Wraith culling beam

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Energy field emitted from Wraith Darts, transporting anyone in its path aboard. Darts use the culling beam to capture victims from the Wraith's human herds, storing targets in a sort of memory buffer. The enables ships to capture many victims and bring them back to the Wraith hive ships for consumption -- a culling.

The beam appears to be a highly charged energy barrier, which moves between the ship and the ground in a sweeping motion, like a net being cast.


Rising, Part 2 - Wraith arrive on Athos and use culling beams to capture several humans and Athosians.
Vengeance - Michael uses a Wraith Dart culling beam to scoop up a team of Marines from Atlantis on the new Taranian homeworld. Sheppard later steals the Dart and uses the beam to rescue his teammates.