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Leader of the Geldarans on planet M4D-058, a people whose lives were, in the past, run by the Ancients by means of a console on Atlantis. When the Ancients left the instructions stopped, stalling their civilization's progress.

For thousands of years the Geldarans had waited for more instructions to come, rebuilding their civilization after each occasional Wraith culling, but only to the level of advancement the last instructions had led them to.

Then, one day, The Oracle began issuing instructions through The Portal again. He instructed them to progress with a series of rapid scientific advances, and explained how toxic citrus fruit was. Nola was elected to be leader of her people because of her keen interest in science (and because, once she styled her hair according to instructions sent by the Oracle, she had a more than passing resemblance to Samantha Carter).

Then, one day, a party of travelers came to the village where she lived and amongst them was her people's revered Oracle, Rodney McKay.


PLAYED BY - Laura Harris


The Game - Nola greets the team from Atlantis and hails Rodney McKay as her people's Oracle.