Wraith laboratory

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Ground-based facility created by the Wraith, commonly for purposes of research and development. Like hive ships and other technology they are used by numerous Wraith factions, and can be made to serve a variety of functions. Their fixed location on the surface of planets in the Pegasus Galaxy has certain advantages, but also makes them vulnerable if discovered by the enemy.

At one secret lab some 10,000 years ago, during the war against the Ancients, the Wraith were able to rapidly produce foot soldiers. After a group of Ancient warships strayed too far into Wraith territory they were captured, and their Zero Point Modules taken to power the cloning facility. This ultimately turned the tide of the war in the Wraith's favor, as they were able to overwhelm the Ancients due to their sheer numbers.

This facility was ultimately destroyed, when John Sheppard and his team crashed a hive ship into it.


Reunion - Ronon's Satedans friends lead the Atlantis team to infiltrate a Wraith weapons research facility, only to betray them.
Spoils of War - Sheppard's team finds a Wraith cloning facility, used by the Wraith thousands of years ago – and that Todd's Queen is now using to rebuild her forces.
The Kindred, Part 1 - Todd summons Sheppard's team to a Wraith facility, where the warriors have fallen victim to a mysterious poisoning ... the Hoffan drug, which has been weaponized by Michael.
The Last Man - In an alternate timeline, Ronon and Todd blow up a Wraith lab where Michael was creating more of his hybrids.
Broken Ties - After Tyre captures Ronon and hands him over to the Wraith, Sheppard's team must infiltrate a Wraith lab in order to rescue him.