some unused pipes. Jack gets up as Teal'c starts to come after him again.

O'NEILL: Come on. Teal'c, come on! Teal'c! (Jack swings a pipe at Teal'c as hard as he can. Teal'c puts his arm out and bends the pipe. Jack looks shocked as he looks at the pipe and Teal'c grabs Jack and throws him against another wall. Jack yells in pain.) Teal'c! (Jack screams as he is thrown in to a set of used pipes. The pipes break and steam starts to come out. )


We see on the screen the red bar goes back down.

VOICE: You have succeeded in venting sufficient pressure. Com-traya.

Harlen falls in his chair relived.


JACKSON: We did it.


Jack sits up, only to have Teal'c grab him again and place his face over the venting pipe.


Daniel and Sam hear Jack scream and start to run towards him.


Teal'c is still holding Jack on the vent. Jack finally passes out. Teal'c grabs a large hammer looking thing and is about to hit Jack with it when Sam and Danny run in.

CARTER: Teal'c don't! (Teal'c looks at them then starts wants again to raise his tool. He is about to strike when we see a small light at the pit of Teal'c stomach and then hear a wiry noise and Teal'c disappears. We see Harlen behind where Teal'c used to be standing with a little laser type gun.) Colonel.( Sam runs to Jack. Jack sits up, pain on his face.)

O'NEILL: I'm alright.

We can see a circler hole in his cheek where the hot pipe had melted away his skin and we see machinery.

CARTER: I'm sorry but your not.

HARLEN: It is only damage, I can repair it. (Jack puts his hand on the wound and electricity starts sparking out.) All will be well, you will see. And your friend too.

O'NEILL: What Teal'c?

JACKSON: You killed him!

HARLEN: He was malfunctioning.

JACKSON: How will all be well with him if he is dead?

Harlen looks at him and unconsciously points it at Danny. Danny makes him point it someplace else.

HARLEN: Y-you will see. Now the station is repaired, go back to your quarters and wait. You-you will see.

Harlen turns around and walks off.

O'NEILL: Keep an eye on him!

Daniel turns to follow Harlen. Sam gets up and leaves also. We see Daniel and Sam running down a hall then they turn to what appears to be a large door. They bang on it.

JACKSON: Harlen, open up!

CARTER: Harlen!

Danny runs over to the door handle an pulls it down. The door doesn't open so Sam and Daniel lift it up themselves. They walk into a room with a type on incubator.

HARLEN: no, no, no! Go away!

JACKSON: Harlen, What the hell are you doing?

They notice the incubator, with Teal'c inside.

HARLEN: all will be well, please I ...

CARTER: He's making a new synthetic Teal'c.

HARLEN: Please go back to your quarters, and I will bring him to you when ...

CARTER: How is this possible?

HARLEN: Ah-yes, um, there were two minds before, the creature he carried within. Two beings. The two minds could not coexist, and your friend malfunctioned. I did not know he was different. I will not make that mistake this time.

CARTER: Answer my question this time. How can you make a new synthetic Teal'c, with out the original?

Jack walks in.

O'NEILL: Captain Carter. Stand aside. Harlen, turn off that machine.

HARLEN: The process is incomplete, I can ...

O'NEILL: Turn it off!( Harlen bends down to turn it off.) Now answer the Captains question.

HARLEN: Please if you destroy me, you will destroy the last survivor of an entire people, and yourselves too.

O'NEILL: I'm going to ask this question once. Do our bodies, our real bodies exist somewhere?


O'NEILL: Then I want you to put us back ... now.

HARLEN: I could not do that, even if I wanted to.

CARTER: Why? If you can transfer our conciseness into these bodies, surly you can reverse the process.

HARLEN: No it is impossible.


HARLEN: I will show you.

Harlen leads them into another room.

O'NEILL: My God.

We see the real SG-1 laying on the bed tables, tape on there mouths.

RobotJack goes to Jack who is awake and looking around. Everyone on SG-1 seems to be awake.

HARLEN: I meant no harm. I will return them through the ring as soon as I am certain you had accepted your transference.

ROBOT SAM: Except it's not really a transference, is it? From one to the other, were copies.

HARLEN: Yes, as good as the original. Better even. If you had not been so insistent you would have never seen each other. Once I knew the transference was successful. I had intended to send your organic selves, back to your world, uh, their world. They would never have known of your existence. And in time would hope that you would have excepted yours.

ROBOT JACK: We ... can never go back.

HARLEN: No, you belong here. You are welcome here.

RobotSam goes to Teal'c and takes the mouth piece off his face.

ROBOT SAM: Teal'c.

TEAL'C: Captain Carter.

ROBOT SAM: Colonel, he's alright.

ROBOT JACK: (Whispers angrily )That's great, Captain.

RobotJack then gets up and walks out. RobotDaniel walks over to Jack, and takes the tape off. Harlen goes around and makes the lights that are on there bed turn off.

O'NEILL: Daniel?

ROBOT DANIEL: Ah, sort of. (RobotDaniel walks over to Daniel. Jack and Teal'c sit up. )Here let me get that.( RobotDaniel say's as he sits down by Daniel and carefully takes the tape off. )

O'NEILL: Harlen, where have you been?

HARLEN: Extremely busy.

O'NEILL: I can see that, doing what?

HARLEN: Oh, ah, creating your synthetic others. Saving the planet. Busy, busy. (RobotSam is by Sam. Sam slowly sits up starring at RobotSam. )

O'NEILL: Synthetic?

HARLEN: Yes. I am sorry for restraining you for so long, I am afraid my plan has failed rather miserably. But as I promised, you are free to go.

CARTER: This is impossible.

RobotSam shrugs her shoulders, as if saying, well here I am.

ROBOT SAM: It's true. At first we did not even know we had been changed.

CARTER: Recreating the nurostructer on ...

ROBOT SAM: I know! Defies the uncertainty principle. We are identical, right down to the mole on our ...

CARTER: (Interupting ;))Ehhh! Shut up.

Teal'c looks at Harlen

TEAL'C: Was not a copy made of me?

HARLEN: Oh yes. Um, but um, I had to disintegrate you.

TEAL'C: I see.

CARTER: You get it, you just don't like it.

Jack walk out.

JACKSON: Ah, well ...

Voices merge.


RobotJack is staring to the unfinished Teal'c. Jack walks up beside him.

O'NEILL: Listen, I'm not to happy about this either you know.

ROBOT JACK: You think you know how I feel?

O'NEILL: Well, yeah. Were basically the same guy aren't we?

ROBOT JACK: Ah, have a look. (RobotJack shows his scar.)

O'NEILL: Ow. Sorry.


O'NEILL: So, um, what the hell happened here?

ROBOT JACK: Somebody stole my life. That's what happened.

O'NEILL: You talking about my life?

ROBOT JACK: Hey, I've got every right to it that you do. I was kind of hoping I could figure out away to undo all this, get myself back into my body, where I belong.

O'NEILL: Well it's occupied, thank you.

ROBOT JACK: I noticed that. What does that make me? What do you want?

O'NEILL: Well there all debating the meaning of life out there; both Daniels think this is all festinating. The carters are arguing already. Teal'c feels left out. You and I have go a few things to talk about.

ROBOT JACK: I'm not going to give you a hard time about who gets to go back, if that's what you mean.

O'NEILL: Thank you.

ROBOT JACK: it has nothing to do with generosity, believe me. I can't go back. If I could it might be a different story.

O'NEILL: Yeah well ... there is, um, a little issue of security. You no everything I know about Earth. Codes, defenses.

ROBOT JACK: Well bury the gate, don't worry. And don't even think about sending a bomb to make sure.

O'NEILL: I wasn't.

ROBOT JACK: Yes you were. I know you.

O'NEILL: Alright, alright, you have my word, Colonel.

ROBOT JACK: Call me jack.

HARLEN: (His voice can be heard from a distance.) Colonel O'Neill?

BOTH JACKS: Oh, for crying out loud. They both look at each other.

ROBOT JACK: I'll handle this. With that we see RobotJ walked out.


We see Harlen walking over a bridge; Jack walks up some stairs to meet him.

HARLEN: Aw, there you are, I was worried about you. Where is the other one?

ROBOT JACK: He is ... getting ready to go home.

HARLEN: Yea, all for the best. I hope in time you will forgive me.

ROBOT JACK: You were just trying to survive.

HARLEN: Yes, and we will! All will be well, you will see!

ROBOT JACK: Harlen, people are not supposed to live forever.

HARLEN: Maybe not, but if you try just a few hundred years, perhaps you might change your mind. Yes?

Jack nods.


The Stargate is open, both full SG-1 teams including a new Robot Teal'c, are standing in front of it.

O'NEILL: So don't forget to bury the gate when where gone.

ROBOT JACK: Like that's something I would forget.

O'NEILL: Well. (Both Jacks shake hands.) See ya. And uh, you should have that looked at, it's ... whoa. (He says pointing to the wound on RobotJ's face. )

ROBOT JACK: Have a good life.

O'NEILL: See yeah.

The real SG-1 walks through the gate.