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For the Satedan friend of Ronon Dex, see: Solen Sincha


Orbanian child and Urrone, who was called upon to learn from Teal'c following his fellow Urrone Tomin's Averium ceremony. Solen was instructed to procure all untapped knowledge from Teal'c, including methods effective in defeating the Goa'uld, and any remaining information that could be potentially effective while Teal'c was serving as Apophis's First Prime.

Teal'c, however, insisted to see Tomin, learning what occurred following a child's Averium.


PLAYED BY - Stephanie Shea
FIRST APPEARED - Learning Curve


Learning Curve - Solen arrives to accept Teal'c's knowledge for the Orbanians to later process in the form of nano-technology.