Osiris jar

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Canopic Stasis jar which confined the Goa'uld symbiote Osiris for many thousands of years. Outside the jar appears to be simple ceramic. The inside is lined with Goa'uld technology. A small radioactive isotope is installed within the jar to keep a symbiote alive and healthily imprisoned indefinitely.

The Osiris Jar was retrieved from Egypt and put on board a ship following the Stuart Expedition, to be transported back to the United States. A freak accident sank the vessel, where the jar resided in a crate beneath the ocean surface for more than seventy years. It was retrieved in the late 1990's and taken to Chicago into the care of Dr. David Jordan and his aides Sarah Gardner and Steven Rayner, where it was destroyed in a horrific explosion that killed Dr. Jordan.

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The Curse - Dr. Sarah Gardner opens the Osiris jar and is taken as a host by the symbiote within, later destroying Dr. Jordan's lab and Jordan himself.