Wraith stasis unit

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Compartment inside a Wraith hive ship and other facilities where captured humans are placed until they are to be fed upon. Each unit is designed to incapacitate and preserve the victim with a dense network of organic webbing. There are usually several of the units lined up in a row against a wall.

The compartment itself cannot render victims unconscious. In fact, victims can remain perfectly conscious -- but simply find themselves unable to escape their Wraith captors. Stasis units exist in several groups aboard Wraith hive ships, where Wraith can access the chambers and feed off their victims with ease.


Underground - Sheppard's team initiates a joint strike force with the Genii, where they are forced to confront several victims cocooned aboard a Wraith hive ship, pleading for their lives.
The Gift - Through Teyla's mind's eye, she witnesses a Wraith feeding off a human victim trapped in a stasis unit.
Runner - Ronon recalls being captured by the Wraith, after which a Wraith started to feed on him while he was in a stasis unit.
Allies - Captured by a dubious Wraith hive, McKay and Dex are placed into stasis units while the hive ship heads to Earth.
No Man's Land - Ronon and McKay are held captive in stasis units on board the hive ship headed for Earth, until Ronon manages to power his way out with brute strength.
Reunion - Rodney hides out in a stasis unit inside a Wraith research lab in order to avoid discovery after Sheppard and Teyla are captured.