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One of two races living on M4D-058, the other being the Geldarans, who were, unknowingly, taking part in some form of social experiment run by the Ancients. Using a console based in Atlantis instructions were sent via a series of satellites to display tables in the two villages. The leaders of the villages then instructed the people how to live their lives. Once the Ancients departed Atlantis, however, the instructions stopped and the people were left in limbo.

They were victims of occasional Wraith attacks and cullings, but each time they rebuilt their civilization only as far as their last instructions allowed.

Shortly after the arrival of Earth's Atlantis expedition, the console was discovered by John Sheppard and Rodney McKay who, thinking the machine was a game, began sending instructions again. Sheppard took control of the Hallonans, keeping the name they already had for their land as Hallona, and pushed them to develop along militaristic lines. McKay, however, changed his country's name to Geldar, and made them develop more scientifically.

The two races had always co-existed and traded peacefully in the past, but the combative and competitive natures of the two "oracles" eventually had them on the brink of war.

Luckily, before war actually broke out, Major Lorne visited the planet and reported that McKay's face was on the Geldarans flag. Sheppard and his team arrived and, after much hard work, stopped the war.




The Game - McKay and the rest of the team visit his kingdom, where he is hailed as "The Oracle."