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For the planet of this name, see Tobin (planet)


An extinct race of humans descended from the Phoenicians of Earth, taken by the Goa'uld long ago. Eventually the Tobin were able to rid themselves of the Goa'uld threat, and develop advanced technology, much of which which they placed in orbit in the form of thousands of mines, designed to patrol their planet in close proximity forming into a tight defense net.

Little is known of the Tobins beyond what the Tok'ra have been able to deduce from their ancient texts. Daniel Jackson and Samantha Carter determined the Tobins added a zero into the Phoenician numerical system (originally consisting of nine initial digits) to develop more advanced technology, the very key to disarming their mines and reprogramming the devices for advantageous purposes.

It is possible that the Tobins suffered a similar fate to the Atonieks - annihilation by means of their very own technology.


FIRST APPEARED - The Serpent's Venom


The Serpent's Venom - Jacob/Selmak explains that the Tok'ra have been unable to entirely translate the Tobin texts and ask SG-1 for aid in re-programming one of their mines to force a gap between the Apophis-Heru'ur alliance.