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Young man who survived alone on P4X-347 for a substantial portion of his childhood. His parents, both scientists, had brought him to the planet to study the ancient Goa'uld palace that lay near a great ocean. It was not long before they discovered the light emitter and became addicted to its beauty, as well as a power source that relinquished almost all control from them.

Loran found they would not eat for days and do nothing but stare into the light. Afraid for their lives, the child deactivated the device, only to see them fall into psychological homicide. They drowned themselves in the ocean near the pleasure palace, the water eventually receding so that their bones remained exposed to the elements.

Loran believed he had been responsible for his parents' deaths and remained on the planet in solitude until SG-1 arrived and eventually confronted him. Addicted to the device themselves, Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson discovered a way to incrementally drop the energy field of the device so that all would eventually get to leave in a matter of weeks, including Loran. It is likely that he was resettled on Earth.


PLAYED BY - Kristian Ayre


The Light - SG-1 travels back to P4X-347 to investigate the deaths of SG-5 and the degrading condition of Dr. Jackson, and discover a young boy, Loran, who says his parents will soon return.