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A leader among the increasingly powerful Lucian Alliance, Kiva made it her mission to get on board the Destiny and led her people in invading the Ancient ship.

According to Earth intelligence Kiva was the daughter of a Lucian Alliance warlord named Masson, one of the higher-ups in the organization who is known to be powerful and brutal. Kiva herself has a cold, no-nonsense demeanor, and seems willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals -- including torture, and even executing her own people.

Kiva was likely the Alliance contact for David Telford, a Colonel in the U.S. Air Force who infiltrated the Alliance only to be caught out and brainwashed to become a spy for the enemy. During the incursion of Destiny Telford's brainwashing was broken. When Kiva discovered that he was transferring computer controls back to the crew from Earth, she and Telford shot each other.

Colonel Telford survived his injuries, but Kiva died on the operating table.


PLAYED BY: Rhona Mitra


Subversion - Kiva abducts Dr. Rush, who is posing as Colonel Telford on Earth, and forces him to help the Alliance rig their Stargate to dial the 9-chevron address to Destiny.
Incursion, Part 1 - Kiva and her people successfully gate to Destiny, where she engages in a hostile stand-off with Colonel Young and threatens to execute hostages.
Incursion, Part 2 - On the brink of seizing control of Destiny, Kiva catches Telford betraying her and is critically wounded when they both shoot each other.
Intervention - Doctors brought from Earth by communication stone operate on Kiva, but cannot save her life. Dannic takes command of the invasion force.