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One of many S.G.C. units deployed out of Cheyenne Mountain. One incarnation of this team has been completely destroyed.

Members of SG-15 include (or have included) Pierce (team leader).


Divide and Conquer - SG-15 is attacked and killed by a squadron of Jaffa.
Window of Opportunity - SG-15 travels to P4X-639 and notes increasing solar activity, meeting up with Malikai to later meet SG-1 in studying the phenomenon.
2001 - SG-15 is assigned to search for the Aschen homeworld. Later, the mission is scrubbed to maintain diplomatic negotiations with the people.
Allegiance - SG-15 aids the Tok'ra in escaping their Goa'uld-thwarted base in the Risa system, forced to travel to the Alpha Site instead of Earth.
Forsaken - SG-15 is assigned to journey to the world the Seberus has crashed in hopes of defending several of her survivors against the Serrakin.
Prophecy - SG-15 travels to P4S-237 to prepare for battle against Mot's forces.
Homecoming - SG-15 is assigned to render aid to the Kelownan people while Anubis's forces mount an assault.
Memento Mori - All members of SG-15 are lost in the explosion of a warehouse on Earth -- booby trapped by the Trust.