Svetlana Markov

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Russian envoy to SG-1, assigned to take the team back to Siberia to determine the Egyptian Stargate's inability to deactivate. Markov had been given files on the S.G.C. by Colonel Maybourne, who had hidden away in Siberia. She had spent extensive time in Siberia, having known the men and women of the Russian Stargate team.

Markov, Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter took a Swiss submersible through the Stargate to a submerged water world where they could deactivate the generator connected to the Stargate, allowing the gate to deactivate. While exploring the underwater city her sub was suddenly unable to move. It was not long before the forward bubble of the sub exploded, eventually engulfing the trio into the water lifeforms. These creatures sent the team back to Earth.

Markov is a friend of Colonel Zukhov.


PLAYED BY - Marina Sirtis


Watergate - Svetlana Markov meets SG-1 to take them to Siberia in the hopes of uncovering what happened at the Russian Stargate Command.